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 There's one of these in a S in the grey stripe fabric on Kind/rakuten at the moment  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/573714008927/ same one as here I think http://lantiki.shop-pro.jp/?pid=71845146 I think it looks pretty cool
 If the world believes B!CD is Ryan Gosling's stylist then perhaps Ryan Gosling will start believing it too.  When the paparazzi shots showing him getting coffee in a black lapel-less blazer start appearing we'll know what's up.
Ahh so I was browsing care-tags (not something I do very often but yah) and I'm afraid you're secret is out @B!CD.  Just to warn you in case some poor care-taggers message you asking what brand Ryan's cardigans are or where to source the furry desert boots he will be wearing next season   http://care-tags.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31&start=2790#p37250
Wouldn't mind knowing what materials the bucket hats come in this season.  Haven't seen any in stores yet.
Those distressed boots look a bit like that pair Ryan Gosling wears often.  I'm sure if you ask his stylist @Bam!ChairDance nicely he'll hook you up with a pair  
^ fair isle looks great.  Which blazer style is that?  Brookline?
I quite like the button shawl with beat up denims and NBs, but I think if you do that then go full on cozy boy and wear a sweatshirt or crew neck knit and lose the shirt.
new Nepenthes remix editorial is up.   Golden Bear varsity (olive body, cream sleeves) looks real nice   http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/remix/Merkmal/r23.html
Diemme velvet paisley slip-ons     Tempted by these... Is anything on serena sole inherently narrow or is that just some models like achilles?  (Never had CPs or similar before).
Realized I hadn't posted a proper fit pic with this jacket.  Feeling nicely ahead of the curve given the new rebooted version seems to feature pretty heavily in SS15     Actually looking at the new one compared to mine they seem to have tweaked it for the better - the sleeves look maybe a touch slimmer (they're quite voluminous on mine) and it seems to drape really nicely worn open.  This one doesn't seem to work unbuttoned but that's how they've styled it in the ss15...
New Posts  All Forums: