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*wipes away drool*   uhh wow
One day we will look back fondly on Y.Y.D.P.C. (Year of the Yoox Dreambox Promo Code)
Needles linen jacket is nice, would be cool with white tee or light colored print shirt (floral if it was me) + olive pants and white sneakers.   The tweed one I had was a darker grey, probably easier to pair with lots of stuff.  Looking at my old pics I kinda regret selling it now, even if the sleeves were kinda really short (I notice from inventory's measurements they seem longer on the linen summer version).
  Self Edge bracelet.  First time I've got something from Gentry, great service from those guys.
   Maybe you've seen, but Gentry has them on sale.  I think they look pretty good
old Maison Marge     Kasuri fabric Japanese work vest (mid-20th century) only $65
 Looks like a fall/winter version of the expedition jacket to me.  Has the drawstring waist, lower pockets, asymmetric chest pocket placement etc..
Yeah I can see what Fok is getting at in terms of Junya not really using the denim/boro japanese-y heritage thing in a new or unexpected way.  Even the off white/beige patchwork has been done by Kapital recently:   Having said that I keep on coming back to have another look because all of it looks awesome.  And this is very Junya to me - the fabrics, reversibility, details     Possibly my favorite though:
Paul McDonough 1970s NYC street photography more   Woodstock 1969       more   Dali   Dylan at the Factory    Dylan    Factory  Velvet Underground   vintage faded tiger stripe camo   Joe Strummer     Vintage denim (at The Vintage Showroom)
surprise surprise I really like this
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