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My longest coat is Comme des Garcons Homme Plus alpaca/cotton from 2013. Its very cozy and the material is kinda spongy in a nice way.     More recent but poorly lit photo with felted wool/nylon pants from the same season:
While if you click 'make an offer' it may be limited it to 60%, I'm pretty sure I've had people offer me less than that through PM / 'Ask a question'. Its been a while since I used Grailed though.   I have a load of stuff to sell (~16ish items) that I've been putting off listing for ages because I've been too lazy
 Well remembered, must be years since I had Strummer! Yeah I guess more laziness and apathy ain't the answer (substance induced or otherwise). Reminds me I still want an East West leather jacket repro complete with stash pocket hidden under the back of the collar.  Vetements even comes with some appropriate slogans for your wannabe insurrectionist 
Well at least more of you will be able to (legally) smoke pot while the world goes to shit right?
So this ended up being not as bad as I'd initially feared. Mopped it up with wet wipes as soon as it happened and the coat is beige, not too far from coffee colour I guess so it's almost invisible after drying out. Debating whether to take it to the dry cleaners or if they may make it worse.
Stupid woman just spilled coffee down my Soloist coat. Currently somewhere between shock and denial.
Sasquatchfabrix? They sometimes use a logo a bit like that and have done a lot of bombers, can't picture the piece you're describing though so could be wrong. Here's their logo:
To bid directly you'd need a Japanese postal address (and credit card registered in Jp too I think?) You need some kind of proxy or forwarding service to buy from overseas (there are various options). Zenmarket is pretty straightforward to use if you've never done it before.
Haven't actually been in loftman yet, looked kinda boring from the outside lol. Unlike Kapital who have a large Halloween pumpkin made from MA-1 fabric (with seasonally appropriate orange lining) in the window.
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