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@VitaTimH is that Soloist book worth getting? Been tempted to bid on one. Have an ombre plaid pullover shirt from 14ss hopefully showing up in the next day or two : )
Earl Apparel do fatigues with a 34in leg.  Some people like them as a cheaper alternative to EG.   On the more expensive end of the spectrum is The Real McCoy's which have a 35 inseam (although they possibly shrink a bit with washing I'm not sure).   Of course fatigues can look good cuffed / rolled, you could always do that and wear them fairly short.
 I find searching by brand on the .jp site (with chrome and auto translate) much better than trying to search on the global site, which is hopeless.  That's what I do.  Sometimes with Japanese search terms too, not sure how much difference that makes.  And then sort by newest.  Can't be bothered to search by the individual stores unless I'm hoping to serendipitously find something cool by I brand I wouldn't normally look for. As far as individual stores you've got most of...
 They should move into cuban cigars, might be a bit of a left turn, but they'd keep one loyal customer coming back at least
 Although I differ from OJ in that I prefer Visvim 73 folks for something like this, the Nonnatives are nice.  The slim shaft, upturned toe, materials make it pretty different from an actual military item.  They will go well with El Bert's stuff (and Belleville's would not). I think its easier to appropriate when the stuff is obsolete, like older military boots are cool, look at spacepope's.  I'd wear Belleville's, but only for a decent looking trekking / beater boot, not...
Wait a designer copying a military design? With a tweaked silhouette and nicer materials? No fucking way man, you're crazy.
I've seen that model listed as M=59, L=60cm fwiw. Might accomodate a 61 too?There are multiple versions of the nobled hat so I'd try including the SG.0041 code if you're searching for pics/info.
you got four pins-d I see
 Yeah thanks I'm after a Soloist hat.  Think my cranium is a Medium tho, which is a shame as that's a good price.  Also been weighing up the nobled hats vs. the crusher hat with the zigzag stitching on the ribbon... decisions
mbaum does look really fantastic, but pleated floral pants and a load of linen =/= Mad Max extra (Hint: it should involve black leather).I can't tell if you're unintentionally proving nahneun's point or have just never seen a Mad Max movie : /
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