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Are there several levels of Incotex slacks?
Ok, I am bored so I am going to do my all-time list.   and 2nd Team                  First Team                Second Team   Catcher       Johnny Bench            Mickey Cochran 1st Base       Lou Gehrig                Hank Greenberg 2nd Base      Joe Morgan               Rogers Hornsby Shortstop     Honus Wagner           Ernie Banks 3rd Base       Mike Schmidt            Brooks Robinson Left Field    ...
Quote: don't think there is any debate here. Babe Ruth is #1, Willie Mays is #2. Bonds is in the mix with Ted Williams and Hank Aaron at #s 3-5. Well... I would put Ty Cobb as the best player of all time. Of course the inital voters for the hall of fame voted it to be Honus Wagner, and they saw all those old guys play.
Quote: Try a search next time. See this thread for your answer. Boy, I hope we are not becoming one of those forums who jumps at anyone who should have searched.
I think it would wise to break down between Italy, England, Other Europe, USA etc... And I adore Lattanzi, but I adore my new wife more so like Jimmy Carter I have lust in my heart.
How about the first offer part?
Any news on the complete suit upload? Also, are you going to give us first offer rights before you list to save some ebay fees?
Quote: 2 brands of decent shirts I don't think I could agree that collezioni shirts are decent. Jantzen is much much better.  Similarly Carlo Franco shirts pummel Brioni as regularjoe would say.
HRHAndrew, are you back yet?
Quote: Now Andrew. . . . Until I came to this forum and the AAAC I never met so many Andrew's, Andy's, etc. Amazing. I would say that maybe there was a connection to the name and style, but today an Andrew co-worker came to work wearing plaid pants and a stripped shirt.
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