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I'll post a picture against light blue shirting when I can soon.
That's the tie that inspired the burgundy version of the Japanese seersucker!
Thanks gents, keep those suggestions coming! I initially thought the scale of lordsuperb's pictured GP was too large for a tie, but on second thoughts they could be quite nice. Comes in 3 shades, too: Also, we're unlikely to carry the very unique shades like the 'cranberry' as we know from experience how well they will (or won't) sell. The good thing though is that the minimums are small, and we can do any design/colour as long as we have four orders in the same cloth.
So we met with an agent for Solbiati linens, and we now have the opportunity to order any of their fabrics for ties If you haven't handled Solbiati linens before, these are some fantastic linens with great texture, drape, and softness imparted from aloe vera at the finishing stage. We have not decided which designs we'll be stocking for the season, so do let us know the designs you might be keen on. We can get better individual photos upon request, too. The forum...
Nope, we haven't accepted preorders yet. They'll be up on the site sometime next week hopefully. Just sorting out some details with the weaver right now.
You're probably right, but since we promised that we'd do the three most popular designs we'll just keep it that way for now. If these prove popular and we get many requests for other colours, we'll certainly do another run.Also, the MOQ for these fabrics is very high and they're pretty bulky, so storage is an issue for us here too.
The distance will be increased from 25mm to 28mm, while everything else remains exactly as before.
The cashmere content gives the tie a really nice softness, but the texture isn't woolly enough to be a strictly cold season tie. Save for the most formal occasions or the hottest of days, I think you could wear this year round.A little too late for striped raw silks this season, but we'll look into a blackwatch design for F/W. We're talking to a local agent for Solbiati linens now.. lots of cool stuff in this year's S/S range!Here are your winners for the striped...
Link fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!
OK, we've rendered the more popular suggestions and some of our own ideas for the Japanese seersucker tie designs, and you can vote for your favourite 3 designs through this link: The top 3 designs will be woven and made in approximately 2-3 months from now! Polling will close on Friday, 6AM EST or 6PM Singapore time - about 50 hours from now. Thanks for participating!
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