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 I'm somewhere between a 2 and a 3 in Vis (can mostly fit a 2 but my shoulders are too wide for some stuff) and wear a 3 in the lugli. Body and sleeve lengths are reasonably short so that's something to bear in mind.
Can anyone comment on the olive/khaki cotton herringbone used on the USN pants / BDU jacket? (ie. fabric weight, how subtle / noticeable the herringbone is).
@penanceroyaltea that Needles bomber is sick! Great stuff
I've been thinking of getting some bertl workboots as bombproof winter beaters. Oiled leather, Norwegian welt, plenty of toe room. Cheaper than viberg (and I'm not into their lasts anyhow).The haferls Inventory stocked were haco schuh. The ones Nepenthes did were actually different brand ('dirndl+bua'). They also did a brogue-haferl hybrid made by Alfred Sargent some years back that was pretty funky.My sister's husband's family are v trad southern German / Austrian, seen...
 Someone please pioneer the trend of wearing Bostons with the strap unbuckled for the Birkensprezz
Soloist pajama jacket size M.   Unused camel chesterfield coat size 3
Yeah not awful, I like them a lot too. Just seemed appropriately colorful, shiny and somewhat vulgar (in a good way) for this thread
adidas x pharrell    
^ Think I posted a version of that apron earlier in the thread, my fav part is that the central pocket flaps down and has two further compartments inside.     Sassafras:   Digging their latest cargo style ('whole hole pants') good stuff carrying capabilities  
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