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Oh man the bowls, I love the bowls.   This has been a great read (and great pictures), thanks!
@Emixam Only the grey ICT lugli is mine. Found it on yahoo Japan. The top vintage jacket I saw on a blog http://thevintagecatalogue.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/19th-century-french-fireman-black.html?m=1 should have credited in my original post. There was one of the vintage jackets on eBay recently (with matching trouser set-up) was tempted to bid. Edit: Sasaki-yohinten (Japanese etsy store) has one of the vintage jackets for sale right now... not cheap tho, could buy the...
 Hey, I thought you were a cargo pants hater! 
I always get a kick out of stumbling on the inspiration for something.   French late 19th Century(1880s-90s) Fireman's jackets       and...   Visvim Lugli   Might as well throw in some pics of my ICT Linen version:      
That could be good, but I get enough Jesus jokes as it is just with the hair  
On the way:   Finally decided on a Soloist hat, hopefully made a good choice - (current season Nobled hat, from Kind)   Lad tee   Arrived:   Vendor Things boat neck tee   UNUSED Jeans - ivory stretch denim.   These are a bit like an expensive pair of uniqlo's but I like them     Soloist rounded collar shirt
 TheSoloist. shirt, tank, necklace (worn as bracelet), ringUNUSED jeansVisvim boots [[SPOILER]]
Although I've never owned one of those junya's I did try on 3-4 of them at the time, they aren't all cut the same. I remember one was looser, there was a super small boiled wool version, some in the middle. I'd check the specific one you're looking at against the runway photos. And if you size up the sleeves may be really long which was the issue robinsongreen had with his coat from that season.
charger not challenger. Cool photo.
 The coat thing is kinda fun. You need more casual shoes, those CM-ish things look super ridiculous in that context. You need like, some black jeans, casual boots...  some eyeliner,  I dunno
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