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I use our tie boxes to store up to 3 ties rolled, which works fine for me. We've actually been toying with the idea of getting a leather tie case made, since we know a fantastic leather workshop in Spain and a several great tanneries through our other business, Arete Goods.The problem is that we can't seem to come up with a solution which is space efficient and protective enough for ties. If anyone has any thoughts, we're all ears... and we can make it happen.Yes, as long...
Long overdue, but here's our first take on a diamond point bow tie. Max width is about 2.375". Let us know what you think!
@applky, do you mean the far right? We've named the colours Burgundy, Chocolate, Navy and Olive from L-R - it's hard to photograph dark colours accurately without studio light so take the colour impressions now with a pinch of salt. We've done the Navy version before actually - it's the same one Spoo posted here awhile ago! Also, great news finally - the matka samples have arrived and we're very pleased with them. The bolts of fabric should arrive here by next week, and...
^No but it should show up within the next 2 days or so
Very, very nicely worn, @Simplicio! Good news - restocks of our classic wedding silks have just arrived, together with the oft-requested solid shantungs. In four shades All four shades will go up on the website next week, but if you can't wait, just drop us an email to order one.
That is indeed the overall feel we are after with our ties - really glad you feel the same way.With regards to formality of the grenadines, I find them one notch less formal than a plain silk tie, but not quite as casual as a textured wool.. for that same reason I find them very versatile.Do note that the the unlined/untipped nature of our grenadines makes the tips transparent, which could possibly make it less 'formal'. This bugs some people, while others love it.PCK1 is...
The standard measure is 3.5" or 8.9cm!
Indigo Matka in the wild, worn with our Teal Orchids kimono silk square. Really looking forward to the new range of matka colours coming soon!
@justinkapur - it seems we had a miscommunication with the weavers. I was under the impression that they were just weaving us samples for approval, but they've gone ahead with production and the 'samples' will be cut from the actual production pieces. We're told bad weather etc, etc, is causing the delays, but we should have the samples in mid next week. If the colours are OK (our fingers are crossed), they'll send us everything right away and we should have the ties sent...
^^ Thanks! Nope, the fabrics from our recent trip will take another month or two to be delivered. Most of the italian weavers take a month off in August, so things probably won't arrive till they're back in action. Also, we've ordered more of the black-white silk houndstooth from Japan
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