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 Fantastic fits, Claghorn!  Deets on the jackets???
 Dig this...color's look much richer than the pics on the website.  I'm also considering this one... 
Broke this out for the first time.  Hopefully it's the last day of snow we get for a LONG time!   Dark Red & Powder Blue Stripe on Charcoal Gray Cashmere Tie #1 - Three Fold  
 Fantastic combo, Claghorn!  Great fit!
Today's Hober...   Macclesfield Silk Tie #76 - Six Fold  
 Great combo, PiCcolocV!  Deats on that jacket/suit???
A couple from this week...   Atkinsons Irish Poplin #18: Royal Signals - 3 fold       Macclesfield Silk Tie #118 - 3 fold  
Fantastic, PP! I have this and a few other stripes on the way. Can't wait to see how the cashmere feels.
February board meeting...purple grossa on lavender Thomas Mason twill from Proper Cloth.   I know, I know...no dimple (again).  
 Great looking tie!  I hope you're enjoying it. ;o)  I especially miss this one, since David is out of this silk. ;o(  Wear in good health!
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