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Vintage military vest in French Lizard Camo fabric    
FYI / shameless plug: if anyone is interested in a new pair of mainline fatigues in reversed sateen in a 30 check my sig!
Engineered Garments mainline fatigues olive reversed sateen (fw13) sz. 30   I acquired these recently, brand new with tags, but decided I’d rather get the roomier Workaday fatigues in the same fabric (olive reversed sateen is really nice).  Or maybe the utility jacket. Or both.  Anyway my loss is your gain.   I haven’t worn them at all, tried on only, and they came to me BNWT so yeah basically new.   Tag size: 30   Measurements: waist: 15.5” (waistband aligned,...
water droplets on a rose     rotting tree peony  
Looking really good Penance!
I've been drinking this stuff recently.  Haven't been a fan of earl grey in the past, often find the citrus element overwhelming, but this is quite a nice blend.  Not cheap but the tins look nice.   that and some white tea   Also, loose tea > bags
Indigo Farm x Garbstore sashiko trucker jacket - probably not nearly as heavy duty as what LA Guy has in mind, but out of interest    
                                                                             Sources: [[SPOILER]]  
I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Merzbow, and the likes of Venereology is a bit much for me,  but enjoying this     Been listening to some older noise-y stuff too:   La Monte Young and co in the 60s     Some dudes who were part of Fluxus, from the 70s   (this one gets good around the 2:30 mark when the violin comes in)    
shirt/jacket is Katachi - haven't heard of them, I assume its some local japanese brand/store. You could sub in an EG chambray dayton or workaday utility jacket in chambray for a similar effect.   Speaking of which - regret being indecisive on getting a dayton now, they're sold out everywhere in chambray I think
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