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 I think you need to take a slightly longer view (maybe literally - I always have my preferences set to show 100 posts per page) in which case the string of leather jacket fits is more like a blip. Over the past three days we've had extra long cardigans, shawls worn as wrap skirts, techno lounge wear, artisanal knits, WW2-meets-anime-protagonist-coats, head to toe Engineered Garments, various Yohji interpretations, bondage pants... I could go on. I remember when I joined...
 As someone who has both a Needles Rebuild and some regular milsurp gear there is no comparison, the cut and patterning take the Needles into an entirely different realm and level of awesomeness.  Its actually a kind of blazer (a really fucked up one) not a field jacket remember.  And you already have all the EG pants etc. to go with it.  Do it! Of course I'm the biggest Needles stan on the forum, so...
Needles Rebuild leather sleeve MA-1 jacket (size M)   http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/190486605
lolz thanks ednumbers.  Sadly I'm a 8.5 - 9 in trickers.  I actually quite like those Quilp Trickers Kind has atm, weird bulbous toe and all...
cream augusta backzips to channel your inner nicelynice (sz 8)   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/gsc-rinkan/item/r03321411010266/
Fuck that's good
The Soloist FW14                   (http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/3049)       Soloist x Foot the Coacher side lace sneaker Soloist double ring adjustable brim hat (by Kijima Takayuki)   SS14 The Soloist x Liberty for Isetan         My recent acquisition - Soloist x Cody Sanderson ring          
Quote: Ahh and in today's episode of unsolicited life advice and family planning with Sinnedk.  What the actual fuck Can we get back to boots, like how M Moria are stitched together with trees or something? I don't lurk here for this
 Nah I'd just use paypal / credit card and take the hit on fees in that case. bank transfer is good if you're proxying from a store and there's no time limit.
 Thing is, if you're buying on YJ from abroad via a proxy you don't have to interact with the seller or deal with the crappy interface, you're just dealing with the proxy service.  Its probably easier.  There's also just such a vast availability of dope shit on there, at least as far as the designers I'm into.  I dislike ebay.
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