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damn that Junya vanson is sick
Fashion-Press has studio pics of FW15 up.  Fringed leather capes are pretty insane              
 I wouldn't be surprised tbh.  Needles stockists outside Japan are like a merry go round, almost like stores take it in turns or something.  For example END are carrying Needles for the first time for Spring/Summer 2015 so that's a new one.  Tres Bien carried them for a couple of seasons (around 2012-ish) and then stopped.  Trunk had them for a season only (FW13).  Union LA had them for 2014AW but it seems to have disappeared from their brand list now.  Needles is a pretty...
didn't Hiroki start out working for Burton as well
      Visvim coat, shirt and boots APC jeans (Soloist x cody sanderson ring, Self Edge bracelet)
Been a very Visvim-ish week for me... got some Brigadiers, and then the Hendee I proxied from YJ a while ago finally arrived (shipping took an infernally long time). Many thanks to @Fycus for the advice / heads up on the Hendee!    [[SPOILER]]
Fille en aiguilles today. Love the resinous pine notes. It doesn't seem to last that well on my skin though, sadly.
Reminds me of these Kapital pants  
lazer eyed doggie cyborg agent of robot spying for swag jawnz
Yeah, I've had a few disasters buying things too small, and I have quite wide feet, so I thought I'd try a 10 first.  I got from Firmament rather than ordering from Japan so I could exchange if needed, they still have 9.5 in stock.
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