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Philosophy also was used of alchemy in Middle Ages, hence Philosophers' stone (late 14c., translating Medieval Latin lapis philosophorum, early 12c.), a reputed solid substance supposed by alchemists to change baser metals into gold or silver; also identified with the elixir and thus given the attribute of prolonging life indefinitely and curing wounds and disease.   Sorcerer's stone = meaningless term invented by publishers because Americans
  Moscot shadesEG shirtUniqlo jeansMMM sneaksUndercover bag  [[SPOILER]]
 I like the down jacket.  C-shack still have the same piece in paisley, only up to Medium but you might be able to compare / extrapolate measurementshttp://www.c-shack.com/www/1329?type=mens I actually posted a picture of it here earlier
suit fabric looks real nice stitchy.  Prawnz looking great too in dat shaggy alpaca coat    [[SPOILER]]
J Crew SS15 is supposedly 'Mediterranean inspired'.  Sure.  I don't you're fooling anyone with that one, J Crew.    
Maybe they offer free refills? Like pizza hut But with Japanese ferns instead of Sprite
While there isn't much i could add to what eluther said regarding the flannels, to add fuel to the flames I would point out that I've seen acrylic/wool/alpaca/poly mix Needles Sportswear cardigans before. Needles is a very 1970s influenced brand - they use polyester, acrylic, rayon, tencel, mohair, velour fabrics etc. because of this. Its not a workwear brand (although they do also make some nice trad workwear pieces) and so they use some different kinds of materials some...
 The rebuild pieces are, well, 'rebuilt' in Japan.  Of course that doesn't mean the chopped up vintage shirts they're made from are of Japanese origin - they could be made anywhere, including Pakistan - and a lot of the rebuild shirts still seem to have the old labels on from the original manufacturer.
   They do these plants sealed in glass jars that are pretty sweet.  I may have to try and find someone in this country that does the same thing - not exactly a practical thing to buy from japan  
y! jp finds:   Needles 7 cut flannel in subdued colours http://page24.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q37671874   S2 W8 poncho http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/180228556
New Posts  All Forums: