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 The pic of the m-65 x ma-1 jacket is from Haven's blog from a few months back. http://havenshop.ca/store-cats/previews/buyers-log-ss14-nyc-market-week-highlights-part-one/  They haven't got their Needles delivery in yet but I'd keep an eye on their site if you're interested.  Its an awesome piece.
 Yeah I see what you mean for sure.  They don't look as spliced and diced as some the other Rebuild line stuff.  On the other hand the cut, unstructured shoulders, lapel shape etc. all looks very much like other Needles tailored jackets (like the mainline arrow jacket and peak lapel blazer of seasons past) as apposed to whatever you might happen find at the thrift store.  So I think they are maybe more subtly taken apart and re-tailored to Needles-ify the cut?  As well as...
Rebuild Harris Tweed jackets for F/W'14 - there have been tweed jackets from Needles in the past (Harris Tweed arrow jackets for example) but this is the first time there have been Rebuild ones I think                         
I won this sulphur dye utility shirt from SS13 the other day on Yahoo japan auctions, to add to my small but growing collection of Needles         Needles rebuild shawl collar jacket is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe  
^ love those zipper pants - so many different ways of wearing them too digital mountain has them, v tempting: http://www.digital-mountain.net/shopdetail/000000002225/  Hmm not many, unless some new places start carrying it for SS15.  Nepenthes NY will likely have it, and The Bureau Belfast had Rough and Tumble for the first time in SS '14 so hopefully will do for next summer too.  As far as japanese stockists Eggplant.jp had some nice ss14 pieces.  Other than the ones...
Picture dump                             
If anyone has any additional stockist links I've forgotten then post them here or PM me and I'll add them to the original post.   Needles Fall / Winter 2014 can be seen here http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/2872 and on the official site.   Needles Spring / Summer 2015 lookbook is out too  http://hypebeast.com/2014/8/needles-2015-spring-summer-lookbook.  Not really a fan of the model (lolz) but some cool stuff.
 OK new thread is here! http://www.styleforum.net/t/415139/the-needles-nepenthes-discussion-thread-rebuild-rough-and-tumble-south2west8-sonic-lab-etc/0_100
Nepenthes / Needles Discussion Thread  Since Needles talk occasionally derails the Engineered Garments seasonal threads (and can be hard to find afterwards) I thought it was time to make a dedicated thread about all the various other Nepenthes brands such as Needles, Rebuild by Needles, Nepenthes Rough & Tumble, South2 West8, Sonic Lab and so on.    Nepenthes was founded by Keizo Shimizu as a menswear wholesale and distribution company in 1988.  The first store opened in...
FYI I'm making a dedicated Needles / Nepenthes thread figured its about time
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