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so you basically waited for the package to arrive or you called usps or did something else?  Peter, from Nomad already opened a claim at Canada Post, but Im really not sure if the product will show up or ill have my money back tbh. I surely dont want to be a dick about it, but I want to make sure someone refund me (nomad apparently sent it insured). 
Hope this is the correct thread and that someone can help. Placed an order a while ago from NOMAD. They shipped  the item and the mail indicated as being delivered, however this never happened.   Have any of you dealt with this kinda of case? Nomad seems to be pretty new to this as well, and just said I should try contacting the USPS (they shipped from canada) and basically cant do anything since its marked as delivered. Looking up at the internet, I got very confused...
Nomad's monks being delivered been confirmed days ago. When I get home from a trip, no sign of the package. Pretty bad   Has this happened to any of you? I dont know how to proceed.
thats amazing. I want to know about the specificity of each version, wool and cotton. Which feels nicer? Is the wool any itchy?
can anyone comment on the sweaters?
asked them ,and even the FW13 pieces are at full price. how can they sell that way?
debating on wheter coping a cotton or wool pocket sweater. I dont have one yet and would go towards the alpaca version, however Im not sure how itchy it is and how thick also. Any thoughts?
always liked on the runway but not sure how it would work on a ''normal' skinny body'
im ashamed today of how brazil´s team played. was dreadful to watch and will be written for generations. Worse is a pathetic argentinean trying to even give excuses as of favoring brazil etc. you should pray for your pope you dont play like us today and actually start doing something in this WC as well. Theres been almost 25?  years of 0 tournaments for you. lests see...
Hey, great opportunity to buy the beautiful Valentino sneakers. I wanted to keep, but unfortunately they are too large for me. Size 45 european, but Id say they could fit smaller (44) price: 640 620   510    405 RRP: around 850 - 900 usd good condition, little wear, and of course 100% genuine     shipping 25$ comes with original box and dust bag 
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