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Simple summer casual today. Muji polo, Luxire linen pants and Buttero sneakers.  
I know that their linen fabrics are great, would be interesting to know the price level!
Thanks! Ordered the blue donegal, now the waiting starts...
 Thanks @gdl203. Could you say anything about the reasoning behind choosing these four fabrics for the FJ? I'm probably going for the blue donegal, but the brown one also looks interesting...
The general consensus on the Eidos FJs is to size down one if little/no layering is planned, right? Measurements-wise, 48R looks right for me though I'm usually a 50R in sport coats.   I vaguely recall having seen a discussion on this before, so apologies if this is the nth time this is brought up...
If I understood correctly, today is when the sale is no longer guaranteed to last. I guess they use a module that allows them to specify parameters like total revenue, number of orders or something like that which dictates when the code gets deactivated.    Anyway, it's a great offer and I wouldn't sit on the fence if I was planning a purchase. Looking forward to some VBC pentz myself!
@Akoa imo yes. The dugdale chino fabrics are really good.
@NickPollica - I got the chocolate brown linen pants from this season at NMWA. The washing label says not to wash it, would you say that's absolute? Can't really see why gentle washing would harm them.   Great pants by the way!!
To me, it looks like you want some fusing, or at least heavier interlining!
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