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Hey, we are out of the workshop till Wed so i cant say for sure till we search the place. Will send you an email then!Thanks very much. You wont be disappointed
^^Thanks gents. We are very particular about our rolled edges, and it's always nice to know these little details are appreciated. Most pocket squares these days are left to the printing factories to be hemmed - mostly by machine (see our old blog post for a comparison), and less often by hand. We insist on hand rolling our pocket squares in our own workshop even though it obviously costs us more time and money, mostly because we think we do a better job. Here's how we...
Our latest collection is now live on our site! The texture of our new hand tie-dyed shibori fabric would probably interest some of you: Really great texture on these guys - crinkly and bubbly which reminds me of seersucker.
^^Thank you for sharing. Really nice to see an old tie in action! By the way, we are now affiliates of Styleforum and have an official affiliate thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/516010/vanda-fine-clothing-official-affiliate-thread
A small selection of lined six-fold ties, made from 36oz handprinted silks from Macclesfield. Dry hand, matte finish and super lively!
Thanks! Well noted on the brown shantung. We'll see what we can do!Yes of course I remember your friend coming in. Wear the ties in good health!
Some white warp Japanese 'grenadines' for spring/summer are in the works! We picked the middle quality for the weave, and the light blue shade in the furthest right, and a bunch of other colours
Good news all - we now offer free registered airmail postage worldwide for orders above S$350! For orders under $350, we still offer the same flat rate shipping rates that we used to. No coupon code is required, and you'll see the free shipping option at checkout if your order qualifies. For Styleforum members, we are also offering an extra 30% on your rewards points. Please leave us a note on checkout with your Styleforum username and we'll add the points to your account...
^ Like most of our kimono fabrics, we get them from old fabric dealers in Japan. It's hard to tell the specific age of these fabrics, but sometimes you'll find clues, like a newspaper dated from the 60's used to stuff the cardboard roll the fabrics are rolled on, like these:
That was vintage kimono fabric, and sold out super quick! We can be on the lookout for more, but it's never possible to know whether we can get anything similar. We could probably work on some similar designs to be printed on silk though.
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