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 After tailoring, the fit is fine, but there is no room for potential weight gain in the future.  Maybe that is a good thing.
I did not change sizes from old to new, but the new ones require my tailor to let out the seat with all available fabric, whereas no modifications were needed with the old ones.
I've never had a problem on the ordering side.  I've never had to try a return, but if there was ever an issue, I would not hesitate to initiate a credit card chargeback if he did not reply to an e-mail requesting to return an item.
It looks completely appropriate.  The fact that you are wearing a tie puts you in the upper tier of physicians these days.  Blue shirts work best with white coats and that's what I wear in clinic 95% of the time (occasionally lavender or pink).   lordjeebus, MD
 I suspect that he spent too much money on 25 colors of canvas bags and other poorly selling items like $600 synthetic raincoats and cashmere baseball jackets, and is now focusing on more popular things like the trousers. Not sure how that explains his non-responsiveness.  I hope things are OK in his personal life.
I think the Made-in-USA pants are made by Hertling.  I did a google search for some Italian text I found on an overcoat and turned up an article about a factory in Italy run by Bangladeshis who make clothing for a variety of Italian brands.
Hasegawa Tohaku's art is also at that temple, the second picture here: http://www.kodaiji.com/entoku-in/see/hojo.html   I'd buy a pocket square of that.
 Entokuin is part of Kodaiji temple, which I linked to above.  This one is by the same 20th Century artist 志村正 (read Shimura Tadashi).
I agree that they are not technically fusuma-e since it's a wall and not fusuma.  I'm not an expert on art from the period that the movie is set in, but I've seen my share of Japanese castles and old Japanese art and I've never seen minimalist art like that.  There is a similar depiction of clouds in a fusuma-e at Kodaiji Temple: http://4travel.jp/photo?trvlgphoto=15747131 -- my research shows that the artist was born in 1949.  I cannot find older examples of clouds...
I don't think the sizing has changed.  My experience has been that even with cold water washing and hang-drying, there is some shrinkage with time.
New Posts  All Forums: