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Thanks Eric! The Navy-Red double bar repp is available as a necktie too - we just found out when we were shooting the bow ties that we hadn't put it up on the web yet. It'll be up soon enough, but in the meantime if you want it as a tie, just send us an email. Also, a few new striped grenadines just arrived from Fermo Fossati/Carlo Riva
Some close ups of our Ultimate White Square, woven on shuttle looms by Carlo Riva. If anyone was wondering, these are a sharper, purer white, as opposed to the slightly creamy white of our classic White Linen squares which has a little more relaxed look to it.
^^ None planned, but we'll see what we can do!
Of course. L:R - SFxVanda, Rhubarb matka, Oxblood matka. The SF tie is burgundy in weft and navy in warp, and appears more reddish toned. The Oxblood is less saturated and almost plum-like in colour.@Claghorn - Very nice! Blue x brown is always a winner.Thanks everyone for the suggestions. 200, 724 and 650 are definitely strong contenders. Can't boot out 707 (navy) though - solid navy ties are our best sellers by far.Keep the comments coming!
Help us pick out colours for solid cashmere fabrics ties! We're planning on ordering 3 shades for the first run.. wish we could do more, but as you can imagine they're $$$$$ These sample yarns are from Johnstons of Elgin, and they will be woven in Scotland by Islay Woollen Mills. On the shortlist is H518, H656 and D707, but we can be swayed with your powers of persuasion!
SF woven labels just arrived, and the first StyleForum x Vanda Fine Clothing specials are shipping out today
The first batch of Mustard Matka ties have been shipped this morning! If you've yet to pay for the balance, please do so soon and we will ship your orders ASAP. Here's a preview of the new Oxblood Matka, which will be available in ~8 hours on our webstore with the other new colours:
OK gents, the Mustard Matka fabric finally arrived, and we have your orders cut and in the works! They should ship by next Friday, 19 Aug if the balance payment is made before then. If you have paid the 50% deposit for the Mustard Matka, please complete the payment via this link: http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/products/mustardmatkabalance The StyleForum X Vanda tie is also in the works and should ship by 24 Aug if payment is made before then. Please complete payment...
Styleforum X Vanda Fine Clothing ties in progress:Lovely, thanks for sharing!
I use our tie boxes to store up to 3 ties rolled, which works fine for me. We've actually been toying with the idea of getting a leather tie case made, since we know a fantastic leather workshop in Spain and a several great tanneries through our other business, Arete Goods.The problem is that we can't seem to come up with a solution which is space efficient and protective enough for ties. If anyone has any thoughts, we're all ears... and we can make it happen.Yes, as long...
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