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That was ages ago.  IIRC people did complain to LNCC at the time.
  A lot of what Monitaly does is very wearable, as gdl said.  And the fabrics / construction are excellent. I have some military-ish pants from Monitaly in an olive cotton ripstop fabric.  Being quite loose cut and very lightweight they are great for warmer weather and I spent most of last summer in them.  The fabric has worn in and aged nicely.  Perhaps my favorite thing about them are the pockets:  they are deep for starters, but also the pocket bags are made of...
 Surely slouching is infinitely preferable to awkward robopose fitpics?  I slouch my way through life in general though.
J-Suplex, acoustics and NDC all carry EEL, I'm sure there are more out there though
EG chelsea jacket arrived.  Nice mid-weight canvas fabric, thought it might be lighter weight and more of a summer version from the pics, but this is better.   Still working out all the button configuration possibilities, think the top one is best.      
or Tricker's
 tried this on last year (floral side out as well, naturally) really nice piece.  I did get a funny look from this other guy in the store, but then I was by chance also wearing a black and pink eg floral shirt at the time... I don't think its that shameful in general though. leopard print bucket hat from fw14 on the other hand do want  think I need some og Number (N)ine at some point  
Someone please do a homage to mr moo's most iconic fit
 Been following your regimen for quite a while now with great success, many thanks for sharing the knowledge!  Someone reposted it in the short lived 'streetwear and denim hair and grooming thread'  about a year ago and I saw it there.  My hair has been much healthier since. Interested to see the further refinements - which stage / how often are you using the shikakai hand and body soaps - is this instead of the castille soap?   recent pic from SW&D WAYWT, yes I could...
Number (N)ine jacket in a size 3     http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n127272971
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