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For sale is a Hober Black & White Large Prince Of Wales Silk Tie #PWT-3. Tie was never worn. Specs of the tie... Length:  57.5 inches Width:  3.5 inches Construction:  3-fold Price: $55 obo Black & White Large Prince Of Wales Silk Tie #PWT-3 http://www.samhober.com/prince-of-wales-silk-ties/black-and-white-large-prince-of-wales-silk-tie-pwt-3.html
 Thanks! Ironically I got the images in the original post from SS, but never looked at the details of the other coats they offered. Seems like my ideal coat is the Ulster Coat from Liverano & Liverano, but I'm 100% sure that's WAY out of my budget. ;o) Thanks for everyone's help!
Thanks! I came across that in my search last night. Seems a bit heavy. Thanks again for the link!
Ok, so after some searching I found this style is called a polo coat. Still looking for recommendations on where to purchase one if someone can give any.   Thanks!
Looking for a DB topcoat in NAVY with this style...can someone point me in the direction of a coat like this? Can't seem to find anything with the belt and "pleat" (?) in the back.   Also, clicking this Pinterest post goes to a forum with a great example of what I'm looking for.   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/569705421587942263/   TIA!    
Last update then I'll stop filling the thread with my issue...   Betty replied to my last email and informed me she read (or heard about) my posts on SF - she wasn't happy about it, I guess. Apparently there was some major confusion with the email attachments that led to the wrong color being assumed for the order, but she agreed to refund the MTO surcharge. Still not entirely happy but in the end Carmina came through with a resolution I can live with (thanks to the...
Agreed. I very much appreciate all the comments and suggestions from others on this thread. I have my fingers crossed that I can come to a resolution such as this with Carmina soon.
FIRST EMAIL - ORIGINAL ORDER  LATER IN THE CHAIN (START FROM THE BOTTOM)...  Notice I reference the cognac SHELL picture I included previously. This is clearly more BROWN than the calf version they offer. FINISHED SHOES   In my opinion, there isn't much brown, it's more orange. Betty's final suggestion was to use medium brown creme to get a mid brown or dark brown creme if I wanted something darker. I'll never get a rich brown with a base like that (IMO). *SHAKES FIST IN...
 I emailed the order directly to Betty. I've ordered through her in the past and understand the language barrier. But I clearly stated brown burnished as the color and sent some sample pictures. I followed up with her after about 8 weeks as I didn't hear any updates and sent another picture as well as stating I definitely wanted BROWN, not cuero. She mentioned cuero in a reply to me at that time so I anticipated this happening but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. I...
Just received an MTO pair from Carmina and it's not the color I requested - they made them with cuero vs brown calf. Anyone ever have this type of thing happen? I emailed Betty to get my options to fix but I'm a bit concerned getting the problem fixed will be a battle. Would love some feedback. Will post some pics as soon as I can.   TIA.
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