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2 separate e-mails for order confirmation and shipping confirmation.
 I got the roped shoulder.  I don't have good pictures but they sent me a picture when I was considering it and it is an accurate representation.  I like it.
YES, will PM you
 I'm a physician.  Most if not all specialties in medicine are not so conservative that you would look improper in brown PA's.  If you think you are applying to particularly conservative institutions, then you could get black captoes.  A burgundy McAllister will raise more eyebrows than the brown PA's, although I don't think you would be faulted for wearing those either.  Most applicants seem to wear cheap, poorly-maintained shoes, and I don't think they get judged for it,...
The cashmere sweaters are excellent.  I've commented before on how some of the Made-in-Scotland cashmere sweaters have two tags, including all of the new ones from last fall; I am pretty sure those are made by William Lockie.  There used to be some cashmere from Scotland with a single tag and I traced a code on one of the tags to Lyle and Scott.  I think that is all sold out now.  I don't know who makes the lambswool but the size chart for those has always been different...
I recently bought the handgrade loafers.  If I had a good camera I'd share pictures, but I don't.  Although the sole edges are light, I think the sleekness (for a penny loafer) goes well with dress slacks.  I have not worn them with jeans but I don't think it would be a bad combination.  I wear size 9E on most AE lasts, 9D Alden Barrie last, and the 9.5D KW loafer fits well.
I have the plain silver tie clip.  It is exactly what it needs to be.  No need for a gold one, but I'm sure it's just as good.
My n=1 experience with MTM suiting was great.  Got exactly what I wanted and the adjustments were pretty much spot on.  Will order again.   For that matter, I have been satisfied with pretty much everything I've purchased from KW: shirts, polos, ties, cufflinks, tie clip, pocket squares, and Art Deco watch.  The only time I was less than 100% impressed was when I ordered a pair of MTM gloves as a gift for someone and thought the leather was a little thin, but my point of...
I'm an anesthesiologist.  Are you sure you wouldn't be happier as an ENT or urologist?  If so, good luck.
I am intrigued by Kent's expansion into dinnerware:   http://www.kentwang.com/misc/dinnerware   It resembles karatsu-yaki although I haven't seen a shade of blue like this before.  I wonder where it's made.
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