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I haven't tried the benchgrade shoes, but I'm 9E in Allen Edmonds 5 last and 9.5 in the Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer.
My polos gradually shrink over many washes.  I wash in cold water and hang-dry but there is still a little shrinkage over 1-2 years.  I put one in the dryer by mistake on low heat and it shrank significantly, in contrast to the experience of others.
Gilbert Center is still active in 2015!  He should be over 90 years old now.
Getting from Harajuku to Aoyama is a 10-15 minute walk down one of the nicest streets (called Omotesando) in Tokyo.  Or one stop on the Chiyoda line, from Meiji-jingumae station in Harajuku to Omotesando station, if you're in a hurry.
They don't have a lot of stores.  There are 2 in Tokyo.  The more convenient one to Harajuku is the Aoyama store in the Ao building near Omotesando station.
It looks completely appropriate.  The fact that you are wearing a tie puts you in the upper tier of physicians these days.  Blue shirts work best with white coats and that's what I wear in clinic 95% of the time (occasionally lavender or pink).   lordjeebus, MD
Hasegawa Tohaku's art is also at that temple, the second picture here:   I'd buy a pocket square of that.
 Entokuin is part of Kodaiji temple, which I linked to above.  This one is by the same 20th Century artist 志村正 (read Shimura Tadashi).
I agree that they are not technically fusuma-e since it's a wall and not fusuma.  I'm not an expert on art from the period that the movie is set in, but I've seen my share of Japanese castles and old Japanese art and I've never seen minimalist art like that.  There is a similar depiction of clouds in a fusuma-e at Kodaiji Temple: -- my research shows that the artist was born in 1949.  I cannot find older examples of clouds...
I don't think the sizing has changed.  My experience has been that even with cold water washing and hang-drying, there is some shrinkage with time.
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