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I have a pair of Indy's in the original brown colour & had planned not treating them with anything as waterproofing & conditioning my 1000 mile boots has darkened the leather significantly & left my brown boots looking black in parts...   It looks as though I'm moving to Portland oregon & given the amount of rain they get there am looking for a way to protect my indy's from getting waterlogged without darkening the leather...can anyone make any recommendations?   thanks
after about 2 years worth of deliberation...finally got my alden indy's from unionmade on a recent trip to LA   i got the classic brown 405's...can anyone recommend the best polish/protector that won't darken the leather? i already have some collonil leather conditioner however that definitely darkened my wolverine 1000 miles...they are a CXL leather however   also the dude at the store recommended i get plastic toe taps...thoughts on these on the rubber sole??
 They sent me a Hiro last template on which I measure 28cm long by 10cm wide I sent them through measurements of a pair of Sebago's (9.5US, 9UK) I have & a pair of Wolverine's on a Goodyear Welt (10US,9UK) Any help would be appreciated...
Unfortunately after providing Meermin my exact measurements on the last they emailed through, this was the response I have been given. Not too sure what to do now. Especially because the only Goodyear Welted shoes I have are 1000 mile boots, & my dress shoes sizes tend to vary quite a bit depending on the makePlease let us know which size do you normally wear in Goodyear welted or dress shoes? Thank you very much in advance, Meermin
cool, thks
Does anyone have experience working out their size by emailing Meermin measurements? & if so has this worked out ok?   I asked them & they sent me an outline of a sole which I've used to measure my foot & have sent them the measurements to get a size recommendation.   I'm going to order some but am a little nervous re sizing...   FWIW I'm after shoes on the Hiro last & I'm 28cm long & 10cm wide using their guide
thanks! i'm a little nervous so am going to try on some loake's & see how i go...& maybe come back & do a bit more reading if i'm still not sure
sounds good. might go try some loake's then... thanks for the advice
 hmmm i see...seems the only option. there's a few here that have c&j's & loake....sounds like i might need to give that a crack. any particular brand/last you think i should prioritise to try? the only other shoes i can find are a pair of sebago/filson co-labs in a 9.5d if that helps thanks for your help
Can anyone make a sizing recommendation on the Hiro last?   I'm in Australia & looking to get a pair of the plain cap-toe oxfords in the Hiro last...I don't have an opportunity to try them on but also don't have any similar shoes to compare to...   I'm a 10.5-11 in a Nike, a 10 in my Wolverine 1000 mile boots, & a 9.5UK/43.5 or 44 in my Clarks desert boots...   Can anyone make a recommendation? I've done a bit of reading & searching but am a bit confused at the moment
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