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I prefer the second square - the first has a smaller scale that is a little too close to the tie.This might also work as the scale is substantially larger than that of the tie:
Hi C, we have just sent you an email regarding your order. Simply put, your order was placed on 27 Dec 2016 while we were away, so it was posted on 12 Jan 2017, and arrived in Canada on 18 Jan. Strangely in the past half year, it has taken the Canada Post a few weeks to deliver parcels. We have raised a postal enquiry, but I think it is still safe to say you will be receiving it soon. So far, all our parcels to Canada have arrived safely, albeit taking a long time!In any...
Now that's a blast from the past! That Zegna gun club tie must be around 6 years old now.
^^ Thanks for sharing, Eric! Our new collection is now available on the webstore, and the new Navy Jacquard is clearly the standout: Also, a larger scale printed madder silk for those who asked:
Enough yardage for just one tie left, too
Thanks for all your suggestions, gents. Much appreciated. We definitely want to keep a good range of conservative ties in stock at any point, and we will reexamine the current inventory to see if the balance is right and perhaps bring back some goodies from our archives. That said, we definitely have no intention of offering only plains and conservative fabrics. The more interesting, 'experimental' ranges have always been a big part of who we are, and many customers come...
Uber sprezz indeed. Great knot! The navy-white version you just ordered is a different colourway of this silk, BTW.We work mostly with about 6 different silk weavers, and they all specialize in something different - Vanners in UK makes the nicest repps and great woven silks in general, Adamley in Macclesfield that does the best dry, crisp printed silk twills, Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi in Como that weave grenadines and other wovens, another printer in Como that...
^^ Great suggestions all around. I'm partial to the Navy-Cream PoW but all those suggestions would work well.We asked, but our Japanese weaver is having some issues with yarn supply for the dark navy houndstooth and it won't be restocked anytime soon. We have a navy shepherd's check that we should be putting up in the next 2-3 collections probably. Just email/PM me if you want it sooner!Some new items from our latest collection:
It's a nice colour, no doubt! Just risky in the sense that yellow ties aren't the best sellers by a long stretch in our experience.
Sure, why not? I can't promise to do anything crazy that we know is not going to sell, but if it's a good suggestion we're all ears. If it's a risky idea (like the Mustard Matka for e.g.), we're happy to take preorders just so we negate some of the risks.
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