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In collaboration with Styleforum, we're offering a special re-run of our Burgundy Bourette grenadine silk tie. This version will feature a custom woven label with Styleforum's new logo, designed by SF member Kevin @Parker, alongside our own label. 35% of proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities, who support programs that improve the health and well being of children. Head over to http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/collections/neckties/products/preorder-sf to...
Payment is always taken at the time of purchase. We'll only be able to process the orders (process meaning check if they're in stock, and prepare them for shipment if they are, or cut/make them if they aren't) once we return.Hope that helps.
Our new collection is now live on the site - check out the incredible detail on the Apricot-Blue Basketweave in pure silk: In other news, we will be leaving for our annual buying trip on 15 May, so all orders will only be processed after we return on 6 June. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, guys!
The fabric should be arriving in around 5-6 weeks, and we'll take 1-2 weeks to have everyone's orders ready, so probably mid-end July.
We've placed the order for the Mustard Matka with our weavers! Will keep everyone updated on the progress of our order. Thanks to everyone who made this happen - I'm sure there'll be more such MTO projects to come in future.
Quick update - we have 9 preorders now, so it looks like Mustard Matka is going to materialize Well noted on the suggestions. We've got a number of requests for a diamond point too, so that's definitely something that we'll work on soon(ish). Good point on the wishlist too - if it's not too painful to implement, we'll get on it soon enough.
Preorder page is up - http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/collections/neckties/products/preorder-mustard-matka Click on over to place your preorder, gents. Will keep you updated on the numbers we have when we hit 10
Thanks gents. It looks like we have around 5 pieces now - we'll put up a pre-order product page where you can pay for the 50% deposits, and at the same time try to get more orders on our social media pages. @PCK1 Yes, basically you can pick from just about any of our necktie materials to make a bow tie, as long as we have sufficient fabric on hand. I wouldn't recommend the ultra heavy ones like the tweeds and donegals, but everything else should be fine. The bow ties are...
@PCK1, @ericgereghty, @Andy57, @jamie411 - either golden glow or artisan's gold are nice shades of mustard (english rather than dijon!). Just a little caveat that the actual product is likely to be a wee bit lighter in colour and slightly varied in tone, like our current matka offerings. If you gents are serious about this, we can drum up more interest on our social media page, and create a preorder page. 10 pieces and we are good to go!
Yellows to ponder over:
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