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Number (N)ine jacket in a size 3     http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n127272971
Breezy that's fantastic
 Thanks yeah you are probably right... I am someone who tends to get sucked into buying wild stuff like shawls and loud prints and generally aspire to the head-to-toe EG look, which means when I try something like a basic blazer, jeans and ankle boots fit I never seem to have quite the right combo of items.
 lol... yup the only chelsea boots that seem to fit my blobby feet comfortably.  Also a relic of the fact I discovered the CM side of the forum before SW&D.  I didn't stick around long.  
  Engineered Garments x2UniqloR.M. Williams [[SPOILER]]
Ha yeah canstyleace got there while I was in an internet dead zone
I have an indigo wool denim railroader (its fw 2012). Love mine and have worn it a ton. Posted some pics and a sort of review in the 'how you roll in eg thread'. It runs slightly large - I actually sized down - though I'm kind of in between a small and medium in eg. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
a lady in some SS14 pieces on BEAMS style flickr
Sorry to flog a dead horse...   Gitman Vintage                                                                                                               EG       that Gitman are using it for shirting may give a clue as to the fabric weight / feel, for those interested
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