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I live in Australia so options here are nonexistent and I'm not finding any in my size (30-31") on a lot of the sites I frequent. $200 is my max price I'm open to anything but was sort of looking at the N&F Left hand twill or something along those lines.   Cheers
Throwing this up to try and get some good quality pre-hemmed raw denim as I am 5'10" and it's a bit hard to get hemming done in my neck of the woods (WA, 100Km east of Bunbury) (even buying raw denim is impossible unless you'll deal with nudie in the city), only really interested in excellent to new condition.   I'm after something in the vein of the 3sixteen ST-100X or similar (something levi 513 or 511-like), I had N&F Skinny Guy's that were pretty much perfect in...
Having a bitch of a time trying to find somewhere that is reasonable in shipping costs and policies to Perth, Australia for a decent captoe or wingtip walnut-coloured leather shoe.. How is it this hard?   Would prefer new but can deal with it if it's not very worn.   Any suggestions welcome!
New here... Wanting to get a pair of Allen Edmonds Strands but not sure of the size that would fit me (this is my first pair of dress shoes), I also live in Australia and trying them on is not exactly viable, I wear a 10US in Vans... 10.5US in Adidas er.. yeah.. any ideas? Cheers :D
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