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I'm sinister
 I got these and they are great, exceeded expectations. The leather is wonderful (had been slightly on the fence about the natural flesh colour) But... They fit snugger than expected? I've tried on other yuketens (including other maine guide's I think?) And they were fine, even a touch loose iirc, so slightly surprised. I know they use various factories, so maybe the all-handsewn version is a different maker than the other pairs. I'm sure they'd stretch / mould a fair bit,...
Anyone else get excited about vests watching Rogue One??    
I have a list geared towards my own doubtful taste, some excerpts below if anyone's interested  [[SPOILER]]
From the other week.       Junya jacket, pants armor-lux tee Visvim boots
EG EG Vans
Soloist mixed plaid shirt in size L (?!!!)   @VitaTimH isn't this your grail shirt?
 I'm reading John Szwed's biography of Miles at the moment and it spend a few pages on this. 
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