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I like that a lot!   reminding me I need some rebuild fatigues one day...
Got a Kerchief tunic shirt in light indigo linen.     Love the collar stitching     And the variations in colour, esp along the seams  
Some stuff arriving in stores (in Japan at least).  Ohh the jeans.  THE JEANS                      
 This. I want more earth tones.  Not sure I will succeed though, the lure of indigo is strong. Also I forgot to give a mention to my best budget purchase of 2014, a vintage USAF helmet bag.  Can fit a ton of stuff in (used it as an overnight bag, fitted in a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, etc).  Great chunky zipper.  Insulated, so it can keep beers chilled.  Ideal accessory for homeless hippie schtick.I guess the lack of a shoulder strap would put some off.   And...
I'll play Best of 2014: The Soloist deep-neck cotton-silk pullover shirt  Has something of the air of a 19th Century gentleman's undershirt, the sort of thing one might strip down to ready to fight a duel.  Fantastically slutty neckline (especially when worn without a layer underneath).  Off white now seems so much better than true white for a shirt. [[SPOILER]]   Self Edge Bracelet - Ok not a clothing item, but this was really dope. [[SPOILER]]   Post Overalls engineer...
 forget the navy suit, buy Cosmic Wonder
As well as Arpenteur, I wouldn't mind seeing   Reinhard Plank The Gigi
Soloist cocktail shirt in a rare size L for the bigger dudes. 1 yen start price   http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g141323752
Indigo dye 7-cut flannels       Reggieshop has them (and eggplantjp, but they've sold out)
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