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Def. the Zegna glen check for me, given that it doesn't closely resemble something you already have.
My impression is that some people here are ardently opposed to the concept, while others are more lax about it. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. I think the watch should be dressy, though - it's somewhat James Bond copycat-like wearing a Submariner or Seamaster with a tux.
 Damn, that's quick! My donegal is still awaiting pick-up by USPS. Hoping mine will be just a tad darker than the studio photos as well.
Just received shipping notification for the Eidos navy faux donegal SC, for some reason still available in 50R. Big thanks to @gdl203 and the NMWA team for these sales, bringing the cost to a level where it still makes sense post European VAT/taxes. The emerald green is also still available in 50R, even after @mossrockss' killer advertising. A bargain waiting for someone to claim!
Same Q for the Eidos FJ preorders!
Ah, Sweden, that tropical paradise. Here in Norway, last summer was a couple of august hours in 2013!       j/k looks great @Leaves. Who's your tailor?
Pics while I wait for mine!
Holy crap that's good, mcfox
 Historically, yes. Can't see any reason why this should have changed.
I'd like more casual Eidos!
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