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at Wimbledon watching Kyrgios vs Raonic   [[SPOILER]]
a) have the boots stretched by a cobbler b) rotate wearing them with different shoes c) preemptively saw off your pinky toe   its not rocket science
CSA got dat veinage through the t-shirt       @p4 yeah I wear jeans everyday and always going lean more towards trustfund hippie-skater than Italian louche...   I like the idea of a slightly sheer / translucent Dries shirt, or maybe a By Walid piece mixed in with similar stuff to what I wear now.  Although Ackermann's kimono-shirts look fun.
  I do really like the idea of going more decadent / dandyish.  Maybe, maybe not, with Etro or Ackermann pieces specifically, but as general styling inspiration, definitely. ----------------- Today's fit is a reminder to myself that I really need to read/watch Inherent Vice  [[SPOILER]]
 I think that maybe it was the point.  The FW15 show was inspired by the sapeurs (ie Congolese dandies who appropriate white culture / fashions).  And he used actual sapeurs as models on the runway which was really neat.  SS16 seems to do the total opposite - its more like colonialism and white appropriation of black culture is the inspiration or something?  Which I'm not sure was necessarily a good idea.  I do really like quite a few of the individual pieces though.
 Thanks!  I almost forgot I had it TBH.  First time I've worn it this year.  Too many funky shirts.   Ha funny you should mention this, those SLP tunic shirts have totally been on my radar.  Think they are very 'me' (more than most SLP for sure).  I've been meaning to check if there are any left in the sales / secondary market but forgot and been distracted by other things.
Hobo x Viberg bobcat (sz 8) http://item.rakuten.co.jp/sintoreuse/019-201501211069/   sick Kapital boots for your lady friend (XS) http://page24.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q67025123   Toys McCoys horsehide boots for workwear nerds (9D) http://page17.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v324065832?u=%3bfashion_daikou   Nonnative boots (sz 42) http://item.rakuten.co.jp/branding/s3598/   Unused x Vans x Beams tyvek coated vans authentics in black (9.5)...
 Ahh OK.  The Kyoto FIL store is in some kind of historic building I think.   Possibly more interesting, although all the clothes are in vitrines in the photos I've seen so it probably feels a bit odd and cold in a different way. TBH Visvim kinda is inauthentic.  You could probably even spin an argument that its lack of authenticity is related to what can make it interesting.  ie. a lot of the stuff they make is pretending to be something it isn't - scarves that look like...
 Did they have a bunch of Hawaiian shirts and the t-shirts with Hiroki's face doodled on them? lol
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