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If you think that is bad, that is one of his more tasteful suits.  Do a google image search for Don Cherry's suits.  Warning!!!!  Not for the faint of heart.  Looking at his suits may cause blindness
  And now the original owner.  
If you only eat 1/3, cut it up in equal amounts and put the rest in the freezer while still fresh.  To defrost it needs about 1/2 hour out of the freezer, or put in the microwave for a very short period of time at a very low setting.  The danger with the latter technique is that if you leave it in too long it will get rubbery.  The bread will be as good as fresh.
This is the most important point.  These are people who are trying to make a living.  By wasting their time you are depriving them of their living.  By wasting their time, it does not mean you have to buy the product if you do not like it.  It also does not mean you do not look at what other stores have to offer.  If you do leave a store and want to "think about it", ask them for their card.  Then when you do decide to buy that product ask for that sales associate.  If...
No offense was taken. Polite, courteous, discussion is what this forum should be all about.  You are not rude by any means.   There is a difference between bad taste and different taste.  Bad taste is when you think something looks good and no other person thinks so.  Difference in taste is when opinions are divided.  Some people like modern art, others don't.  Some like spicy food and others do not.  When you wear something and others compliment you, basically what that...
This is Greece.  Even if you show up wearing a cheap polyester suit you are still dressed up. The fact that I wear a wool suit, might also explain the stares and compliments.
You talked about improving standards.  I agree.  The point that everybody seems to be missing, an important way to improve your standards is by finding out which colours work best for you.  What works for you may not necessarily work good for me.   Archibaldleach made a point about rules.  Well the rules say certain people can wear black and look good on them.  But the rules also say that only certain colours work with black.  You have to pair it with the right shirt and...
This is were  the SF community goes off track.  They think that because a black suit does not look good on them, it is garbage.  Whether or not a black suit looks good on you depends on your skin tone and hair colour.  Based on these two factors a black suit compliments me the most.  I walk into a ball room wearing a black suit, white shirt with a lavender or red tie and get a wow factor from the women.  I do not get that when I wear my SF approved dark grey suit( even...
Get a solid black suit.  If anyone gives you an evil look, ask them if he is SF member.  The rest of the world will not care.  I own two black suits, one solid, one with faint pinstripes.  They are the suits I get the most compliments on. 
I suggest you bookmark this page from askandy.  There is a chart that tells you based on the colour of your jacket, what colour shirt, pants you can wear.  You can then reference this chart not only for the cruise, but when you want to wear another jacket in other situations as well.   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/clothing/style-tips/practical-color-help
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