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Yosh sombre negra today. Which was less a conscious choice, more of a lucky dip in sample box as I was running late.
  @AlexanderTG A Vontade does some interesting looking stuff.  Will be interested to hear your impressions! (Don't know of anyone on SF who's tried the brand before).   Haven't seen it released anywhere yet.  In the lookbook its called the 'over dyed zig-zag stitch chore coat' if that's helpful for googling / asking Nepenthes NY
camping trailer dreams your wallet bleeds indigo hiroki raise price     edit: realized mine have nothing to do with the frontpage oooooppps
peacoats and parkas penises peeping from holes rick knows how to troll
That paisley round collar shirt is calling my name... damn
Stitches looks great. Who cares if its ZB with Schneider and doesn't fulfill some tired notion of total aesthetic congruity or whatever
^Mine isn't on ebay (yet) only on Styleforum B&S, so if there's one on the bay that's somebody else's.
A lot of the newer pieces seem to have buckles / can be expanded slightly in the back and sleeves, may help some slightly more built dudes    
@AlexanderTG its called the Chelsea jacket.  Haven't seen it for sale anywhere yet.  I actually have an old season one that sadly I'm selling (see sig) as its a bit big on me.  The new one looks nice, bit lighter in weight and drapier than mine.  I think last time they did that style it was mostly Japanese stores that carried them, but hopefully a few western stores will get them too this time.
Fresh drops on the Nepenthes Japan online store (Needles and EG). I think both collections are fantastic. EG Ss15 has a strong inspiration behind it and is really cohesive. Needles on the other hand is more an eclectic mix of individually interesting items.
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