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 Doesn't vary by region, but EG sizing can vary from season to season quite a bit.
^ Nice!   I remember fiending for that EG shirt when it was released (14ss).  Pretty much only Japanese stockists had it iirc.
Any smaller dudes out there should get on this Blackmeans Double Rider / Down jacket/vest-with-zip-off-sleeves.  Ideal for Mad Max cosplay.  Only 15k yen starting bid.   http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t450775127
Anyone tried kiltie bluchers - are they slighlty more TTS than some Yuketen styles?   I've tried made in Mexico GY welt shoes, and country rangers before and fit 9.5 in those (I'm generally around a US 10).
in the middle of activating your thermoptic camouflage in the last one, right?  
Nice, thanks.  Sounds like it would go well with some of my Soloist bits (which have a very soft hand).
Anyone handled the melange wool from fw14? Tempted to get some cornell or high water slacks in that fabric.
 Interesting. Bear in mind the detail shots are probably more color accurate, its not that saturated a beige.  But navy would look good with it.  I think it goes pretty well with the washed denim tone too, of course.
 Thanks for the feedback Melo. I suffer from a terrible condition known as Excessive Weird Outerwear Kopping Syndrome (EWOKS).  I should probably focus on some other areas of my wardrobe. Having said that, throwing weird-coat-over-mostly-regular-clothes is also sort of the idea. I'm trying to avoid going too heavily lookbook-ish directional.  With mixed results.  I actually think it works better here than with the Number (N)ine coat I posted a while back. Re sizing: it...
 Thanks  I posted a fit with it a while back where you can see the Junya better... its 100% cotton, but pretty interesting knit / texture nonetheless.
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