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 Older Chelsea jackets are tts regular fit, think the SS15 ones are slimmer. Post Overalls piece looks good on you, I dig the puckered seams and general light and wrinkled look their summer stuff tends to have.
 Woah they did action figures for that? I've seen pictures of the trading cards before. Love that season. Been tempted to get one of the long blazers (or should that be short coat?) from Underman seen them a few times on Rak (in darker colors also) 
As far as best / worst - there's some really dope looking reinterpretations of old pieces in SS16, but then there's the Star Wars shit. Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars but a Jedi snapback looks pretty wack.     And I don't even want to think about what an over-sized Chewbacca tee is going to cost
Leeks? That's a spring onion / scallion zip case surely! I kinda love the really random stuff they do.   Also love my Undercover ethnic print messenger bag, great mix of practicality and over the top adornment.   grails:   more grails:
U     Discussion, runway pics, interviews, articles, pictures of your sick Undercover items, sizing questions, stockists, rakuten finds, etc.   SW&D doesn't seem to have an Undercover thread so I decided to make one. Why now? Well looking at Spring / Summer 2016, which is a greatest hits collection of sorts, had me thinking about all the cool old shit they've done. That and the new-ish, slightly more laid back, John Undercover line looks pretty close to how I want to...
Looks good on you Jbravo
 yeah you're right it might loosen up, this is true. I'm going to give it a few wears and think on it. Its mostly the leather section up top, shoulder-to-shoulder and upper back that's tight, below that by design and material its going to be loose almost regardless of the size.
So the Blackmeans thing showed and its real dope, but as I suspected a touch small.   My shoulders are slightly bursting out and I can't really zip it all the way. FYI their size 3 is definitely more like a 2 / Small in most JP brands, even on this piece which is looser than their regular leathers. While the sleeves look long, I think they're supposed to be even looonger (and worn cuffed if total hand envelopment is not desired).       If I don't end up keeping it...
So good.   Digging the band collar rebuild flannels too
 I don't think its unreasonable to say the 2010 DR with the twin side adjusters is specifically a riff on 1950s British style rider jackets, of which the Lewis Lighting is probably the best known example. Maybe you need to re-read some history yourself? Whatever, seems a bit much to go calling someone a turd over.
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