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 I've lusted after Moto shoes (mostly the pecos and camel suede shoes / boots) for a few years now but held off because I have wide toes and was reluctant to gamble on sizing ordering from Japan.  There is actually a Moto thread on SF, although it doesn't get bumped very often.  You might find it interesting reading   http://www.styleforum.net/t/299228/leather-arts-crafts-moto-aoyama-tokyo-japan-appreciation-thread/0_100
@sinnedk     I have a mission workshop sanction (in black).  Got it a few years ago (2011? I think).  Its been solid over that time, and the weather resistance is good.  On the other hand I think there are probably more interesting looking backpacks out there, and maybe also packs better suited to carrying multiple laptops on a regular basis.  If I did it over again I'd get the grey rather than the black.   For me one of the major advantages (and occasional...
Bodega has the m-65 x ma-1 (that'll be $950 ) and jacquard down jacket in. http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/needles#prod-361420565   I also updated the stockists a bit in the first post and added a couple I missed  (I can de-spoilerify it if people would prefer).
music addict.  Which makes sense, although culture buff might have been just as or more accurate.  I think I'll pass on checking out One Direction at their suggestion though
That looks excellent eluther!
My guess on ShirtbalzerTM  is Ganryu?  
^ Nah, I think technicolor dreamcoats were an older season item iirc.  Thanks for stopping by though.
Boring sizing question I'm afraid, but can anyone comment on how Nonnative jeans fit?   Size 0 in the Dweller looks ok from the measurements (I'm a 30 waist), but the Coverchord model is the same height and slightly skinnier than me and wears a 1   All the details (knee darts, pocket shape) look really neat.
Those rebuild flannels look waaay too short in the body on those Up the Store dudes.  Dunno if they're tall, the shirts are short, they sized down or what.   Nepenthes women's lookbook has some nice looks       http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2014fw/nep_womens.html      
There's a South2 West8 sweatshirt poncho that looks kind of fun, real cheap on rakuten if anyone's interested   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/greedkobe/item/281311y-068997/
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