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I'll post pics when finished. Thanks for the encouragement!
Hello Men; I'm going to get a Porter Cable and polish my Jet Black BMW--I would prefer to pay some one but don't trust anyone to NOT damage the paint. Wish Me Luck!! Michael
I like the Pilot Sport A/S Plus for my winter set up--TN winters that is.I'm going to get another set of RFT's for summer--I like the stiffer sidewalls.
My personal all-time favorite.
I purchased a Golden Fleece Regent cut-made in Italy by Zegna around 2 years ago.The Quality of the Fabric and construction was unparalleled by any other i've seen in 30 years...Hope this helps!ETA: Compared to the other Golden Fleece offerings the Zegna made in Italy was far superior.
Yes Sir. I'm with You Knatty!
Animals!! Coming to a Place near you!!
So True.Everyone one knows that Blacks and Especially Afro Americans are the Kindest, Most Loving, Civil and Peaceful People that have ever lived on this Planet. That's why everyone loves and Cherishes their Company.Don't pay any attention to the Crime stats by Race--That's all made-up. Especially the High rate of Black on White Crime!!
Hi;Just to let you know I have purchased several 100% Cotton-Egyptian I believe from JC Penney..Wev'e been very happy with.Ussually on sale. Very soft and luxurious for the price. Inexpensive...|82328Good Luck!!
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