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 Ahh, but none of the top 10 are wearing sneakers!  Also don't forget SW&D's general obsession with leather outerwear and all things patchwork.
...He's a man of wealth and taste
 Firefox on Mac (osx 10.11). Entirely probable its malware on my computer. And some kind of SUV, the brand of which I failed to spell  
@LA Guy I'm getting a full-screen video ad for an Izuzu Yukon pop up. Kinda annoying
ASEEDONCLOUD 'apron pants' (which can detach to give a bag)      
All of the remake denim runs small afaik. Tag size 48 best for a 29 waist. If you're a true 48 you probably wanna look for a tagged 52 (I did see a pair a while back...)
Thought you were Shah for half a second. Looks good!
By Walid      
Yeah I know all that.  I probably should have qualified my statement.  Still, he's been around forever.
Well Max von Sydow himself is pretty old (86)... He looks kinda old in The Exorcist and that was made in 1973.
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