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If anyone has any additional stockist links I've forgotten then post them here or PM me and I'll add them to the original post.   Needles Fall / Winter 2014 can be seen here http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/2872 and on the official site.   Needles Spring / Summer 2015 lookbook is out too  http://hypebeast.com/2014/8/needles-2015-spring-summer-lookbook.  Not really a fan of the model (lolz) but some cool stuff.
 OK new thread is here! http://www.styleforum.net/t/415139/the-needles-nepenthes-discussion-thread-rebuild-rough-and-tumble-south2west8-sonic-lab-etc/0_100
Nepenthes / Needles Discussion Thread  Since Needles talk occasionally derails the Engineered Garments seasonal threads (and can be hard to find afterwards) I thought it was time to make a dedicated thread about all the various other Nepenthes brands such as Needles, Rebuild by Needles, Nepenthes Rough & Tumble, South2 West8, Sonic Lab and so on.    Nepenthes was founded by Keizo Shimizu as a menswear wholesale and distribution company in 1988.  The first store opened in...
FYI I'm making a dedicated Needles / Nepenthes thread figured its about time
@AlexTG I'm actually planning on getting a Needles 7-cut flannel this season but probably going to try and get one of the black overdyed ones which is a little more tonal / subdued:       Was planning on styling it under a shorter jacket like denim jacket / my EG chelsea jacket / bomber as in the lookbook - so you just see the different fabric types and lengths peeping out the bottom which is pretty cool   Not all Needles stuff makes it outside of Japan (even to...
Cosmic Wonder Light Source is a hell of a name.  I was almost tempted to buy a parka of y! jp the other day.  Not because I even really liked it, just that it was Cosmic Wonder Light Source.
Ahh sorry dude I should learn to read.  Wondered why it was real cheap lolz
 There's one of these in a S in the grey stripe fabric on Kind/rakuten at the moment  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/573714008927/ same one as here I think http://lantiki.shop-pro.jp/?pid=71845146 I think it looks pretty cool
 If the world believes B!CD is Ryan Gosling's stylist then perhaps Ryan Gosling will start believing it too.  When the paparazzi shots showing him getting coffee in a black lapel-less blazer start appearing we'll know what's up.
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