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Vintage hunting vest / jacket     http://www.thevintageshowroom.com/blog/?p=9008#more-9008
mmmmm psychedelic gospel funk     This gives me goosebumps   Jazz shakuhachi (bamboo flute)  
eg x vans run half size larger than ordinary vans if i remember correctly I thought someone on here sold this exact piece not very long ago, and for less $$$ than this guy is asking.  Also I thought it was just an EG sample and nothing to do with the Soloist?
1974 US military grenade vest  
Congrats on a much deserved win to Spacepope!!   DIY challenge is good idea.  I've been meaning to get a vintage M-65 or two and attempt a homebrew Needles rebuild type thing and maybe overdye it while I'm at it.  I'm unlikely to get my shit together anytime soon though.   Streetwear suits and blazers challenge would be awesome too at some point.
 +1 to what e0d said.  All the modifications by Needles are done in Japan.  The donor shirts could be from literally anywhere - there's one on the Bureau where you can see 'made in Philippines' on a care tag in their photo.  There's one on Inventory with United Arab Emirates (who knew they made flannel shirts?) on the tag.  On the 7-cut flannels the arm could be made in a different place than the body - which is all part of the fun. yours looks great btw, fits you well. 
workshirt + tie combos from engineeredgarments.jp  I think it works quite nicely with the collar shape, though I can understand Gary's thinking with the chest pockets and busyness    
 This looks good.  It reminds me a bit of the Needles blazer I owned, but unlike that one it looks as if it may be proportioned to fit actual human beings.
@YOLO EMSHI have you had a look through the streetwear suits and blazers thread? seems relevant.
 No driver jacket this season.  Lafayette jacket in tropical wool kinda fills a similar niche?  
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