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^ seen those jackets at DSM and thought they were pretty great in the flesh. But yeah I preferred some of the other prints.
 ^Thanks dudes! yeah bit different from usual, I've been thinking about looser trousers for a while (and been looking at Yohji and Dulcamara too among others), think I made a good choice with these, and they are indeed super comfy. They're from the same season as the alpaca coat I got a while back (fw '13) and I just really like that whole season. Its nice to have a change of pace too. I'm not really the type to buy into one thing and stick with it (sometimes I wish I...
The Wallace Collection is one of my favourite smaller museums. Not usually very busy. Nice paintings plus a bunch of historic weapons and armour. Marylebone High Street which is behind it is decent for shops and cafes (there's Trunk Clothiers near there too for example).
The Moroccan printed jackets from Craig Green ss17      
Well at least the model's ballsack is probably more comfortable than yours if you are a 32 waist wearing a 28...
loving the fit with the 69 shorts @the kidcrash. Spacecaterpillarpope looking great too (as always) I'm workwear-y today   [[SPOILER]]
wow the perfect papal slippers for our intergalactic pontiff
^ its 2005 spring summer   On the subject of Comme I enjoyed this panel discussion. They only talk about the actual collection for the last 15mins or so (skip forward if you're bored as that bit is good).    
May just be the photo/ my monitor, but those CPs look too close to flesh tone for me. May as well buy Hender Schemes and have done with it. Or something in canvas if you really wanna go pink (like 70s Cons).
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