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Any ETA on the FW15 7-hole boots?
 You tried to claim it was a more unique design than a moto or DR which is a dubious claim (as Fok points out). Even aside from making wild assumptions about as yet unrevealed designs.   She's not even fully vegan, just doesn't like the idea of wearing a jacket made of dead animal. Although she still owns leather shoes.  Go figure.
^ my sister has an H&M one. Non leather though (she's vegetarian).   I think its a more popular style on the women's side. Balenciaga did one (worn by Kristen Stewart and other celeb types) that probably helped encourage the high street brands to knock them out. Balenciaga has done a men's one too. IIRC when Drew re-released the bcdr he showed the women's version first, with some pics of it modeled by some Korean chick. I wouldn't be surprised if he was eyeing up the...
 No, Drew didn't invent the quilted band collar double rider either. The Lewis Leathers super Monza would be one example (introduced in the 1970s), though I'm sure there are probably others. Nor is ToJ the only brand to make an iteration in suede (Blackmeans has done one in black suede for example).
Yeah, I have a patchwork german chore jacket from Sasaki-san.  Its reeaally dope (as are the coasters).
wow rad
 yeah, yahoo japan find. Supposedly in brand new condition and a decent price, pretty stoked.
 Didn't you have a go at bleaching them too at some point? They look great.
 But the point is the Margiela's are also a high priced copy.  It's like the M-65 jacket or a bunch of other military items, lots of designers have done versions of it.  Margiela might have been the first to copy, but who cares really? if you're curious, here's an article on the history of the GAT http://www.wsj.com/articles/sneaker-love-the-story-behind-the-cult-german-army-trainer-1436554473
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