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daiki devotees - they have more pockets than you; shawls draped like eastwood.
 Some chunky dark brown horn buttons might be nice.  ie. quite rustic, some slight contrast against the black cord. I'm thinking of the kind of thing SEH Kelly uses (like on these black corduroy trousers).  And the dark brown (Corozo?) buttons used on my black suede Soloist jacket, which work nicely. So maybe something a bit like this? (from a rapid, cursory google)
such tight hand-rolling has members all excited silk self-tipped desires          
Needles F/W 2015   http://four-pins.com/style/needles-fall-winter-2015/        
^those are the Nonnative wallys tho rite?  Slightly more refined shape.     Lookin Dope Breezy
Back on topic:   South2 West8 2015SS lookbook FISH AND BIKE just released.    
At risk of derailing my own thread further (oops) I would say A Vontade is an odd one to me.   On the one hand their bread and butter seems to be francophone workwear / tailoring, the kind of thing you imagine is aimed at the Japanese dudes who love Yaeca and Paraboot michael shoes.  Some similarities to Orslow too with the military + denim basics.  On the other hand there are pieces that lean towards being a bit wrinklier, and longer and slimmer in the sleeve.  Like the...
Yosh sombre negra today. Which was less a conscious choice, more of a lucky dip in sample box as I was running late.
  @AlexanderTG A Vontade does some interesting looking stuff.  Will be interested to hear your impressions! (Don't know of anyone on SF who's tried the brand before).   Haven't seen it released anywhere yet.  In the lookbook its called the 'over dyed zig-zag stitch chore coat' if that's helpful for googling / asking Nepenthes NY
camping trailer dreams your wallet bleeds indigo hiroki raise price     edit: realized mine have nothing to do with the frontpage oooooppps
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