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But will Oki Ni Guy return as model ??  
70s Neil Young is my spirit animal
Forgot to mention Needles do some v 70s denim, often in blends like cotton/tencel  
4est you could also look at vintage ranchcraft or maverick jeans as well as lee/ Levi's/wrangler. I used to have some 80s Levi's orange tab boot cut jeans that were a nice mid blue. Also read that William Kroll (the guy who does Tender Co) is doing another small brand called Whooper Jeans that's an ode to 70s wrangler, etc. made in Japan with light blue denim. Don't think it's released yet.
 Yeah for sure, that's more critical than outsole length. It was definitely a little behind but not much. I've sized up on other shoes before successfully without them coming out quite this long, just felt different from what I'm used to. There's aesthetic preference too. I'm not into Viberg's 2030 last either which is a little more elongated than some workboot styles, plenty of people love em though.
Re: EG x DMs they're quite an elongated last IMO. More so than regular Docs. I'm a UK9 but with wide toes / duck feet and gambled on a 9.5 but they were really long (~33cm outsole?). Little clownish on me. The leather on the milkshake suede version seemed fairly forgiving so I'd stick TTS even if you have wider toes with them.  YMMV of course.   Probably gonna get some ghillie lace Mckinlays instead as I think they might be more what I want (liked them when I went to...
 The Bureau and Kafka have half sizes (or at least UK 6.5 and 9.5 that I saw, not sure about a full run).
I have milkshakes on the way. Hoping they fit.
I'm sinister
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