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I was looking at that bed jw ford jacket at a shop (mathematics?) in Kyoto, its v nice
I'll be around briefly Monday night before I fly home. Enjoying Kyoto right now
Visiting the Kapital store has me wondering what I am doing with my life and why exactly I am not wearing all Kapital everything.
Really great to meet you guys!
Any Tokyo dudes @nicelynice @magicalporks @Auximenes etc around and up for grabbing coffee/ beer at the weekend with a stylefarmer then PM me. Spent the day wandering round Aoyama and Harajuku checking out Comme, Yohji, Lad etc. The Nezu museum was really nice too.
 yeah same. I enjoy their panel discussions, think I posted one of the CdG ones a while back. This Gucci one is good if you have an hour to kill  And on the subject of Gucci SS17 reviews... 
 You could scan Rakuten for old CdG? They have quite a few cord options (like these matching jacket and trousers) and a ton of suiting in general of varying levels of weirdness.
Needles fringe trousers  
 Almost sounds like you are describing Palladiums. A lot of their current styles are pretty ugly but a plain pair might be a cheap option to use as a DIY prototype? Would be suitably unstructured. I'm sure there are fashion brands (Visvim?) that have done Palladium style sneaker boots in the past too. I can't imagine a traditional leather shoemaker being interested in the project. I wanna find that photograph now, sounds awesome.
Good stuff Rais ^^   [[SPOILER]]
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