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 They did the tweed jackets for FW14 There's a couple left in size S and XS in a few stores but your best shot might be finding one on yahoo japan or rakuten.  I saw quite a few on rakuten earlier in the year... not so many now but will keep an eye out.
That's my favorite one so far, certainly in terms of the color combination.   you got the hang of SW&D style photography too
I vote you should wear them to the beach and do an ocean wash like some of the raw denim guys...   I've been tempted to get a black pair
SS16 showroom pics:         Hooded vest thing   Some strangely normal looking raw jeans and leather biker jeans    
Circus Store is about as close as there is to an official Soloist webstore.  They have a lot of stuff, but like I said above, they sell out quick.   Their photos aren't always as good as places like Dug, or Boomerang, or Silver and Gold
The inspiration thread might be somewhere to check out.  Rather than a single character I feel like I tend to have a big mood board of related looks, maybe there's some inspiration from fiction, movies, music, a particular designer.  Your tastes will change and get more specific.   So Doc Sportello and Inherent Vice would be on the mood board now.  Dogtown and Z boys is a long standing one. Tunic and pullover shirts, I have a thing for right now.  Takahiro Miyashita. ...
 If you're happy to proxy, Circus-Store had the SS15 shades in just about every color, they will probably be a good bet for SS16 too.  They tend to sell out of stuff quite fast though.  The shades aren't Oliver Peoples collabs anymore as far as I know.
SS16 pics are out.  Mods and Britpop instead of cowboys.  Although that's not say there isn't plenty of continuity in the pieces / details.  Love the shades and the parkas.                  Full Collection: http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/4720  
New Posts  All Forums: