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 That thing is amazing.  It'd be awesome to see some pics when you get it, if you have the time.
Thanks Fycus!  Your Vis knowledge is much appreciated. I may go for the cord version.  I'm tall and lanky enough in the arms to fit a 3 in a lot of Visvim I think, but also only 135lb these days () so I don't think a 2 would be a problem either.  I went with a 3 in the kerchief tunic but will probably try a 2 in the hendee and see how that works.
Been meaning to post here more.   Today I am trying Profumum Ambra Aurea.  My only real point of comparison for an amber scent is Ambre Sultan, and this is quite different.  Its a musky, smoky amber which has some church-y incense and myrrh on the side.  I like it.
 Not much out yet, bit slower out of the blocks than EG SS15.  Digital Mountain has the china-button shirt.  Needles seems to have a china-button piece every season, but always change it a little bit.  I like the latest version.  Reggieshop has a few bits, but nothing very exciting, though the linen watch caps are kinda cool No doubt more will appear over the next few weeks/months, keep an eye on Nepenthes NY tumblr etc...
Anyone tried the hendee trench from fw14? Looks like it runs big. Undecided on herringbone vs cord too. Thinking about nabbing a lightly used / on sale one
@Ken P last pair of jeans are available at zozo http://zozo.jp/shop/junyawatanabeman/goods/5173456/?did=   ( First set of images are from Underpass shop blog http://eighteen.exblog.jp/23318520)
Engineered Garments chelsea jacket in olive drab canvas.   These EG Napoleon style jackets are fairly rare in US / EU, although Daiki is bringing the design back for Spring Summer 2015.  I bought it from Japan in lightly used condition.   Its a mid-weight cotton canvas and fully lined - I'm not sure if it was a fall/winter or spring summer piece - its a good year round weight.  Quite a durable workwear-ish fabric.   In good condition.  The only flaw is a button on...
Dark navy 24oz melton bedford jacket from Fall 2013 - size Medium   Lightly used, in excellent condition.   Its a heavy and a serious piece of winter outerwear, more so than you regular bedford.  Best worn collar popped, to keep the wind out.  The navy is very dark, it looks black under a lot of lights.     Fits like a pretty standard EG Medium.    Measurements in inches:   Shoulder to shoulder: 18.3" Chest: 20.5" Back length from collar: 27.4" Sleeve length from...
I found a few more Japanese stockists but I can no longer edit the original post to add to the list, and have since forgotten them... have to dig through my internet history.   I really like SS15 and will have to restrain myself as I already have plenty of summer clothing and limited opportunities to wear it.  I may go for some fatigue shorts though, at least.   Edit: and the mismatch sneakers if I can get my hands on a pair
I like that a lot!   reminding me I need some rebuild fatigues one day...
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