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im ashamed today of how brazil´s team played. was dreadful to watch and will be written for generations. Worse is a pathetic argentinean trying to even give excuses as of favoring brazil etc. you should pray for your pope you dont play like us today and actually start doing something in this WC as well. Theres been almost 25?  years of 0 tournaments for you. lests see...
Hey, great opportunity to buy the beautiful Valentino sneakers. I wanted to keep, but unfortunately they are too large for me. Size 45 european, but Id say they could fit smaller (44) price: 640 620 RRP: around 850 - 900 usd good condition, little wear, and of course 100% genuine     shipping 30$ comes with original box and dust bag 
buy mine. love it but didnt work in my head 
imo, one thing is playing a tough game, another is sadly almost leaving a player paraplegic
this guy should be banned for at least 4 games for this stupid knee foul. he was clearly mean
@El Argentino and @Mark Anthony, which offside are you guys referencing? if you mean fred's goal, I hope you already know it was a mistake by fifa's tv team which were corrected later. 
does margaret howell have sales? if so, when?
julian david y or n?
i think its great, but cant pull it off/ dont have matching clothes 
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