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Plain navy, burgundy, brown and olive shantungs will be restocked by August too
Thanks for stopping by, Gerry! Hope you guys had a great vacation.Yes, they've been ordered and should be back in stock by early August.
The printed silk ties are more 'slippery', so i tend to tie a tighter knot with them than most other ties. Don't notice them doing weird things myself, but applky's tip about using a different knot may be worth a shot?
^^ Just saving you some heartache if the tie's sold out! They'll feel like the classic macclesfield prints, i.e. dry and crisp. So, yes - like the navy with brown flowers, and similarly made in a lined six-fold construction.
Good to see things back on track..@jcmeyer - just a note - neither of the two ties are madders (i.e. the soft, chalky stuff), but they're lovely all the same. Also, we're running dangerously low on the second tie!
All the stuff we saw on our trip were samples - so everything is woven to order, and it'll take a couple of months after factoring in the August summer breaks, etc. etc.We do have more interesting things coming though. We always do...
We hear you, people! Grenadine weave x shantung yarn x stripes sound good? All kinds of amazing from Fermo Fossati - but you'll have to wait a couple of months. Our eyetalian friends take a full month break in August and our order probably will only arrive after that.
Will let you know shortly via email - it depends on the whether our weaver has the capacity to put the shantungs into production before their summer break in August.
Nope, these are staples that are very low risk for us, so preorders won't be necessary.
We're back! Navy shantung rerun is certainly possible. We'll put in an order soon along with (probably) an olive and brown version Also, preorders for our Styleforum X Vanda Burgundy Bourette grenadine silk tie close in just 2 days. We guarantee that this tie shall never again be rerun, so don't sleep on it if you're keen! This version will feature a custom woven label with Styleforum’s new logo, designed by SF member Kevin @Parker, alongside our own label. 35% of...
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