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Looks good on you Jbravo
 yeah you're right it might loosen up, this is true. I'm going to give it a few wears and think on it. Its mostly the leather section up top, shoulder-to-shoulder and upper back that's tight, below that by design and material its going to be loose almost regardless of the size.
So the Blackmeans thing showed and its real dope, but as I suspected a touch small.   My shoulders are slightly bursting out and I can't really zip it all the way. FYI their size 3 is definitely more like a 2 / Small in most JP brands, even on this piece which is looser than their regular leathers. While the sleeves look long, I think they're supposed to be even looonger (and worn cuffed if total hand envelopment is not desired).       If I don't end up keeping it...
So good.   Digging the band collar rebuild flannels too
 I don't think its unreasonable to say the 2010 DR with the twin side adjusters is specifically a riff on 1950s British style rider jackets, of which the Lewis Lighting is probably the best known example. Maybe you need to re-read some history yourself? Whatever, seems a bit much to go calling someone a turd over.
Yeah interesting point. Its something I do. I think I posted a fit about a month back with denim shirt + white jeans. My shirt is a few shades lighter (but started out a similar color to yours and has just been worn/washed a lot). If you want to try lower contrast, which is very popular in SW&D, you could try navy pants, or those charcoal coloured jeans you posted a while back. For full on matchy monochrome you could think about pairing denim with indigo in different...
To elaborate a little more on the thought process (which may be helpful) the 'fog' bedford cord is maybe a little softer in tone and more trad than a full on white denim jean (although white jeans can be good, though good in maybe a trashy way) and although they are still marked 32/34 the inseam on them is actually a little shorter, optimal for Lorcan-style slightly-short-jeans-with-small-cuff-over-ankle-boots. I'm an outlier there though - most guys on SW&D probably err...
Yeah its fine, everything fits OK.   Its hard to do double denim really well. I guess guys like UrbanComposition and gnatty8 look natural doing it.   I'd go for footwear in a lighter color (sand / tan suede boots?).  I also think it will look better after both shirt and jeans are a little more worn in.   Alternately, (if it was me) you could try something like these, with the same shirt, and boots more like this? Just throwing out ideas!
 Ahh that's interesting! The wool on my windowpane one snags quite easily against other fabrics so I found it hard to finesse I guess, as well as being a little thicker.
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