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Needles fringe trousers  
 Almost sounds like you are describing Palladiums. A lot of their current styles are pretty ugly but a plain pair might be a cheap option to use as a DIY prototype? Would be suitably unstructured. I'm sure there are fashion brands (Visvim?) that have done Palladium style sneaker boots in the past too. I can't imagine a traditional leather shoemaker being interested in the project. I wanna find that photograph now, sounds awesome.
Good stuff Rais ^^   [[SPOILER]]
^love me some Fela.   I've been on non-stop 60s garage lately.    
 I'd say there's a difference between expressing yourself through having a great record collection and actually writing music (even if its a really trite song). Creative writing, music, art - even if they rely on conventional forms (language, materials, etc.) is to me different from buying, collecting and arranging a bunch of items designed and made by other people. I guess with bespoke tailoring, or a hand painted leather jacket there might be a greater level of creative...
But how we subvert dress codes is often equally governed by convention and social pressures, no? eg. most of those ww2 jackets all have the same kind of girl / plane/ bombs design on them. Or I guess in some cases the choice of design might only be fully comprehensible if you're part of the military unit and so reinforce group identity.
 you want to look at Ovie shop which exclusively stocks a 46/free size that's a bit larger. They seem to have just got some in a lovely wine color, too.
 I did brave slim jeans yesterday. Also now is when I regret having long hair    [[SPOILER]]
 Dunno if you're in UK/EU but you could look at these, seem nice for the price:
Rivet and Hide were patient and helpful when I went there. I think I tried, like, 80% of their jeans stock and the guy didn't mind too much .    I've been happy with the LVC's I got on sale for under £100 a few years back. I got them online tho, not sure if any London stockists still have any LVC on sale. You could always hunt around Shoreditch for a vintage pair if that appeals. 
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