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So I've reached out the original buyer to see if they'll file a dispute...I don't expect much though
March 2014, iirc I bought it off him August 2014
Sooo as a non-frequent visitor of SF, I had a spot purchased from another SF Member. Am i SOL?
So I ended up purchasing a spot for my last TOJ Leather and I am looking for some advice.   I already own a TOJ1 and a dark brown goat (pretty much black) MDR and from I've seen in the galleries what I'm thinking of is either the Moto or the DR2010.   I like the Moto especially in the wilder colour such as red and that it’s quite different from the MDR however the DR2010 still is quite the fine piece even though it looks quite similar to my MDR.   Thoughts on these...
Unfortunately because of the lack of updates on TOJ's FB page I missed their final order cut-off date. So I’m looking to buy a spot, order entry date doesn't really matter to me as I’m not really that fussed in when I get it. PM me if anyone is willing to sell theirs Thanks
I ordered on the 27th of June. Long arms? Never really thought that of myself however when I first took it out of the packaging I did think it looked a bit like a women's jacket. Less vital I guess because I usually wear my jackets open. Something to rectify if/when I order another.
Long time lurker first time poster. Got a TOJ1 last year and after hearing about their imminent closure had to own a full leather...and here it is! A dark brown goat MDR ordered in late June. I think it should be longer by 1-2 inches and possibly longer sleeves? From this I'm going to base my 2010DR if I have the funds. Opinions?   .  
Just picked up a vintage canvas (with some leather accents) bag. However it has a rather strong musky/old smell. How can I get rid of this smell? Thanks
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