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anyone up for proxying at the next sample sale (starts 07/10)? if so, send me a message cheers
hey there, kinda broke here to buy foreign brands (import taxes of 90%, exchange rate etc), so I'm trying to find some national shirts. completely different styles, but any like for any of these of none?    
read the photographer/night shirt discussion and love the style too. regret not buying the one from maas and stacks and then the one on resale market for half the price. but after all, is there any retailer - inc japan - selling this seasons version?
Hey guys, Id like to know if does exist a place that receives packages etc, and functions as a proxy/hub for my shippings? More specifically in London. My sister used to get it all for me (im abroad) but shes marrying and she always has to pick up at the post offfice anyway; this way she could go just once. Hope you can understand what Im looking for. Thanks a lot
Hi Guys,   I am here just to hear, if you have a spare time, some of your more experienced thoughts about the situation Im going through. Not asking specially for a this or that answer, but advice from those who maybe had similar choices to make during their life.    To sum up, my country, Brazil is going through its worst crisis since the 30's. Jobs are scarce, specially for young people, inflation is high and the political turmoil is also paralysing whole businesses....
damn, speaking of selvedge denim, got some coffe stain, tried to remove with vanish, now not only the stain remains, but also have a white spot in it. 
no news about being stocked in Europe? Maye with the guys here that work with him...even Ervell has. anyway, would be so much better for me
damn, was going to cop  the sample denim jacket today, but someone arrived before me. if it doesnt work out, please let me know.
why didnt he present it on the runaway this time? financial concerns?
where the jazz trousers? cant find it!
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