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Picked up the canvas Taninos today, they are beyond awesome. Sizing down a full size is recommended.
My dad got sick and lost his hair. Don't need no hat cause he a badass. A suede bomber to complete the look though!  
Snagged the last Eidos chocolate linen trewz in 50 in my first NMWA order. Shipping, taxes and customs to Norway are crushing, so here's hoping they fit 
Also curious about this @gdl203 
Do a search for wool rich in the thread - they get lots of love!
Just received shipping confirmation for my sweater! Will post pictures upon arrival.
Probably for forex reasons.
Hey fellas!   How long do you think it'll be before the wider lapel option is available?
It's a brick-and-mortar store in Norway, unfortunately!
Unexpectedly ended up with these after passing by a store with deep discounts today. Balmoral boots on the Rain last.  
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