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Hello "Warm"... So nice to make your aquaintance. WOWEE!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by sss Hello, I am looking to add a watch to my accessories which is preferably business casual and was wondering what others thought of this Movado watch I am considering buying. http://store.brandnameonly.com/mosamewa068.html It retails at stores for about $1600, I am thinking of buying it from the outlet for half that. I know many people think that mechanical watches are better, but they all seem to be well over $1000....
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat I'm not a very religious person but I will raise my children in whatever religious group currently in power. So Christianity and Judaism seem promising. Yep,...If your Socially Ambitious definitely become Jews and Never Forget: Jesus Saved/Moses Invested--The Power of Compounding...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher To all those who say "don't do it:" can you think of a practical downside? I can't. The Practical Downside: If his child decides to become a "Devil Worshipper or A Black Magic Specialist" he will have to undergo legnthy Exorcisms to have GOD and the Holy Spirit depart from his Mind, Body and Soul... I would Baptize into the Catholic Faith--Nothing to lose Everything to gain. Just DO IT!!!
Hey MOO!!!!!! I Love that RL Hunting Coat !! Too bad it's 3 sizes too big. That would be perfect for those Inner City Social Unrest Events--It would be my "Urban Assault Vest"...
Here for others comments...
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Where is GF made now? My fav of the last 3 years or so is the GF Regent--made in Italy--Gorgeous/ Retail $2,400. I believe the GF madison is still made in USA-Martin Greenfield i belive?
Nice Stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I don't know I really like her ass!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mudhiker I vote not. Whenever I see them (which is whenever I go out) I think That's what I thought at first... But, But, They are "Really Growing on me"... They are really warm and soft as welll. I realize like most styles they are "Location Specific" as well--I don't think they would work in NYC...But CO and Nashville I;m torn.
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