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Thanks Cola.  I like the idea of brown/tan shoes here, but more along the lines of a moccasin - not really a fan of sneakers in that kind of color.
 Thanks!  PO stuff is often slightly narrow in the shoulder and short in the sleeves so even if the chest measurements look big some of that is just the cut rather than them actually running large.  I'm a 38 chest and take a M for reference.  Having said that my only experience is with the engineer jacket, which is (as far I understand) on the slimmer end of the spectrum of Post jackets, so with a BDU or a Cruzer jacket you might get away with going down to a L, but I...
x-post from challenge 
      Post Overalls jacket Land by Land for Engineered Garments denim flower pin Needles shirt Big John jeans Vans (Bonus: scent of the day is Tauer Une Rose de Kandahar)
 there's often a few pairs of vans x eg on yahoo japan auctions.  Very overpriced iirc, but if you are really really desperate and they have your size.  Otherwise I'm sure Nepenthes NY will get another drop eventually.
 Pretty sure dude is referring to the 'coverall jacket' ie this: (fw13)(new fw14 version) Having said that EG are doing an all-in-one thing this season - waders.  Haven't seen pictures of the waders outside of the lookbook though:    there's also a jumpsuit thing for Spring/Summer 2015 which looks pretty awesome:   Incidentally I read in an old post on Takeshi Ohfuchi's (Post O'alls designer) blog that calling a chore coat or railroad jacket a "coverall" is a japanese...
 Thanks! Got it on Ebay.  There are loads of them on there, just search like "vietnam jungle jacket" or something.  I sized down one as they fit big like a lot of old military stuff.
 I think MH in Japan is different from MH in the west, I think they probably re-cut it for the Japanese market, I think some of it is even made in Japan or used to be.  The brand is also majority owned by a Japanese company apparently:http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/03/margaret-howell-says-keep-much-control-design-possible.html
Post O'alls looks a good fit @mbaum   I'm not sure about the Kapital shirt + scarf there (much as I love kapital) - maybe a white shirt/tee or a deeper indigo colored one would look good?  And the green and yellow of the scarf maybe distracts from the many shades of blue theme.  I like the idea though, very Junya SS15.
Haven't posted a fit in a while but thought it might be fun to show off my semi-fail diy project.  Of which details here       Moscot shades vintage milsurp / not quite as intended diy overdye uu tee big john jeans that need hemming vans
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