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Garment Reproduction of Workers AW16    
From yesterday   [[SPOILER]]
 Ahh so I got the book if anyone is interested. I'd say its pretty good. It gives a fairly comprehensive overview of the brand - sections on womens, mens, collabs, objects/installations - so nearly everything has at least a page from Underman figurines, to gyakusou, to hand-made stuffed dolls made by Anne-Valerie Dupond for the But Beautiful collection. Possibly on the negative side, its pretty light on text - there's a short interview with Jun, brief descriptions of...
 Primark shades (~£2)Vintage -  French army jacket (£51)Uniqlo - Robert Mapplethorpe print tee (£12.90)Uniqlo jeans - unpicked raw hem (msrp £29.90)Vans old skool -  painted (msrp £55) ~ USD total: 199    Maybe just me, but with less going on with the fit, the temptation to mess around with the photos to make it more 'interesting' was greater. lol  [[SPOILER]]
 I was thinking about this - my immediate assumption was that 'qlomaire, H&Mmmm, UU etc. high-low fashion collabs wouldn't be in the spirit of competition. But then on the other hand if you were genuinely on a budget you would definitely want to make use of that stuff, no? My favorite basic tees are my old UU ones which cost like $15 or whatever.
Is Issey having a moment right now? Feel like the hip young women of the internetz all collectively moved on Pleats Please a while back. Maybe seen more men's around too online / in stores (was looking at Homme Plisse in Liberty's the other week which is a pretty new line iirc)
Thanks guys I'll pass. Should probably refrain from bored rakuten browsing on a Sunday eve I actually dig the Prada Hawaiian-ish shirts (they have some great prints for aw16) but don't really want to pay Prada prices for a short sleeve shirt. Also like the idea of an oriental print, but maybe one that's less in danger of cringe Orientalism, if that makes sense.
Toyo / Sun Surf ukiyo-e print Hawaiian shirt   Trying to decide if this is:   A. really dope   B. really dorky, especially on a white dude   C. a bit of both, in which case...?
I would've liked to see a thicker sole on those Epaulet chelsea's. If you're going to do a rounder toe in beige suede w crepe, why not do something a bit chunkier more along the lines of those Diemme chelseas or Nonnative's sidezips and push it slightly more into 'ranch boot' territory. Instead you have a rather half-hearted chelsea.   (Having said that, I think they work fine with CD's fit).
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