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Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I don't know I really like her ass!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mudhiker I vote not. Whenever I see them (which is whenever I go out) I think That's what I thought at first... But, But, They are "Really Growing on me"... They are really warm and soft as welll. I realize like most styles they are "Location Specific" as well--I don't think they would work in NYC...But CO and Nashville I;m torn.
Hello, Are Ugg boots for women still 0k??--if they fit and look good that is or do men of style find them "Vile and/or Sinful" ? We live in Nashville. btw. Thanks for any advice. Michael
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip From what I've read Subway is one of the worst franchises one can buy into. The cost to open is relatively small, but the ongoing costs are very high compared with other similar establishments. There are stories out there of people who own a Subway franchise and only get paid the minimum wage they pay themselves as they work 80 hr weeks. On top of this Subway is supposed to be one of the worst companies from the...
Quote: Originally Posted by The-thin-man I tend to say negative things about myself, and while I might believe it about others, I tend to feel sorry or more encouraging to them. Yep...
Quote: Originally Posted by Troilus I just purchased a new suit from Brooks Brothers' online clearance section--a three-piece Madison in a light brown. The suit has an 1818 tag and was sold as an 1818, but the tag says it's made with Zegna cloth (specifically, the blue tag says "Tessuto Ermenegildo Zegna"). I glanced through some of SF threads and noted that there's been some disbelief that these suits exist. My other 1818's are not Zegna fabric,...
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 shit. was ready to checkout and now i can't do anything. Had that prob last year--Cart full and it would not work! If you logged on to the site before 12 midnight EST--you'll need to log out close the window and log back in... Try it and let us know, Good Luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by intent NOTHING. Don't be a fucking pussy. She's not interested in you. A gift would make her feel awkward. You'll be the weird guy at work who got her something over-the-top for no reason. A gift for her and nobody else will land you a sexual harassment complaint from her or someone else. If you insist there is sexual tension, then man up and ask her for drinks after work. Her answer will be all you...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I wonder if cordovan shoes will be included in the xmas sale, need to pick up a couple of shoes. Best I can remember: I bought a pair of Alden shell last year; 25% + extra 15% online last year. I thought you did as well??
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Yawn. This has been done before. A million times. In other news, Oh My!! Nice. As for OP: Yes.
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