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Holy crap, how did that fabric drop not get more attention?! I want them all!!!
Dang. I was working on a line of reasoning following that he's buried in what's now Villa Borghese in Rome, a place also featured in one of the Hitman video games. The Hitman games are, of course, made by... Eidos!
Long-sleeved polos for me.
 Ordered the same fabrics, followed the same reasoning   
Please give us a heads-up when you expand into exotic alloys and cybernetics. I'm jonesing for an Iron Man replica suit!!   On a side note - any plans for new spring/summer fabrics soon?   E
From B&Tailor's Tumblr - a novel way of folding shirts I guess  
Does anyone have approximate prices per meter of the Carlo Barbera fabrics?
Maybe the guys at Skoaktiebolaget could help you out?
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