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Broke this out for the first time.  Hopefully it's the last day of snow we get for a LONG time!   Dark Red & Powder Blue Stripe on Charcoal Gray Cashmere Tie #1 - Three Fold  
 Fantastic combo, Claghorn!  Great fit!
Today's Hober...   Macclesfield Silk Tie #76 - Six Fold  
 Great combo, PiCcolocV!  Deats on that jacket/suit???
A couple from this week...   Atkinsons Irish Poplin #18: Royal Signals - 3 fold       Macclesfield Silk Tie #118 - 3 fold  
Fantastic, PP! I have this and a few other stripes on the way. Can't wait to see how the cashmere feels.
February board meeting...purple grossa on lavender Thomas Mason twill from Proper Cloth.   I know, I know...no dimple (again).  
 Great looking tie!  I hope you're enjoying it. ;o)  I especially miss this one, since David is out of this silk. ;o(  Wear in good health!
 Looking good...hope you're enjoying the ties!!
Hehe, no comment.  
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