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Japanese Americana trucker dude?   Monitaly hat   Eototo blanket wool collarless trucker   Sage de Cret crewneck   Big John slim tapered   Buttero tanino taupe suede   If I win I'll buy the Eototo jacket   lol
NOMA t.d. chambray fringe shirt    
  All hail Man of Kent in the hat department.  I will buy a Soloist one eventually though.
 Pretty sure a friend of mine who lived in Tokyo found somewhere to play cage football.
Not true. You can adjust the value that appears on the customs declaration.I've been using FJ but may give zenmarket a go.
Freak's Store has some nice exclusives again.   Fisherman smock:       Seersucker Nehru (and Willy Post shorts):  
I feel like if Isolation wants to try out something more androgynous he'd look good in Lad Musician.  I can picture him in it much more easily than hakamas/yohji or whatever.  
 Hmm, I have a feeling you mean @agvs who has a white jacket, I think?  I like the WWM piece.  If I was CD I'd pair with chambray / light denim shirt, khaki/olive EGish pants and your suede Aldens/Yuketens...  I think the faded jeans + cons thing works better with a cream blazer, whereas that jacket is a little more workwear-ish? Failing that dye it indigo
Baker maybe?
New Posts  All Forums: