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Even mixed cases?
The Panerai is a horrible fake.   What's the reference of the Patek Philippe? I've never seen this model before.    I find it hard to believe someone could have a fake Panerai, a $210K+ Patek Philippe and then even care about posting a $2k tag let alone buy one
SS 116520
Casual Thursday
ABP makes decent straps that only make sense to me if you are unable to find elsewhere, IMO. When I had a 40mm Panerai, I ordered straps from them because nobody sold the ones I liked for a 20mm lug
Went with the classic gator strap today
Starting to drink my way through this years allocation of Williams-Selyem
Yes, food on non-US carriers are better but the food on Lufthansa first class out of FRA is exceptional. One of the things this airline is known for
You can adjust the run time by holding the button down and then letting go when you want it to stop. It will keep this setting until you reset itTo those that mock nespresso as being faux espresso and a mediocre cup of coffee, get over yourself.Nespresso/Delonghi have been selling this and it's proceeding machines in Italy for quite a while. Even throughout the EU before coming to America. I don't know of a single Italian in Italy that looks down on these machines.
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