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also while im here is it too late to buy spots or spot-options/futures?
i just measured off my other bomber-varsity jackets for my cwu, saw they lined up nicely with a standard toj 48 and got a stock size. not that tricky unless you have a crazy drop or an outsized physique.  
infinity high tops, how do they work?
gonna need to hit this dude up for true mech steez:  http://devojka.tumblr.com/post/64744369018/my-semesters-design-project-reactive-dynamism
Do you mean the dark-dark brown goat? If so, no, not really. Some of the grain smooths out a little, but that's it.
Eyes are the window into the soul, and my soul is no slut.
Yes, they have leather soles (and nails).... People calling these balenciagas are joking right?
I assume at totokaelo? which did you try, the khaki or blue? The khaki are verrry tempting, if they're still around come late fall I might break down.
bee cardigan looks great. I actually dig a lot of the stuff this year vs last f/w.   catching up to the thread... bummer about south willard.
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