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Also ordered the cream flannel. Can't wait to see pics (and, of course, receiving my own)!
IIRC Luxire has written something about this before. I think the choice of "expensive" private freight companies (Fedex, DHL) stems from their superior reliability (and the ease of settlement if something goes wrong) compared to the Indian postal service. The cost of shipping is what it is, I would imagine, because they don't bake it into the product cost.   Judging from SimonC's post above, it should be possible to find the original discussion regarding shipping and...
Maybe you could ask them whether they could waive the fee, and leave the responsibility for taxes and duties to the customer? That's what they do for non-EU residents (at least for Norway). We pay $15 shipping, and deal with customs etc. ourselves.   EDIT: and YMMV, but I think the value delta between Luxire and other online MTM stores is still hugely in Luxires favour.
http://custom.luxire.com/collections/black-friday-2017/products/linen_brown-lux_73981   http://custom.luxire.com/collections/black-friday-2017/products/linen_dark_blue-lux_ostenda_avio   http://custom.luxire.com/collections/black-friday-2017/products/linen_dark_brown-lux_ostenda_marrone   Looking at one of the brown linens myself... my beloved chocolate brown Eidos linen trews need a replacement.
It's called Melton. Was hoping for that one, or Long Beach, myself!   @luxire of the Canclini fabrics currently available, which would be the most typical for business wear (i.e. a poplin with a sufficiently dense weave, in whites/light blues/stripes)? The Skin fabrics look a little light, no?
Brisbane Moss was on sale during the doorbuster
Thanks for a great sale, @luxire!   Dugdale tweed, VBC off-white flannels, Brisbane Moss cream chinos and Albini sky blue end-on-end for me, as well as a tie and PS.
Bags are up
I'm wearing Minnis 12oz now, have a pair of 9oz VBC as well. 9oz is more spring/fall-weight, 12oz good for winter. (In Norway). Not too heavy.
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