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Some more CdG for this thread (albeit bought intentionally) 13AW alpaca coat. Probably not gonna wear until next winter, but long coat addiction is long coat addiction  [[SPOILER]]
I was thinking of the 'lace-up' jacket in nylon-poly fabric:     although actually Facetasm has done a bunch of pieces with similar lacing.
 There's always the classic C 4est tween_spirit (RIP) thread "official obscure high-end japanese trends youre not cool enough for" which was a favorite of mine. I was actually thinking of reviving it the other day. I suppose a lot of brands that seemed more esoteric circa 2010 are now better-known and more widely stocked in the West, and people are more clued-up on proxying stuff too. Like, that stuff is less exotic and surprising than it once was? Having said that,...
Re-purposed 501s are an idea I'm really into, but I like the more full-on interpretations a lot of the Japanese brands go in for. Those re/done ones - I think you could buy a cheap vintage pair and have a tailor taper them for a lot less than $267 and get a pretty similar result. It all seems a little too # / instagram heavy too.  My LVC 1978 501s actually have a pretty reasonable taper anyhow, and at 2 years old are actually more interestingly beat than a lot of their...
Well, I've actually been planning to do something Walking Dead inspired for Rais' challenge...
Sup, long time no fits   [[SPOILER]]
Who says a plainclothes cop can't dress like a hip delinquent?     Although to be fair Serpico wasn't exactly popular with his co-workers  
Dat wabi-sabi tho
New book on Undercover out in June: http://www.amazon.com/Undercover-Jun-Takahashi/dp/0847848108  edit: I see bows1 posted about it above! I'll probably kop see whats up
 A lot of people on the Streetwear and Denim forum like John Elliot tees. Their 'Mercer tee' seems pretty similar to what you're describing: http://www.johnelliott.co/products/mercer-tee-grey
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