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 Nice one MoK! I went there not very long ago, didn't manage to take a fit picture though @Parker I think that Dries moto has to be one of the most fantastic jackets I've seen period
Thanks! I was trying to do something along the lines of your original idea ie. dress like how you'd like a girl to dress
 Ahh I noticed the small disappeared from The Bureau and then later reappeared - was that what you got? I went with a medium (and I'm a bit smaller than you) so will see how that turns out.  My only previous experience with PO was a shirt I tried on at the garbstore that actually fit me pretty well so I'm hoping it might work. 
Condolences Jet, your father sounds like a great guy.  I lost my dad nearly 7 years ago.  I'm sure you will pull through and be able to look back and smile about the good times you had.   ____________     Post Overalls - no doubt it'll be hella boxy but I couldn't resist the mesmerizing swirling dot print
Not sure there is any point in posting this after nicelynice's (I love how even the glasses switch haha), but this is my attempt...   I figured shawl was a good way to go     EG EG uniqlo mmm
 Damn Kapital fw14 is looking good
Getting flashbacks of Aeglus from the toj bomber + white Tricker's combo    
 thanks man, if you decide to go ahead I'd be interested for sure.
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