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its a really cool jacket and padded at the right amount for the intended outcome. i got the fuscia version and i think its gorgeous, although i must admit i might not use that much
Would like to know your opinion guys. I don't know how but a toothpaste left a stain on my 'purple' engineer pants, which is 100% cotton. Tried hand washing without success and really made worse with a stain remover (always used to work). Now you can see a bit how it is kind of faded, has piled idk. Now I'm not sure how to proceed; if it was an old piece I wouldn't mind at all, but since I have just bought it and wore once it's bothering me more than...
thanks @msg, do you enjoy them? are they more like a cropped straight cut (or barely cropped) or tapered? What makes it kind of unique? Im afraid they'll be too similar to a nice black jean or twill pants.      *just realised someone bought it before me
how does the tradicional geller engineer pants fit? true to size or size down? do they have any fabric to let out for ex?
looking for a pleated ''cropped'' pants guys. debating on this two:   a cos     or geller engineer  
thankfully resolved the question with the bank and bought the garment dyed bomber from notre; changed at the last minute to the fuscia and am a bit worried of being too risky with the colour tbh. At least, that pink/purple version they show is the same as nmwa's right (just different photo treatments)? or they ordered a lighter tone?
Was ready to buy the garment dyed with the discount from notre before due time, didn't work; found out over the phone the payment was declined for security reasons (I'm abroad, American website). Tried solving but made worse by not correctly answering one of their thousand weird security questions and now I also have a blocked account, overseas, with no idea what to do lol. Wasn't meant to be I guess 
anyone up for proxying at the next sample sale (starts 07/10)? if so, send me a message cheers
hey there, kinda broke here to buy foreign brands (import taxes of 90%, exchange rate etc), so I'm trying to find some national shirts. completely different styles, but any like for any of these of none?    
read the photographer/night shirt discussion and love the style too. regret not buying the one from maas and stacks and then the one on resale market for half the price. but after all, is there any retailer - inc japan - selling this seasons version?
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