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wow the perfect papal slippers for our intergalactic pontiff
^ its 2005 spring summer   On the subject of Comme I enjoyed this panel discussion. They only talk about the actual collection for the last 15mins or so (skip forward if you're bored as that bit is good).    
May just be the photo/ my monitor, but those CPs look too close to flesh tone for me. May as well buy Hender Schemes and have done with it. Or something in canvas if you really wanna go pink (like 70s Cons).
aaahh ok. Hadn't seen those CPs, I had in mind something different I guess.
Quote: Comme des Garcons had a runway show back in the mid 2000s that had lots of pink Vans-alike sneakers (and lots of pink generally) that was pretty cool (well, IMO). Pretty grunge / psychedelic styling. Actually I guess 90s nostalgia, grunge, gender bending are all pretty in now, which may help explain it.  
 yeah possibly true. I have some slip-ons on the way that will hopefully work for mysterious vibez. The sneakers are maybe more coherent in person because the tyvek on them is kinda wrinkly which looks interesting with the other textures.  [[SPOILER]]
I've always felt APC denim in particular has a less comfortable hand to it than other raws i've owned, even after breaking in. I still like denim but I'm not ever buying/wearing APCs again.
 I think they are playing very safe - truckers, military jackets, tees etc. the womenswear too with dyed culotte-esque peasant trousers.  There's less creative reimagining compared to something like Needles Rebuild or By Walid (but the pricing is heading into similar territory). I too like the swiss parka, it makes me want to have another go at diy overdyeing a military jacket. The Vietnam-era BDU jacket I did a few years ago didn't quite come out as intended, although I...
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