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Hey fellas!   How long do you think it'll be before the wider lapel option is available?
It's a brick-and-mortar store in Norway, unfortunately!
Unexpectedly ended up with these after passing by a store with deep discounts today. Balmoral boots on the Rain last.  
I'm less interested in bickering and more interested in pictures, good discussion and new fabrics.   Spoke to the owner of a local high-end clothing store, he thought Carlo Riva was the definitive king of shirting fabric. Looking really forward to the possibility of ordering - can you give an estimate of the price level on the Riva fabrics?
Probably a black barathea weave, like this:    http://luxire.com/products/dugdale-royal-classic-black-barathea
+1 for the 0307
Agreed, grey flannels are hard to beat for versatility. More nuanced answers would depend on the setting in which you would wear them etc. If you're using them for work and aren't in IB/major law firm, you can play with textures as well as patterns. Herringbone/donegal tweeds are great for pants IMO, and in the right shades they can be very versatile. A brown subtle herringbone, for example.
Changing jobs and buying my first apartment put me on a purchasing hiatus the last six months, but today I finally got back into the all too addictive Luxire game, improving my FW wardrobe.   A pair of pants in the Light Brown Corduroy, which is actually a nice shade of mid brown...     ...a dark navy flannel shirt...   ...and a pair of navy windowpane Dugdale pants   Saw a couple of pages back that the lead time was at two weeks atm, fingers crossed that...
Search the thread for "military hem", and you'll find some examples.
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