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Just received my Ischia cardigan, holy crap it's awesome. Nice and substantial, soft and heavy. As I assumed (and my wallet feared), I'm officially an Eidos fan - @NickPollica, still no luck finding a European retailer? (and/or: @gdl203, you guys offer international shipping, right?)  
Yeah, I also hoped to find it in navy, however now I think I'm more stoked about the green one, as I have "enough" stuff, sweaters included, in navy. On a side note, I was wondering why there was a sudden flash sale several places yesterday, but memorial day sales makes sense. Helped with the extra 20% off coupon that expired yesterday too!
Just ordered the army green cardigan from the ss15 collection - can't wait to get it. I've never paid close to this much for a sweater, let alone such an "eccentric" piece before, but it's one of the most awesome designs I've seen. Love the Eidos aesthetic in general, and it was extra tempting as it'll probably be (one of) the first Eidos piece(s) in Norway.  
  (PS: from where did you cut the fabric? Bottom of the placket?)
Go cray and share pics!
I received the linen blue/white dress stripes a few weeks ago - it's beyond awesome. Money well spent, @CBrown85 
My local retailer just took in these beauties. Credit card burning in my pocket...  
Spring has finally arrived, featuring unintended collar sprezz. Thrifted Levis jacket, Luxire polo, Canali belt, APC jawnz, Persol shades. Not seen: Velasca navy suede chukkas.  
Holy crap, how did that fabric drop not get more attention?! I want them all!!!
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