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Having occasionally delved into old sufu Vis threads, I get the impression people bought noragis thinking they can layer them under and over stuff easily, but they are too tight in the arm to go over a jacket and wrong length to be versatile as a mid-layer (like lhamos are).  But if I only actually want it to go over a t-shirt from the outset, then I don't see so much of a problem.  Medium in EG is too roomy on me these days, which is why I'm selling stuff.
I do have very skinny arms which I understand is a requirement? I like the longer length vs lhamo. I've been tempted to get a Cosmic Wonder piece, maybe I'll do that instead to fill a similar niche.
Gtrans you could always look at those Aurora clogs people were discussing in the EG thread instead of bostons. Baller clogs are the new baller sneaker, I want a pair and a visvim noragi for maximum Japanese farmer swag
damn that Junya vanson is sick
Fashion-Press has studio pics of FW15 up.  Fringed leather capes are pretty insane              
 I wouldn't be surprised tbh.  Needles stockists outside Japan are like a merry go round, almost like stores take it in turns or something.  For example END are carrying Needles for the first time for Spring/Summer 2015 so that's a new one.  Tres Bien carried them for a couple of seasons (around 2012-ish) and then stopped.  Trunk had them for a season only (FW13).  Union LA had them for 2014AW but it seems to have disappeared from their brand list now.  Needles is a pretty...
didn't Hiroki start out working for Burton as well
      Visvim coat, shirt and boots APC jeans (Soloist x cody sanderson ring, Self Edge bracelet)
Been a very Visvim-ish week for me... got some Brigadiers, and then the Hendee I proxied from YJ a while ago finally arrived (shipping took an infernally long time). Many thanks to @Fycus for the advice / heads up on the Hendee!    [[SPOILER]]
Fille en aiguilles today. Love the resinous pine notes. It doesn't seem to last that well on my skin though, sadly.
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