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I mostly use the Indriya. It's the only alternative to Ristretto on the intensity scale.I enjoy the ristretto when I want that traditional espresso taste
I absolutely love the BP!
Not on Star Alliance. I use my United miles for Lufthansa without issue all the time for flights and upgrades. Using United mileage plus miles on their own airlines is a joke. Their partners are far more willing to accept the reward travelI refuse to fly AA or any Oneworld member because their rewards are the worst of all the three big ones. If you fly BA from JFK-LHR, for example, you cannot earn AAdvantage miles because it's a competing route with AA. You cant even use...
Lufthansa is great. The food on first class out of FRA is the best I've ever had. My last trip on Lufthansa had me connecting out of DUS where the food isn't nearly as good
There is no doubt American carriers lack compared to Asian and Middle Eastern airlines but flight delays in the US are more likely because of air traffic or weather than the airlines themselves. There are very few places, if any, that have as many planes in the air than in the US at any given time
I agree that US airlines are lacking compared to most European, Asian and Middle Eastern airlines in terms of service and ammenities however 9 times out of 10, it's not the airline that causes delays. I fly between Chicago and NYC regularly and it's either a weather issue or an air traffic issue.
I fly about 80k miles domestically per year. No airline is even in the vicinity of perfect but what industry is? As stand alone airlines, United and Continental were to better of the domestic airlines and Northwest was by far the worst. Since the Delta/Northwest, Delta has become a very good airline. The jury is still out on the new United but I have not had any major problem with them. I dont understand how United could lose an economy plus seat if youre holding an...
Thank you. Its a watch I wanted for years and finally had the opportunity to own.Thank you
Lets recap your assessment of reality: if a doctor asked what color suits he should buy to build a wardrobe, he's an imcompetent doctor.So what is an appropriate question to post on this forum? From what you just stated, you can't ask basic questions because they've already been asked somewhere. You can't ask important questions because, well, that would make you negligently incompetent.I guess we should shut down the Internet because there is nothing left to say.You...
ETA are Swiss movements.A speed master for 1.4k-1.6k and datejust for 2.5k? I hope you're talking euro because I've never seen prices like that in US dollars
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