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Unfortunately because of the lack of updates on TOJ's FB page I missed their final order cut-off date. So I’m looking to buy a spot, order entry date doesn't really matter to me as I’m not really that fussed in when I get it. PM me if anyone is willing to sell theirs Thanks
I ordered on the 27th of June. Long arms? Never really thought that of myself however when I first took it out of the packaging I did think it looked a bit like a women's jacket. Less vital I guess because I usually wear my jackets open. Something to rectify if/when I order another.
Long time lurker first time poster. Got a TOJ1 last year and after hearing about their imminent closure had to own a full leather...and here it is! A dark brown goat MDR ordered in late June. I think it should be longer by 1-2 inches and possibly longer sleeves? From this I'm going to base my 2010DR if I have the funds. Opinions?   .  
Just picked up a vintage canvas (with some leather accents) bag. However it has a rather strong musky/old smell. How can I get rid of this smell? Thanks
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