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Has anyone tried the Nepenthes / Malibu sandals?
Brian Jones looks so cool   Love Spacemen 3's version too
 Is this the V.F. denim?
 There's the upcoming Kolor x Adidas collab. Has some pieces I could see working for @Rais. No idea on what the pricing will be, probably similar to gyakusou.  Some recent things for me: Stanley Parker x Hobo copper ringUndercover jacket from SS11
article on the overuse of the term curation (that yes, was doing the rounds on tumblr that place of homogeneous 'curated' taste)
Liking that a lot MoK!
 Number (N)ine coat (thanks to @VitaTimH)Soloist shirt + tank+ necklaceUniqlo jeansVisvim boots  [[SPOILER]]
I think you could have a lot of fun doing a diy version. You could smear the uppers with mud and coffee grounds (avoiding the welt) and wrap them in cling film for a month. Mix in some saphir cream while your at it? Maybe do some gentle sandblasting to remove it dry (which might be similar to what Vis did if they're slightly pitted looking).
That distressed grey looks awesome. Would not dye.
 Jelado are a lesser known Japanese repro / denim brand. There's a US company (the name of which I forget) that also has the license to do East West style jackets, but the Jelado ones look better to me. As per standard for a Japanese repro I think they aim to finish them to higher standards than the originals.  Cheapest ones start at around ¥160,000 and go up to ¥320,000 if you want the Papaya Noon jacket...  
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