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^^ Great suggestions all around. I'm partial to the Navy-Cream PoW but all those suggestions would work well.We asked, but our Japanese weaver is having some issues with yarn supply for the dark navy houndstooth and it won't be restocked anytime soon. We have a navy shepherd's check that we should be putting up in the next 2-3 collections probably. Just email/PM me if you want it sooner!Some new items from our latest collection:
It's a nice colour, no doubt! Just risky in the sense that yellow ties aren't the best sellers by a long stretch in our experience.
Sure, why not? I can't promise to do anything crazy that we know is not going to sell, but if it's a good suggestion we're all ears. If it's a risky idea (like the Mustard Matka for e.g.), we're happy to take preorders just so we negate some of the risks.
Too awesome, @PCK1. Thank you for your bid!
Thanks for sharing these great action shots, guys! We've donated another 3 ties and a Phoenix pocket square to the Styleforum annual holiday charity auction, so head on over and help us do some good for the Ronald McDonald Charity House charities! Bidding ends at 12pm on 21st Dec. Currently at US$350 so don't let someone walk away with too good a deal
Thanks @jcmeyer! We're going to see a new tie silk mill near Tokyo that apparently does some nice 'grenadines', then we're headed up to Akita for onsens, and up north to Hokkaido for snowboarding... and uni See, it's really a work trip!
Gents, please note that our workshop will be closed on 23 December until 10 January 2017 as we take a much-needed break from the intense Christmas season rush. Our workshop remains open as usual till 22 December, but only items in stock can be purchased. Please email/call/message us if you wish to purchase something before 22 Dec! All orders will be processed in chronological order when we return. See you in 2017 after we’ve soaked ourselves silly in onsens in Japan!
FWIW, I don't recommend trying to iron your ties as well, as theres a good chance you'll end up flattening the gentle roll at the sides of the tie. I keep my ties hung as well - even the grenadines. The stress you put on the tie while knotting it far exceeds that of gravity, so there's not much to worry about. If you don't have space to keep all your ties hung, hang them out for at least 1-2 days after wearing and gravity should take care of most of the wrinkles. Also,...
Not exactly the same, but we have this version in stock that isn't online yet. You can send me a PM or email to order it though:These cream-based squares are very versatile...
Cmon guys, this is the one time your other halves won't mind you spending money on ties!
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