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This guy? We've unfortunately not been able to locate the source, but we're looking - and trust me when I say we'll order a whole bunch of colours if and when we eventually find it..
And there you have it - two shades in fact:Brown-Navy Grenadine FinaBrown-Sage Grenadine Fina
Thanks for sharing, @justinkapur & @jcmeyer! I really like the new hopsacks as well - glad to know it's being enjoyed. @KingPSQ - thanks for your suggestions! We've actually done a grenadine similar to the 'small red pindots' one you posted. It sold out very quickly and we probably will restock it: We're also going to meet with a new printing mill in Como, that hopefully will give us some access to printed linens for ties and pocket squares.
@KingPSQ, thanks for sharing! I guess you are referring to the Smokey blue glencheck swatch? If so, I just amended the stock online to reflect that we have a few more pieces. Also, yes we can and probably will do a burgundy grossa grenadine soon. Heading up to see our Italian/English weavers in May, so let us know if you (or anyone else for that matter) has requests.
Sure, bespoke in Singapore from Iris Tailor. Cloth is by Loro Piana.
Thanks, @kickstand! Here's how the new Navy Seersucker tie and Lilac-White Gardens kimono silk square look like worn:
@zr3rs is spot-on. We're a small team of 3 in the workshop, so it's almost impossible for us to keep ready stock for all ~200 varieties of ties you see on the website. If you order a standard sized tie though, it generally ships faster than custom ties as we tend to have the tie partially completed, linings pre-cut, etc.Also, the lead time is usually under a week unless it's peak season (e.g. Christmas).Off topic, but here's a little teaser of the Japanese cotton Olive...
@tgaith77 & @kickstand - Navy seersucker will be dropping together with the olive too, of course Give it a go and let us know how it works. Feel free to drop me an email if you need any further tips too
Something to look forward to for next week's release - Olive Seersucker in Japanese cotton, freshly cut and ready for the needle.
Honestly, I haven't tied a non-Vanda tie for ages so it's hard to give you a comparison. I think it may be a matter of technique though, as I've never had problems tying knots with our ties. That said, I tie a tie more frequently than most...I wrote a short post about tying a four in hand, which you may find useful: http://blog.vandafineclothing.com/post/102497515863/one-knot-to-rule-them-all-the-four-in-handMost importantly, the dimple should be formed as you tighten the...
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