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Yeah I know all that.  I probably should have qualified my statement.  Still, he's been around forever.
Well Max von Sydow himself is pretty old (86)... He looks kinda old in The Exorcist and that was made in 1973.
Had a look at arpenteur they're mostly only in navy wool this season (and sold out in my size).   Old Town is a possibility... although I think old season Junya x Hervier is maybe more what I'm after, probably have to hunt down those.
Some pics of SS16. Although I guess they'll do one of the full on-location lookbooks for it further down the line? http://kapital.jp/info/detail/119.html          
 Although I guess if this happened with de bonne facture it might fit the bill...
 On the bolded part - there are plenty of EG pieces that don't exactly fall into the rugged lumberjack/hunting/fishing/trad-workwear category (long shirts, smock tops, shawls, dandy-ish print fabric pieces, etc.)  Most Visvim is designed for guys who are rail thin rather than super masculine.  It doesn't seem a prerequisite to me. But if you don't feel right in your current wardrobe then maybe it is time for a change.  I would resist the temptation to do a rapid switch...
I was more excited by the prospect of Rogue One before seeing TFA, now I kinda feel like I've had enough of death stars and plans stashed on droids.  Although I suppose at least we know the final act of Rogue One can't involve them attacking a death star... right?   I've also just watched Brick and re-watched Looper to get an idea of what we are in for with Rian Johnson directing Episode VIII. I think the signs are promising.  Interesting that the Vox article Ataturk...
 I was thinking specifically of this sculpted self-portrait of Bak and his wife that I'd been reading about recently where he's showing himself with some nice manboobs. This sculpture was made in a brief period when naturalism was in favor, much of Egyptian art is governed by hieratic conventions rather than showing people as they actually looked. (Although I'm no Egyptologist, so you may be right of course).
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