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 Hmm maybe, but he hasn't met Rey at that point, no?  Or was even aware of her existence.  If he met Rey and then was like 'screw this First Order crap' then yeah fair enough. Also if Captain Phasma is any indication the First Order was not without a female presence.  Unless you're suggesting he had eyes for the dashing Mr Poe?  I probably should have just written a Haiku review now you mention it.
Finally saw it last night and found my way here via Jasper's review (which I pretty much agreed with) Some assorted impressions:  [[SPOILER]]
I think you should dye your hair to match, Stanley. (5)   Diniro looking great (as always).   Happy holidays everyone !
 The parka (much as vintage m-51 parka's do) has dropped shoulders - they're supposed to be like that.  Even an XS is over 19 inches shoulder to shoulder so unless you're typically a L and decide to wear an XS the seams aren't going to line up on your shoulders (and it would look bad if you did that - the sleeves would be too short apart from anything else). I think @ericleavitt looks just fine in the parka. I'd actually prefer to see it with one less layer underneath so...
Yeah I say go for it, try Medium Format.   I have an XA but its not working atm .  Thought at first it was just the light seals but seems its more than that, not sure its fixable. They're really neat little cameras though.
Undercover 25 year retrospective at Tokyo Opera City (Pics via Haven)  
reminded me of this thread       I like the Soloist poncho thingys, not sure I'm advanced enough though        
 Didn't @spacepope have/had a vicuna piece?
@FrankCowperwood how are you liking the okabilly fit? looks good there.     I'm a fan of the lining print on the new season stuff... tempted to get something just for the lining  
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