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old Maison Marge     Kasuri fabric Japanese work vest (mid-20th century) only $65
 Looks like a fall/winter version of the expedition jacket to me.  Has the drawstring waist, lower pockets, asymmetric chest pocket placement etc..
Yeah I can see what Fok is getting at in terms of Junya not really using the denim/boro japanese-y heritage thing in a new or unexpected way.  Even the off white/beige patchwork has been done by Kapital recently:   Having said that I keep on coming back to have another look because all of it looks awesome.  And this is very Junya to me - the fabrics, reversibility, details     Possibly my favorite though:
Paul McDonough 1970s NYC street photography more   Woodstock 1969       more   Dali   Dylan at the Factory    Dylan    Factory  Velvet Underground   vintage faded tiger stripe camo   Joe Strummer     Vintage denim (at The Vintage Showroom)
surprise surprise I really like this
I like Raeburn, the recycling military fabrics thing appeals to my interests   He kind of doesn't fit into a convenient category though- bit tech-y but not really in the way that appeals to dudes who like acronym or veilance, bit of heritage/military inspiration mixed in but none of the heritage dudes on here really go for him, does runway shows but isn't really high fashion.  Prices aren't cheap.  I've generally liked what I've seen in person, the paint splat-ish camo...
 This thread perhaps? Probably deserves a bump
Visvim 101 in a large on Kind might be of interest to someone
Vintage military vest in French Lizard Camo fabric    
FYI / shameless plug: if anyone is interested in a new pair of mainline fatigues in reversed sateen in a 30 check my sig!
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