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    These shots were taken with my HTC One, so the shots are much truer to color.  The rennan's are oxblood, whereas the Joffre's on the blog looked much more black with a hint of oxblood, but ended up being pretty purplish-burgundy.  So if you do expect near black/oxblood, I'd mention it to them to make sure it's dark.   Otherwise, using saphir black crème and saphir black polish on the joffres really brought out the rich darker burgundy, especially on the...
Just curious, about how many of each size do you have (specifically the black monkstraps)?  Can't purchase right away, but would hate it if they went OOS on my size.
  Hah yeah, the purplish is secondary to the flash.  I don't have any incandescent lighting here, all the stupid fluorescent lighting really takes the depth of colors out of the pictures.
I actually had a chance to test out the fit prior to finalizing the patina order (there are no returns on custom patina shoes).   I typically wear 7.0UK in normal width shoes, but can also fit 6.5UK (albeit with a slightly snug fit unless they're wider).  I was told to try the 6.5UK in the rennan due to the 205 last.  In this instance the 6.5 fits just fine.     But, when ordering the Joffre, which I think was last 199, I was instructed to size up to 7UK.  Those...
My custom patina rennan's are in!   I had to take two pictures, my camera phone kinda sucks, so the burgundy coloration doesn't show through unless I enable flash.               Here's the weird thing, though.  These initially were stuck in transit for a little over a month.  A week into the mess, I wanted to order Joffre's with a custom patina as well.  When I was notified that my first order shipped, I was expecting the Joffre's, but someone...
  Sent back the day after they were received    One thing I neglected to ask (although I don't think they would allow), was to send ONE raw monkstrap in 6.5UK, and ONE of theraw  oxfords to me in 7.0UK, so that I could kill two birds with one stone in terms of sizing.  But, that's probably a pretty rude request, hah.
I just received my rennan double monkstraps in the raw calf. I ordered them in raw calf because I needed to ensure that they fit my foot before having the custom patina work performed.    Quality wise they remind me of aldens, at least where you can see the edge of the welt near the top of the arch. The leather is very supple, way better than the embarrassingly crappy Kenneth Coles I have on my feet now.  As for the buckle holders, everything is made out of leather....
Salt is actually an independent frame-designing company with only 11 employees.  Much respect to what they do out there.  Most of their frames are very high quality.  
Dron, out of curiosity, what sizes do you wear in other brands?   And also, do you have your toe to heel length by chance?   Thanks
It looks like the rennan's are last 205, which is not as slim as the lasts that you had mentioned, right? (I am still learning about all this, so forgive my ignorance). So for a not as slim last, you think 6.5UK? Thanks!
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