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 Nah I'd just use paypal / credit card and take the hit on fees in that case. bank transfer is good if you're proxying from a store and there's no time limit.
 Thing is, if you're buying on YJ from abroad via a proxy you don't have to interact with the seller or deal with the crappy interface, you're just dealing with the proxy service.  Its probably easier.  There's also just such a vast availability of dope shit on there, at least as far as the designers I'm into.  I dislike ebay.
Someone please please buy these boots:   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/select7tokyo/item/b25996/
 Yeah Needles does do XS, and the Japanese stockists usually carry it, unsurprisingly (not always in every piece, but yes).  XS pops up on Rakuten and Y! too (for example: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/576814001163/) Some stuff (cardigans, some of the shirts) seem to fit slightly smaller, so you might manage an S in those.
 Ahh good call.  Should have remembered they had it too.  TBH I'm a bit conflicted as I really like it, but at the same time I'm getting deep into The Soloist (got a shirt, a ring, have a jacket on the way, want pants, etc.) at the moment.  Choosing which flavor of eccentric hippie clothing is becoming tough
Gone in my size already   That print is awesome tho.
Anyone ordered from re-porter.ca to the UK before?  Good experiences / hit with customs?
Thanks dudes!  @Mike you've pretty much hit the nail on the head inspiration wise  I'm quite fond of post-Beatles George Harrison too [[SPOILER]]
Tend not to post phone camera / banal everyday fits but heh I was bored   EG Uniqlo LVC Timbs
^ Nice!  Think you picked a good version of that rebuild jacket.  I dig the sleeve lacing
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