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real hippies don't wear deo   (and neither do I)
Yeah for a grand there are better Soloist pieces you could get. Shit you can get one of the full leather Rain jackets off yahoo Japan for about 900 + fees and shipping. The fw14 bomber was cooler/ more versatile than that one too.
Mountain Research SS15 'Phishing Apron'    
Garbstore has some nice bits in       Unionmade has re-upped with some SS15 stuff too.
 yes, he's actually a Sweet Lolita on weekends
I'm sure Zissou could hire a replacement, as long as he has the cheddar
wormwood wins the award for best first waywt pic
Chanel Cuir de Russie (les exclusifs) today, which I've been wearing quite a bit lately. Starts off powdery and soapy and then develops into creamy ladies handbag leather with some floral and animalic hints (stables? hay? Something horse-y). I like it. May have try and get some of the vintage stuff at some point.
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