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 In terms of structural integrity I feel the Soloist jeans are probably more solid than a lot of 'regular' Soloist pieces. Given that Takahiro often uses light silks, wools, thin suede, etc.  Denim is still denim and can be worn and washed pretty hard.  I suspect the denim is probably from 80s and 90s Levis and still has a lot of life, and the seams are comparatively heavy duty for Soloist stuff (and more solid construction than Needles rebuild too I'd say) and the seams...
^ Achse looks good   Anyone comment on the sizing/fit of the pastoral pants (regular not HW version)?  They seem to run pretty big in the waist looking at the Vis webstore.   tempted to join LA Guy on the Porcella train too...
How about this for a full floral get up?   ...with matching floral geta sandals!     I like the indigo dyed mismatch ghillie lace sneakers  
Awesome.  I've been tempted to find a copy of that book too.
Heel grips?   http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/products/saphir-self-adhesive-suede-heel-grips
 Hmm well I'm not sure I'd recommend the US store I just bought from given what happened (Perry Null Trading). Gallup Trading has some nice Michael Kirk rings but I have no experience with them. As far as Japan Silver and Gold are definitely a recommended store, but only have a smallish selection at one time, they often have some good stuff though.  They also have the hobo x Stanley Parker pieces which I like.  Otherwise I dunno, there are a ton of Japanese stores you can...
  Pretty much.  Some Navajo guys sell 95% of their work to Japan, crazy.  And the audience for it there is almost exclusively male and fashion conscious.
 Yeah.  I already have a bracelet from Self Edge.  I was trying to diversify . If I get any more Navajo pieces I'll probably order from Japan.  Sounds dumb, but Japanese stores seem to buy the good stuff (ie. more wearable / fashion friendly plain silver pieces, fewer kitsch and turquoise / gem encrusted things) compared to the US shops, and if the retail is slightly more than the US, it'll even out slightly given I can control what I pay in customs to the UK with a...
I ordered a Navajo ring from the US and ~3 weeks and 1 customs charge later it arrives and I find they've sent me a slightly different ring, 2 1/2 sizes larger than the one I ordered (and way too big for my hands)  
^ That's a pretty boring way to spend £850.  People on here tend to blow the bank on coats / jackets / shoes.  Reigning Champ sweats are probably nicer than Sunspel and cost less.
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