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Gents, we're participating in the SF annual holiday charity auction that is live until 7pm PST on 8 Dec! 100% of proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities (www.rmhc.org), an organization that helps house and feed the families of children who have to travel for medical care. The winner walks away with 3 customized neckties, shipped worldwide by DHL. If you post your choice of 3 ties, you'll also get a Phoenix pocket square that money can't buy Help us do...
Sorry I forgot to post this here earlier, but there are 24 hours to go before our free express shipping offer ends!
The matka, or any super texture bow tie, can be difficult to tie because in the last step of tying the bow tie, you need to insert the wide end through a little opening in the back of the knot. With rougher fabrics this can present a challenge to those unfamiliar with tying bow ties. I know this because we have gents coming in every now and then that all struggle with this step, even on a slippery printed silk.If you can do this step without issue, then it shouldn't be a...
Eric, we've only ever made 2-3 up for clients so I doubt you'll get a response. FWIW they look great, but can be tricky to tie due to the texture and the bulk of the fabric. I'd only recommend them if you're quite experienced at tying bow ties.
Cheers, Eric. Didn't see it as anything extra special, but glad you appreciate it anyway!God no!
^ Right on. They'd be too bulky as a six fold.
Yeah, navy!And a great shade of brown we call coffee:
Turns out we do have some very special mélange 100% pure cashmeres from our weaver Miyuki Keori based in Nagoya, Japan. These are luxuriously soft yet drapey, and come in Grey, Coffee and Navy for our 5th anniversary collection, to be released on the webstore next Wednesday. Stay tuned!
Probably a few, but we will definitely have a few sample ties in various widths and lengths so you guys can figure out your exact sizes. And some sort of promo to sweeten the deal, for sure
We can't do custom fabrics on such short notice, but we do have a green/navy/blue tricolour grossa grenadine, as well as a steel blue grenadine (restock) right now. Email me if you want one, as these aren't scheduled for release anytime soon!Here's hoping we'll last till the end of the day before getting too slushed..
New Posts  All Forums: