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I'm sure Zissou could hire a replacement, as long as he has the cheddar
wormwood wins the award for best first waywt pic
Chanel Cuir de Russie (les exclusifs) today, which I've been wearing quite a bit lately. Starts off powdery and soapy and then develops into creamy ladies handbag leather with some floral and animalic hints (stables? hay? Something horse-y). I like it. May have try and get some of the vintage stuff at some point.
That Junya. That breakfast. Awesome
the 1970s is my favorite decade
 what can I say, my solvent extraction was clearly pleased to see you
boring basic, bad resolution     Needles sulphur dye jacket uniqlo flannel uniqlo jeans Visvim Brigadier
Having occasionally delved into old sufu Vis threads, I get the impression people bought noragis thinking they can layer them under and over stuff easily, but they are too tight in the arm to go over a jacket and wrong length to be versatile as a mid-layer (like lhamos are).  But if I only actually want it to go over a t-shirt from the outset, then I don't see so much of a problem.  Medium in EG is too roomy on me these days, which is why I'm selling stuff.
I do have very skinny arms which I understand is a requirement? I like the longer length vs lhamo. I've been tempted to get a Cosmic Wonder piece, maybe I'll do that instead to fill a similar niche.
Gtrans you could always look at those Aurora clogs people were discussing in the EG thread instead of bostons. Baller clogs are the new baller sneaker, I want a pair and a visvim noragi for maximum Japanese farmer swag
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