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adidas x pharrell    
^ Think I posted a version of that apron earlier in the thread, my fav part is that the central pocket flaps down and has two further compartments inside.     Sassafras:   Digging their latest cargo style ('whole hole pants') good stuff carrying capabilities  
Has anyone tried the Nepenthes / Malibu sandals?
Brian Jones looks so cool   Love Spacemen 3's version too
 Is this the V.F. denim?
 There's the upcoming Kolor x Adidas collab. Has some pieces I could see working for @Rais. No idea on what the pricing will be, probably similar to gyakusou.  Some recent things for me: Stanley Parker x Hobo copper ringUndercover jacket from SS11
article on the overuse of the term curation (that yes, was doing the rounds on tumblr that place of homogeneous 'curated' taste)
Liking that a lot MoK!
 Number (N)ine coat (thanks to @VitaTimH)Soloist shirt + tank+ necklaceUniqlo jeansVisvim boots  [[SPOILER]]
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