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Freak's Store has some nice exclusives again.   Fisherman smock:       Seersucker Nehru (and Willy Post shorts):  
I feel like if Isolation wants to try out something more androgynous he'd look good in Lad Musician.  I can picture him in it much more easily than hakamas/yohji or whatever.  
 Hmm, I have a feeling you mean @agvs who has a white jacket, I think?  I like the WWM piece.  If I was CD I'd pair with chambray / light denim shirt, khaki/olive EGish pants and your suede Aldens/Yuketens...  I think the faded jeans + cons thing works better with a cream blazer, whereas that jacket is a little more workwear-ish? Failing that dye it indigo
Baker maybe?
 Thanks! Yeah brigadiers.  Been wearing them a ton, they're great.
 Post OverallsEG x2Visvim  [[SPOILER]]
 Yes!!!  Love Pentangle.  Funny, I posted one of their songs over on Harajuju's music thread a couple weeks ago, heh.  They've actually been getting a little airplay on British radio (or at least Radio 6 music) recently as John Renbourn the guitarist sadly died last month. Undercover SS15 collection encouraged me to give my Marquee Moon CD an airing  Heavy Swedish Psych:  Weird 70s Japanese hippies playing at being Krautrockers / Beefheart / Native American shamans       
 Is it an African / Mossi indigo fabric wrap by any chance, or am I completely wrong?  
 Don't really see what Vans x EG has to do with it. The Needles sneakers are made in Japan.  In Japan they cost over $200.  That they then cost $390 when they hit the US is pretty much par for the course as far as the mark-up goes.  It is admittedly a lot of money for some weirdly misshapen Converse, but it is what it is.  Proxying a pair is always an option.
New Posts  All Forums: