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Not boring at all,classic elegance
Happy Holidays to you Nick,thanks for all your help in the past year and looking forward to receiving G and G Cannes loafers in the new year
I must be one of the lucky ones never really sweat much,although white collar jobs in temp controlled buildings are not a true test of temps outside,would not wear sheer silk otc's for construction jobs !
I wear them every day for business and never thought of them as inappropriate,I just don't understand what the big deal is.
I could'nt agree with you more
Not sure about the fetish thing,but I find the thinner otc's as being more refine than a thicker sock,besides my foot fits better in my shoes with a thinner sock
Not sure about the fetish thing.just think a thinner sock is more elegant than thicker one,I find my foot is not as cramped in shoes when wearing a thinner sock
Try Pantherella otc silk/ nylon blend otc's,very durable for my needs
Not mine but seriously considering ordering them for myself
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