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For this inital run, they come back for a fitting in November, then deliver the final garment in December. The idea, or so I gathered, is to return frequently so as to create a "slot" each month where one can come for fittings etc., however @luxire will probably elaborate on their plans once they've had some well-earned rest after the trunk show tour!
@p.henrik I went to the Oslo trunk show, @EFV amongst others went to the Stockholm one
They mentioned a couple of days ago that a public beta should be up and running by Oct 10th, I think
@NickPollica would you recommend going TTS with the Augusto?   EDIT: slightly off wording. Does the Augusto run TTS?
@Jeroen Vriend - the Brisbane Moss cream twill chino is great, and looks pretty identical
Hey @davesmith, is expected delivery on the IM preorder still late October? Mornings are getting crisper here, looking forward to some fresh wool!
Simple summer casual today. Muji polo, Luxire linen pants and Buttero sneakers.  
I know that their linen fabrics are great, would be interesting to know the price level!
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