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Really looking forward to it!!!Any chance of hemming option (cuffed/uncuffed) for MTO?
an update to my previous post... applied a few layers of saphir shoe cream (congac and mid-brown) on the left vamp, the colour on the left is now more balanced:
Thank you for pointing that put. Let me just get this straight: The MTO angle was all just my own take of things. It was not given to me from the vendor where I placed the MTO order. Hence take it for what it's worth. That said, despite the lighter shade of the left vamp, the actual boots shows that it's a lighter shade of teck cordovan.
If your post is about my pair of eaton, my response would be the lighter shade on the vamp of the left is my only complaint of an otherwise perfect pair of boots. Alas, being an MTO order which is not returnable, I suppose I just have to chalk it up.
Those are Teck cordovan.
This is my Cordovan Eaton after 4 months of wear (pardon the crappy light):    
Color #8 Chukka Friday:
Stunning wingtip boot!  
Unionmade Color #8 Armstrong:
Cigar shell chukka:  
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