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Yep, or if you combine gift cards with other stuff and the total order sum is over 1500.  EDIT: At least that was how it was for Black Friday. Expect it's the same now, anyway 1500 is the threshold.
@Chulillo, deetz on the field jacket you're wearing?
Yep! 10-15 pages back or so, there are details on the extra requirements needed to make the chest measurements correct.
Great offers, but the discount code doesn't seem to be working yet!
IIRC, this was @Butler, might have been this spring?
Hey all,   As mentioned a month ago, today I visited Luxire’s Bangalore facility for a talk with founder Ashish Arya and a tour of the factory. As promised, here’s a write-up of my visit featuring an (hopefully) interesting read for new and old thread followers alike.   Let me start this write-up by addressing an issue that I hope can be buried once and for all. On this thread, several individuals have raised concerns about garment production in Eastern countries,...
I think it's appropriate in certain MI6 divisions.
From Luxire's FAQ:   7. Will my garment shrink upon washing? It is natural for all Cotton fabrics to shrink on washing, but that should not worry you. We machine wash and air dry each fabric before making it into your garment. We shrink test our fabrics before stitching them. The percentage of shrinkage is taken into consideration before the pattern is cut for making the garment. Still, there can be minor shrinkage of less than 1% in some fabrics over a few...
New Posts  All Forums: