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Thanks for feedback, gents. We've tried to incorporate a shot of our squares puffed up for the two new pocket squares we just put up for sale. Does that help, or do you prefer it stuffed in a breast pocket?Apologies for the lack of response too. I do check the forum every now and then, but if you have any specific questions or request just send me an email!
Hi TweedyProf,We've posted thousands of parcels around the world via registered airmail (signed-for service), with a large majority going to the USA. To date we've ended up losing two parcels - one to the UK and one to Germany. I still can't believe our German friends messed up.The 5% comment notes the parcels that did not show up in the tracking system (i.e. USPS' website) after it left Singapore, because sometimes the delivery guys decide not to scan the parcel. For...
I once saw at a local store some crap cloth marked "....DORMIEUL" on the selvedge...almost got me!
I respectfully disagree. Silks come in all varieties of weights, so IMHO the larger 16-18" squares are necessary only for very lightweight silk twills - the sort you get in most places with prints and borders etc. We also do some of our silk squares in larger sizes when we feel it is necessary to achieve a nice sized puff.Our kimono silks in comparison are generally heftier and a 13" square works just fine for myself - my other customers can chime in if they wish!
Dude, the MBT made you look like you lost 10kg and went weightlifting. Stick with this man! Nice tie, BTW
Been awhile, fellas.. Ties, pocket squares and lapel pin from you know where!
Yeah, they are breaking in so very nicely... amongst my most comfy shoes for sure.
I think these were a one off special through Kolecho only!
After 3 painful months of waiting, these babies just landed! Dark brown Chromexcel chukka on F-last. Really liking the Chromexcel stuff - looks a bit more rugged than the usual calf and looks like it will age very nicely. Special thanks to kolecho for the super service and great advice on fit
Thanks fellers!! Spoo - you missed the AZN requirement!
New Posts  All Forums: