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 Thanks man. I got it from Coverchord but I guess they sold out now.  Don't know if anywhere else sells it as its the Coverchord / Vendor house brand. Some of the Nonnative tops are cut pretty similar. I'd say Vendor things is great for the price going by this piece, would recommend.
boring basic       Vendor things Visvim Vans x Beams
Yeah I'm into the sanjuro coats
Junya 15ss white/beige patchwork blazer size S http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k188117678
SS16: http://fourpins.com/style/needles-spring-summer-2016/        
I don't know, I think 'jacked' is a pretty good description of KG... lazy shorthand .  I think, for many people the athleticism you describe can be difficult to attain, certainly if you are working in an office all day or whatever.  And more to the point, not necessary for looking good in a variety of styles / designers. And of course some people may even have a different ideal (skinny hippie, androgynous waif, etc.) that doesn't involve athleticism at all.
 See, I think you could argue the two examples you cited (Kgfan and Regis) are precisely guys that are "at the top of the genetic pyramid".  In that they are muscular up top without being overly bulky (through the hips/thigh for example)  which allows them to wear fashion clothes well while also being pretty jacked.  A lot of guys don't manage it. And there are many posters I can think of (Fuuma, diniro, parker, platypus, shah, Brad-T, etc.) where I can't see how them...
Ha, well it was down to your SF newsletter piece that I found Sasaki's stuff, so thanks!
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