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A couple from this week...   Atkinsons Irish Poplin #18: Royal Signals - 3 fold       Macclesfield Silk Tie #118 - 3 fold  
Fantastic, PP! I have this and a few other stripes on the way. Can't wait to see how the cashmere feels.
February board meeting...purple grossa on lavender Thomas Mason twill from Proper Cloth.   I know, I know...no dimple (again).  
 Great looking tie!  I hope you're enjoying it. ;o)  I especially miss this one, since David is out of this silk. ;o(  Wear in good health!
 Looking good...hope you're enjoying the ties!!
Hehe, no comment.  
Corporate headshot taken today...Challis Patterned Wool #5, 6-fold  
 Thanks, sftg!  I saw this post in my searching and would love to have something similar.  I share the same attitude that I want to see the ties for selection instead of having to fumble around with my current tie hanger.  Ideally I'd like to have a drawer similar to what is shown in that same post but would need to purchase an organization system to get it.  I've told the wife I want something installed in my closet (we both have separate walk-ins) but I haven't gotten...
Question for everyone: how do you store your ties?  I'm looking for a better way to store mine without adding an expensive organization system.  I've checked google and pinterest but nothing seems to fit what I'm looking for.  Was considering some sort of ornament storage solution but I'm concerned with keeping the ties rolled for so long.  Would love some suggestions!   TIA.
BUMP!  Price reduction...
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