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Hey guys I usually wear a 10.5 to 11 in sneakers would it be safe to buy a 10 in the desert boots.My left foot is 10.5 while my right is an 11 ( I know franken foot) .Ismthis sizing also accurate for other Clark's models specifically the wallabee
Hey does anybody know if it iis okay to get size 34 low rise Edwin selvedge taken in to a 33 .Right Now I just bought a pair on final sale and I'm afraid they are too big
Hey guys I'm new here and I recently bought a pair of Edwin SEN 505 in a 34 at a final sale.I usually wear a 33 in my jeans.The 34 is too big on me do I get them tailored or should I try to do an exchange with Edwin for a 33 idi if they make them in a 33.
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