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Can anyone recommend a nice pair of streetwear lightweight wool trousers in black, charcoal or navy that are in the sub-$300 range? I've looked at Schneider, Leder, Peir Wu etc but I can't really get myself to spend upwards of $350-400 on them, especially if they're not for work (for which I spend no more than $200-250 max for wool trousers). Thanks.
Hi everyone - I think sizing on the tees (especially the EPLA pima v-necks) has been brought up before...do I understand correctly that they're a bit on the short side if you've got a long torso? I usually have to wear tees with at least 28.75 - 29" for them not to look too short on me. I'd love to pick up some of these tees, as well as the loopwheeled ones and the henleys, but the length has me on the fence. Advise from dudes with a similar build (over 6 ft,  41-42"...
Mike/Epaulet, Is it possible to order an MTO for 10oz duck pants in moss and navy in the Walt cut?
Does anyone know if these tend to get re-stocked:   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-fine-poplin-long-sleeve-shirt-072937.html#00   And if not, what's comparable (Uniqlo or otherwise)?   Thanks.
Mauro, can you confirm the remaining products that are in the pipeline for summer?
Hello, I'd appreciate recommendations on trousers for the summer, with wicking properties - so could be tech trousers but ideally not looking like sportswear. Preferably in neutral colors and in the sub-$350 range. Thanks.
 Precisely why I can't fit into the Epaulet rivet chinos. Not sure I can pull the trigger on these chinos with such a low rise.
^ If you're looking for a fancy Korean place to take a date then you might want to consider dropping KBBQ altogether and go to Soban on Olympic Blvd. A nice small space, arguably one of the very best Korean restaurants in the city. They don't serve booze though.
Bummed that the rivet fits don't fit me after seeing the G&L's. It became official when I took a pair of rivets to my tailor and he refused to try to let the seat out, saying it wouldn't do anything for me.
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