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 I have a couple of EG ones that I like. These Nonnative ones with a frayed band collar are pretty nice (that one is from fw15, but I assume they'll do more for summer). Needles always do some fun hippie-ish ones. I also like Unused's half-zip take on the western shirt (particularly the suede versions) but I guess its more of a love-hate thing...
 Ssense had Lad a while back, but no longer it seems. Prices weren't great - proxying is probably your best bet.
 Ahh, but none of the top 10 are wearing sneakers!  Also don't forget SW&D's general obsession with leather outerwear and all things patchwork.
...He's a man of wealth and taste
 Firefox on Mac (osx 10.11). Entirely probable its malware on my computer. And some kind of SUV, the brand of which I failed to spell  
@LA Guy I'm getting a full-screen video ad for an Izuzu Yukon pop up. Kinda annoying
ASEEDONCLOUD 'apron pants' (which can detach to give a bag)      
All of the remake denim runs small afaik. Tag size 48 best for a 29 waist. If you're a true 48 you probably wanna look for a tagged 52 (I did see a pair a while back...)
Thought you were Shah for half a second. Looks good!
By Walid      
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