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As long as it isn't a defect, I'm happy with it. I imagine that it will age beautifully.
Just picked up a pair in beeswax from amazon this weekend. They showed up today, and I tried them on. Something that seems a bit odd to me, but may be normal occurred (I've never owned leather shoes before): the color immediately faded from the flex points as a I walked. This is normal, right?  Reading over this thread, it looks like I should pick up some mink oil to keep them in good shape. Any recommendations on brands?
I'm looking for general tips on how to dress for summer, sans shorts. Can anyone point me in the right direction for insight on summer clothing? I'm looking for tips on everything from fabrics, to colors, to cuts, to shoes, to how to mix and match it all to look good.   Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: