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Agreed, boots look great. What's up with the pants, tho?! :D
 The new shipping T&Cs only apply to a couple of countries, Norway is one of them. Thing is that instead of the $25 shipping - all duties paid method, we now pay $15 for shipping but are responsible for all duties. 
First drip of F/W 14...  
 I received a package from Luxire two weeks ago by Fedex EDIT: Also in Norway
 Yes they are. Mention it in the notes.
                  (j/k. good to hear!)
 Pics or it didn't happen!!!
 I'll snap some better shots later, but here are a couple: EDIT: And just to add, the fabric is ridiculously comfy. Pants are very well made too.  
Hopefully that clears things up. Now back to the good stuff!!!   My latest order just came in. Lots of summery goodness. Clockwise from top left:   Pale Yellow Linen Cotton Blue Dress Stripes Seersucker Pale Blue Cool Linen Cotton Light Tan Twill Chino Hunter Green Twill Chino Luxire Off-White Linen    
Man, the persian green is awesome! I want one!!!
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