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 I'm hoping you'll include a few more conservative fabrics in the next run. As a guy just starting out, I'd prefer to have a few reliable staples even though the fabrics on the new coats look great. (My Classico suit always gets compliments so I was really looking forward to the sport coats!)
Hello Tailors,   I'm finally back with a more appropriately sized 36S Benjamin suit (which arrived despite Sandy, kudos!) and would like your feedback again. I realized after taking the photos that the unhemmed pants were riding up, and thus very wrinkly; the photos without the jacket are more representative of the fit.   Thanks for your help!      
Hah, thanks.  I'm an even lankier 5'9.5" / 135lbs and was curious if a Short jacket would work better (probably not in my case.)
@Spandexter - may I ask what your height / weight / actual chest measurements are?
Thank you for expert eye, sir.
@Despos - I'm a really skinny guy! I measured a 36.5 chest / 30.5 waist, and was advised to get a 38R.  Should I go 36R instead?  (It feels like I have about 0.5-0.75" extra shoulder padding on each side.)
Just received a new Benjamin Classico suit and wanted to get the forum's thoughts before I take it to the tailor. I know that I need to shorten the sleeves and possibly rotate the right sleeve; what I can I do about the wrinkling in the back of the jacket and pants?   Thanks!  
@simplisity Any updates on your experience at First Class Tailors? Recent Yelp reviews have suggested that she's getting swamped and letting the quality slip.
Just wanted to give my kudos to Kent for great customer service: ordered a couple of pocket squares Friday evening, and they arrived the following Monday with a hand-written note.   Thank you, sir.
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