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Has anyone tried one of the denim truckers? Even the 'long' version looks fairly short.   You can see Kapital related photography etc. at Eric Kvatek's site / blog / instagram.  He shoots all the lookbooks.    https://instagram.com/eric_kvatek/   http://kvatek.com/kapital/the-wild-west/
Random pics of currents season Needles stuff (love the brown duck rebuild arrow jkt...)   Rebuild jean pant > chore coat           Samue coat Mohair cardigan is on my kop list...    
...is that Spacepope? In Sage de Cret? Somewhere in Colorado?  Looks cool
 For a long time I stubbornly walked around with hair in my eyes, but lately I've been embracing the ponytail. Maybe it was finally watching True Detective that did it (although I'm not really grizzled and badass enough to pull off 2012-era Rust Cohle). 
 I think the gentry dudes make them look good.  And I reckon the wool version is probably better than the chino fabric (more drape seems apt for a 'hakama').  Don't think they probably work well with the basic Visvim uniform (eg. virgils and a field jacket).  With the right long coat I think they'd look awesome (don't think any of my long coats is the right one sadly).  Or maybe just chore coat and sneakers.  Yeah, they're basically a roomy trouser with a waist belt and...
Anyone tried the Hakamas? I think they look pretty awesome. Like them better than Hiroki's other recent forays into wider pants (carpenter prime, etc.)  I have melange wool hw slacks arriving next week, may have to spring for these as well.  
 Doesn't vary by region, but EG sizing can vary from season to season quite a bit.
^ Nice!   I remember fiending for that EG shirt when it was released (14ss).  Pretty much only Japanese stockists had it iirc.
Any smaller dudes out there should get on this Blackmeans Double Rider / Down jacket/vest-with-zip-off-sleeves.  Ideal for Mad Max cosplay.  Only 15k yen starting bid.   http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t450775127
Anyone tried kiltie bluchers - are they slighlty more TTS than some Yuketen styles?   I've tried made in Mexico GY welt shoes, and country rangers before and fit 9.5 in those (I'm generally around a US 10).
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