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Been a very Visvim-ish week for me... got some Brigadiers, and then the Hendee I proxied from YJ a while ago finally arrived (shipping took an infernally long time). Many thanks to @Fycus for the advice / heads up on the Hendee!    [[SPOILER]]
Fille en aiguilles today. Love the resinous pine notes. It doesn't seem to last that well on my skin though, sadly.
Reminds me of these Kapital pants  
lazer eyed doggie cyborg agent of robot spying for swag jawnz
Yeah, I've had a few disasters buying things too small, and I have quite wide feet, so I thought I'd try a 10 first.  I got from Firmament rather than ordering from Japan so I could exchange if needed, they still have 9.5 in stock.
Brigadiers     Cautiously went tts, may exchange for .5 down if they feel roomy... hate buying shooz online
EG floral printed corduroy cinch pants from FW13.    Very sad to sell these as they are wonderful, but they’re too big on me even cinched up (they fit a true 32) and consequently I haven’t worn them.   I believe they were only available in Japan, or through Drinkwaters as a special order (which was how I got them).   Waist (uncinched) 32.5in rise 11in thigh 11.6in hem 7.25in inseam 33.5in   Shipping from UK      
Margiela Roper boots sz 43 grey suede (aka Synthese boots)   Got these from Rinkan (Rakuten) but decided I’m more of a lace-up boot kinda guy.  Rinkan listed them as ‘B’ condition (ie. pretty good) FWIW, and I haven’t worn them.  Soles have been vibrammed.   price $190 / £124 + shipping (from UK)            
 KoY I think you should grow it out along the lines of say Our Legacy store model: Of course I'm biased towards long hair, but also that way you may be working with your hair's natural tendencies - ie. being kinda straight and flat, rather than trying to make your hair do something it doesn't want to (voluminous, messy) by using copious amounts of product or whatever.
Does anyone else find it funny when two brands use the same model for their lookbook in a given season?  Its like it breaks the fourth wall or something.  Or they start melding in your mind.   Visneedles 2015FW:    
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