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This collection really floats my boat ().  Great writing Synth.
Mrchariybrown guide to big / athletic dude dressing http://www.styleforum.net/t/131495/random-fashion-thoughts/58400_100#post_5435595 
^ Aren't those crusher hats on Takanna from an older season?  Thought I saw them on there quite a while ago.  agvs has one in olive if I'm not mistaken.     http://www.digital-mountain.net/category/2/    
NN weren't you thinking about a Junya fw13 coat at one point?  Might be less costume-y proportions but still crazy details and construction.  Fabric looks great on the one you are wearing but the fit doesn't do it for me.   Mostly I am just lusting after those Junya coats and want to live vicariously through someone who can actually afford $1500 coats
@Cotton Dockers I think the whole saturation/contrast thing eluther mentioned in the other thread may solve itself once that chambray has been worn and washed some more and faded off.  Still looks pretty new and crisp.  I like it fine as it is though.  Something like this purple stripe 19th c bd would look great and still be office friendly, as an alternative - I think the hem shape can really contribute to give the 'EG look' even without going in for floral mania, etc.
Thanks Cola.  I like the idea of brown/tan shoes here, but more along the lines of a moccasin - not really a fan of sneakers in that kind of color.
 Thanks!  PO stuff is often slightly narrow in the shoulder and short in the sleeves so even if the chest measurements look big some of that is just the cut rather than them actually running large.  I'm a 38 chest and take a M for reference.  Having said that my only experience is with the engineer jacket, which is (as far I understand) on the slimmer end of the spectrum of Post jackets, so with a BDU or a Cruzer jacket you might get away with going down to a L, but I...
x-post from challenge 
      Post Overalls jacket Land by Land for Engineered Garments denim flower pin Needles shirt Big John jeans Vans (Bonus: scent of the day is Tauer Une Rose de Kandahar)
 there's often a few pairs of vans x eg on yahoo japan auctions.  Very overpriced iirc, but if you are really really desperate and they have your size.  Otherwise I'm sure Nepenthes NY will get another drop eventually.
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