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  Well then I guess I should leave.  I disagree with you completely.  On all counts.  Unless a garment is being handmade, the process is pretty much the exact same everywhere in the world.  Quality Control may differ, but the end garment is largely the same.     Quote:   Originally Posted by AndroFan    The nice thing about fashion is that there is no ultimate arbiter of style, so you can just as easily tell me to screw off and continue rocking the J. Crew gear as...
Excuse me?  Are you suggesting that people who wear J Crew clothing are tools?  If so, then I suggest you continue deleting your account as you have claimed that you intend to do.  There is no place in this thread to insult people by the clothes they wear (we wear 2nd/3rd/4th hand clothing and like it for goodness sake).  If you want to be part of that crowd, go to the good taste thread.                         Also, I like J Crew :(
Several items ending Sunday evening.   http://stores.ebay.com/JCB-Fine-Clothing
Size small
Several auctions ending in about 6 hours, with more ending tomorrow!  Check it out.   http://stores.ebay.com/JCB-Fine-Clothing
Today's haul.  None of this available unfortunately, but this is a brag thread after all.  Also, does anyone wear a 40S with a 32 waist?  Picked up a Tom James Holland & Sherry suit but the jacket sleeves are too short and have surgeon's cuffs so I can't alter it.  Beautiful suit, but it doesn't fit my gorilla arms.  Would like to trade.     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I am not an expert but it appeared to be a tweed walking cap.  It still had to price tag on the back side of the interior tag at $80.  I should have taken photos :/
You should add Switzerland to that list.  A lot of Zegna clothing is made there.   Hit a couple places today.  Not volume, but quality.  Could have been both because I popped several cherries today (Canali suit, Valentino suit, Ferragamo 100% silk suit) but whoever owned this stuff looks like the invited moths inside for a feast and the drug their clothes behind the car on the pavement.  WTF!   Anyway, the good stuff:    Seaward & Stern tie Vintage BB wool plaid...
Those Florsheims are ebay gold.  I found a pair of shell wings in not great condition (right after I bought some from Ethan :x) and sold them for $100 BIN within four hours of posting.
I am nearly 30 so I feel I straddle the line between the Gen Y and Millenial generations.  My first cell phone was when I was 16 and it was a giant Nokia brick.  Instant messaging came out long before that and grammar, etc. had already begun to deteriorate online.  I can say that after college, having to use proper spelling and grammar in the workplace reversed whatever deterioration had occurred in my writing style.  I assume the same will be true for Ian.  It is a...
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