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Anyone else get excited about vests watching Rogue One??    
I have a list geared towards my own doubtful taste, some excerpts below if anyone's interested  [[SPOILER]]
From the other week.       Junya jacket, pants armor-lux tee Visvim boots
EG EG Vans
Soloist mixed plaid shirt in size L (?!!!)   @VitaTimH isn't this your grail shirt?
 I'm reading John Szwed's biography of Miles at the moment and it spend a few pages on this. 
Group from Belgium who play Ethio jazz type stuff. I like the bit where they play big seashells?     Also this Miles album. Never seen the movie (planning to rectify that) but its a great soundtrack  
 True. Although there's a particular creepiness to a poorly lit mannequin I'd say. Also I guess it was the idea of buying clothes for a purpose other than wearing them which seemed different. But that obviously happens with fashion people too. There was a dude on one of Showstudio's panel discussions that collected Comme womenswear. Not to wear, just look at I guess.
This discussion on the weirdness of internet clothing forums reminds me, I was lurking on a militaria forum a while ago (milsurp nerd that i am).   It seems common there track down various parts of a period correct uniform, put them together on a mannequin and then photograph it in your basement / garage. All these badly photographed mannequins dressed in uniform seemed pretty weird to me, but then on reflection I figured those guys would probably find SW&D guys taking...
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