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For sale is a Hober Midnight Blue & White Stripe On Red Grenadine Tie #16. Tie is brand new and was never worn. Specs of the tie... Length:  59 inches Width:  3.5 inches Construction:  4-fold Price: SOLD Midnight Blue & White Stripe On Red Grenadine Tie #16 https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-grossa-stripe-silk-ties/midnight-blue-and-white-stripe-on-red-grenadine-tie-16.html
 Nassau's are fantastic...great addition! I love my Squale 20 Atmos, but would love to have an MIIK someday. Enjoy!
Great ties, everyone! Here's my once-a-month contribution...   Burnt Orange Diamond Weave Silk Tie #19, 3-fold        
One from earlier this week...sorry, I must have been falling over as I snapped the pic (or the camera wasn't level ) LOL!   Macclesfield Silk Tie #68, 3-fold  
Today's combo...  
Another Orient Ray...  
Salmon Diamond Weave Silk Tie #17, 3-fold  
Swapped out the band the day after I got it... http://www.strappedfortime.com/shop/item.aspx/lambskin-watch-band-strap/173/
First entry into the whole watch world...Orient Vintage Power Reserve. Online price works for my budget.  
 Um, I need these...which numbers are they????
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