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 Yes!!!  Love Pentangle.  Funny, I posted one of their songs over on Harajuju's music thread a couple weeks ago, heh.  They've actually been getting a little airplay on British radio (or at least Radio 6 music) recently as John Renbourn the guitarist sadly died last month. Undercover SS15 collection encouraged me to give my Marquee Moon CD an airing  Heavy Swedish Psych:  Weird 70s Japanese hippies playing at being Krautrockers / Beefheart / Native American shamans       
 Is it an African / Mossi indigo fabric wrap by any chance, or am I completely wrong?  
 Don't really see what Vans x EG has to do with it. The Needles sneakers are made in Japan.  In Japan they cost over $200.  That they then cost $390 when they hit the US is pretty much par for the course as far as the mark-up goes.  It is admittedly a lot of money for some weirdly misshapen Converse, but it is what it is.  Proxying a pair is always an option.
Yeah my photo spot works best later in the day. Sunny + early morning = sun behind me and also not enough light.
Wearing the two most obnoxiously bold and colorful things I own:  [[SPOILER]]
wrong   dirty white sneakers > pristine white sneakers
I still value hand feel and composition but maybe of a different sort. Something like my Visvim linen jacket has incredible feel and quality, but it isn't luxurious either.Some of the silk / silk-mix stuff Soloist I love, and i was tempted by a Schneider crew neck last FW, so maybe my taste is shifting very slighty.I like Duchamp as well as Needles Rebuild now you mention it, which maybe tells you something. Heh.[/quote] Also Lorcan for what it's worth, the cocktail shirts...
Hadn't seen the top one. All those prints are really good.
 In terms of structural integrity I feel the Soloist jeans are probably more solid than a lot of 'regular' Soloist pieces. Given that Takahiro often uses light silks, wools, thin suede, etc.  Denim is still denim and can be worn and washed pretty hard.  I suspect the denim is probably from 80s and 90s Levis and still has a lot of life, and the seams are comparatively heavy duty for Soloist stuff (and more solid construction than Needles rebuild too I'd say) and the seams...
^ Achse looks good   Anyone comment on the sizing/fit of the pastoral pants (regular not HW version)?  They seem to run pretty big in the waist looking at the Vis webstore.   tempted to join LA Guy on the Porcella train too...
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