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Are metal buttons on a Brioni jacket proof that it is a sport coat rather than an orphaned suit jacket?  It's a pretty solid charcoal gray jacket.
I guess I should add that I'm a 42 jacket, 31 pants and am about 6' 170 pounds.
First post. I'm a total noob. Got a Zegna on eBay for $135. Worn 8 times. Was represented as Z Zegna and trim fit. Just received. Tag says Ermenegildo Zegna and is made in Switzerland. Drop 7. Also pleated. Pants not slim fit at all. Not what I expected, but I'm thinking I may have gotten a better suit than I thought. Tailor says I can get pleats removed and taken in for $60 and will be fine. Should I just shut my mouth and enjoy the suit or send it back? Thanks.
I'm Bucky. 38 year old dad, husband and corporate lawyer. Recently decided to overhaul my wardrobe and am here looking for knowledge.
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