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Probably a few, but we will definitely have a few sample ties in various widths and lengths so you guys can figure out your exact sizes. And some sort of promo to sweeten the deal, for sure
We can't do custom fabrics on such short notice, but we do have a green/navy/blue tricolour grossa grenadine, as well as a steel blue grenadine (restock) right now. Email me if you want one, as these aren't scheduled for release anytime soon!Here's hoping we'll last till the end of the day before getting too slushed..
We're looking forward to NYC as well!Will do!
Thanks @ThunderMarch and @ericgereghty. Design-wise that would be all, but we are going to be taking part in the SF Proper Kit trunkshow this year in NYC, and we're thinking of some sort of promotion while we're down. Let us know if you have any suggestions! We're very eager to meetup with all our NYC clients, and anyone else who's planning on making the trip down. It's a 23 hour journey for us to NYC, so don't tell us it's too far for you!!
Sneak preview of our fifth anniversary specials, a project very close to our hearts (and bellies). For the next 2 days only, enjoy a 10% discount for preorders on all 5 squares in this series! Head on over to http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/collections/pocket-squares-scarves to get in on the action.
Team Vanda is NYC bound, fellers
Thanks Eric! The Navy-Red double bar repp is available as a necktie too - we just found out when we were shooting the bow ties that we hadn't put it up on the web yet. It'll be up soon enough, but in the meantime if you want it as a tie, just send us an email. Also, a few new striped grenadines just arrived from Fermo Fossati/Carlo Riva
Some close ups of our Ultimate White Square, woven on shuttle looms by Carlo Riva. If anyone was wondering, these are a sharper, purer white, as opposed to the slightly creamy white of our classic White Linen squares which has a little more relaxed look to it.
^^ None planned, but we'll see what we can do!
Of course. L:R - SFxVanda, Rhubarb matka, Oxblood matka. The SF tie is burgundy in weft and navy in warp, and appears more reddish toned. The Oxblood is less saturated and almost plum-like in colour.@Claghorn - Very nice! Blue x brown is always a winner.Thanks everyone for the suggestions. 200, 724 and 650 are definitely strong contenders. Can't boot out 707 (navy) though - solid navy ties are our best sellers by far.Keep the comments coming!
New Posts  All Forums: