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Think they're 7 hole rather than virgils
  I tried the bottom pair last year.  The roughout suede is really nice.  They work well casually (ie. with jeans) I'd say.  The soles felt pretty chunky / heavy and slightly orthopedic, I'd rather have that sort of thing on a boot personally, but they are probably comfy when broken in.  Sizing didn't work out for me (i turned out to be around 9.5 in them and the store didn't have half sizes).
lolz this is awesome   Love Parker's and msg's, and very happy with how mine turned out   props to Willy and 4est for doing it
Yeah I think I like the silhouette of campus 80s better, even if my natural inclination is towards cleaner / no stripes Stans.  Also I had a pair of white Stans circa 2004 and don't remember loving them.   I may just buy both and see which I prefer
Mulling over non-baller sneaks...   Campus 80s x Nigo   OR     Stan Smith 84 lab
@VitaTimH is that Soloist book worth getting? Been tempted to bid on one. Have an ombre plaid pullover shirt from 14ss hopefully showing up in the next day or two : )
Earl Apparel do fatigues with a 34in leg.  Some people like them as a cheaper alternative to EG.   On the more expensive end of the spectrum is The Real McCoy's which have a 35 inseam (although they possibly shrink a bit with washing I'm not sure).   Of course fatigues can look good cuffed / rolled, you could always do that and wear them fairly short.
 I find searching by brand on the .jp site (with chrome and auto translate) much better than trying to search on the global site, which is hopeless.  That's what I do.  Sometimes with Japanese search terms too, not sure how much difference that makes.  And then sort by newest.  Can't be bothered to search by the individual stores unless I'm hoping to serendipitously find something cool by I brand I wouldn't normally look for. As far as individual stores you've got most of...
 They should move into cuban cigars, might be a bit of a left turn, but they'd keep one loyal customer coming back at least
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