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WAITAMINNIT!!!! Can we have pics of the whole thing, please? Erik
Hey Katarina,    You don't need to do anything to make your bag water repellant, it's made of waxed/oiled canvas and already repels water. On their webpage, Filson has products and tips on how and when to reapply wax, but you don't need to think about it until in a year or so.   Congrats on your new bag!
I disagree. While it might be unnecessarily large if it's sole function will be to keep toiletries for domestic travel, I consider mine indispensable when traveling in countries with lesser hygienic standards. Can keep hand soap, antibac, bug repellant etc in addition to the ordinary stuff. And it looks awesome, so for my part it'll be my go to when I return home as well.
Purchased some Filson gear at the store in London prior to departing for India. Got the medium field bag and the dopp kit, perfect companions for travel!   Also big ups to the staff at the London store. Didn't get their names, but amazingly nice people with deep knowledge of both Filson and travel. Gave me a lot of nice tips and suggestions for my trip, and threw in a luggage tag for free.   
Agreed, boots look great. What's up with the pants, tho?! :D
 The new shipping T&Cs only apply to a couple of countries, Norway is one of them. Thing is that instead of the $25 shipping - all duties paid method, we now pay $15 for shipping but are responsible for all duties. 
First drip of F/W 14...  
 I received a package from Luxire two weeks ago by Fedex EDIT: Also in Norway
 Yes they are. Mention it in the notes.
                  (j/k. good to hear!)
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