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@mbaum think the shirt is: tab collar shirt - Newport Plaid / Blue /Pink  you might want to email Nepenthes and ask who is carrying it.  Superdenim has the red version, blue/pink is a rarer one I think...     The second pic of shorts is the Truman short in Heather grey oxford, think the first pic is actually the combi-suit with the top-half folded down:  
 Damn so nice.  When are you guys going to introduce international shipping?  I need a Niche hibiscus tee (and maybe a shirt or two) in my life. 
 Ahh ok!  He does sometimes pick the more unusual items which is cool.
 I like the houndstooth bedford.  Did he have anything else interesting in stock for SS14?  Shirts in particular.  Been debating heading up there the next time I'm in London.
@ManofKent although its in a US based shop so not practical for you in terms of actual koppage, this might be of interest to your search / deciding if you want a vintage one or not:   https://scout-seattle.com/industrial-work-jacket-blue-canvas-france-1940s   As far as modern french work jackets go, I quite like the look of this Arpenteur. There's also Vetra which is a bit less dear.
Thanks mate! yeah its the indigo swirl engineer.  Haven did a sneak preview of Post spring/summer stuff months back and showed the traveler vest in that fabric and I had it in my mind since I needed something in it. It actually looks pretty good with jeans - better than I expected -  I got it primarily to wear with grey and olive pants.  Hickory stripe sounds a good way to go with denim.
All patchwork everything   Needles:                                                      Nepenthes:       Viva la Material:                        Kapital:           Old Park:           Tigre Brocante:           Blue Blue Japan:      
Digging the nail apron Knight!  And the C-1 action Pratt Kale, good stuff!  I've been wanting to experiment with mine as an outer layer more often (like the ss14 runway looks), its a great as a mid-layer piece though.   Only one EG item here but thought I'd post anyhow, SS14 heather grey cotton oxford USNs (thanks to Drinkwaters!)     with Ts(s) scarf, Post Overalls jacket, Kamakura shirt, Tricker's
  about to be dive-bombed by small birds           Moscot shades / Ts(s) scarf / Post Overalls jacket / Kamakura chambray / Engineered Garments USN pant / Tricker's        
 I like that Shah's square is an arabesque print which kind of ties in with the eastern flavor of his fits.  The same square in a CM context wouldn't produce that association, it'd just be added colour/interest.  But maybe I'm over-analyzing.
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