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 Thanks!  Yeah I'm pretty psyched.  Just got it from Kind on rakuten (no proxy) -  its SS14 rather than current season.  Going to see how it goes and then maybe try something else proxied from the Lad online store.
On the subject of white shirts...   I have a Soloist deep neck pullover shirt on the way from Rak.  Worried it might be too big as seems to run pretty roomy / oversized.     the collar is pretty weird, you may even be able to wear it back to front.  I have no idea.     And a Lad knit  
Paging @Ritchee   Cassidy have the Deerskin ranch boot online.  Some sizes gone already though   http://shop.cassidy.co.jp/shopdetail/000000001828/
Philosophy also was used of alchemy in Middle Ages, hence Philosophers' stone (late 14c., translating Medieval Latin lapis philosophorum, early 12c.), a reputed solid substance supposed by alchemists to change baser metals into gold or silver; also identified with the elixir and thus given the attribute of prolonging life indefinitely and curing wounds and disease.   Sorcerer's stone = meaningless term invented by publishers because Americans
  Moscot shadesEG shirtUniqlo jeansMMM sneaksUndercover bag  [[SPOILER]]
 I like the down jacket.  C-shack still have the same piece in paisley, only up to Medium but you might be able to compare / extrapolate measurementshttp://www.c-shack.com/www/1329?type=mens I actually posted a picture of it here earlier
suit fabric looks real nice stitchy.  Prawnz looking great too in dat shaggy alpaca coat    [[SPOILER]]
J Crew SS15 is supposedly 'Mediterranean inspired'.  Sure.  I don't you're fooling anyone with that one, J Crew.    
Maybe they offer free refills? Like pizza hut But with Japanese ferns instead of Sprite
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