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Ha beaten to it. Was just going to post how many of those spells seem ideally tailored to Miran's needs
cosmic wonder is glorious
I've drifted away from EG a bit the past couple of seasons, but really like the look of FW15.  Might have to put some money aside ready for a fishtail and some funky pants
^ There are some low-ish res pics of FW15 here.                Also the teaser video.       Still haven't seen proper showroom pics from Paris (other than blurry instagram shots).   Seems like a continuation / evolution of FW14, and SS15 in particular.  But more monochrome (even without the black and white photography I imagine).  I remember for years the SZ guys complained he was using so much color, couldn't he go back to darker stuff.  Well I think he...
Some SS 15 drops at NNY   my faves:   Four Patch Jacket - Paisley (drool)   Three Patch Jacket - Flower   String Pant - Flower     Logger Jacket - Olive   Smoking Coat - Black   A few things appearing elsewhere too (at least in Japan)   Bohemian shirt   Nice fit with the china button shirt     Bush stall   Rebuild shooter jacket    
Maybe I'm just really slow and everyone else noticed this before, but the-site-that-shall-not-be-named (ie. g*****d) completely stole its layout (and font) from Mr Porter.   I was looking at Ann D sneakers on g*****d and the seller had used Mr P stock photos for his images, and clicking between tabs I had a moment where I thought was actually on Mr Porter.   Except there was none of the fantastically awful copy "Pair with rolled-up chinos for a sophisticated off-duty...
I feel like Will i am will be all over this shit   I like the down coat though (and I'm guessing some of it will be more interesting in person yada yada)   Also putting leather sleeves on a random ass jacket is getting really old
Hahahaha that's amazing. How could I have doubted you oh StyfoRobot
Very good sfrobot, but to truly prove you are an advanced intelligence from the Technocore sent back through time to provide us with eBay listings, i think you should post in koans rather than measly haiku. Perhaps something like: A new poster asks "What is timeless style?" To which a senior member replies: "Three pairs of Aldens." Or Master Mafoofan was browsing the threads when he came upon two disciples arguing the lapel width of an igent's suit. "The lapels are too...
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