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  how's the fit compared to gitman vintage?
i went to the san diego hm today and black sidezips were marked down to $99. didn't have any in size 41 though. they had some 44s and a couple of 43s, maybe one 42.   if anyone wants to proxy a size 41 pair, im willing to pay like $130 for it shipped.
you probably should size down to xs if you are going for uniqlo.
does anyone know if the slim ocbds fit significantly slimmer than the normal ocbds? the online measurements say the slim ones are shorter and have smaller s2s and p2p but i was wondering if someone has worn both of them.
gitman vintage xs fits me perfectly. uniqlo and j. crew xs fit around the same. they're bigger than the gitman vintage xs in everything including p2p, s2s, back length, sleeve length. j. crew slim fit is between gitman vintage and uniqlo/j. crew regular fit.
go to the website, oct 22 webstore opening now confirmed.
does anyone know if the mountain parkas are available in orange in the nyc stores?
  if the uniqlo sweaters fit anything like the j. crew slim sweaters i'll be pretty satisfied. the j. crew slim sweaters fit me almost perfectly.
  same story here. does anyone know if sweaters are restocked every week?    also does anyone know how the merino sweaters fit compared to j. crew slim fit merino sweaters?? thanks
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