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You're just starting out your career, presumably with little money, and you want to buy Gucci or Prada? There are plenty of shoes that look good without breaking the bank. Why don't you get somethingn less expensive and add nice shoes as your career progresses? Having one pair of expensive shoes when you need them 5 days a week will not help you. And no, Gucci is not the best. None of the designers you listed are the best Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Very nice...Pahlmeyer is one on my favorite wines.
Personally, I would go with a rose but for those looking for more body, try Syrah
If not already, the 82 is a once in a lifetime experience. We were celebrating my fathers 75th birthday which made it extra special.I had the 82 10 years ago and think it was best then. The bottles we opened this weekend were still incredible and had a lot if life left in them
The Gaja was excellent. I'm not the biggest Nebbiolo fan but Gaja is the exception for me.
I don't think anyone drank as well this weekend....
That is definitely some watch porn!Nice AP!
With a fake life full of fake stuff?
While I agree that we are all here to share fashion advice, what's the point of posting pics of things that don't belong to you and pretend they do?
Nice gift
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