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I'm probably going to get laughed out of here, but does anyone have an idea where I could find the linen officer's coat the NMWA sold last year, in size 50 or 52? This one:     I tried Gr*iled but the seller said he gave it to a friend after I made the offer. Haven't seen it anywhere since then.
^Speaking of the khyber cloth trousers, does the fabric wrinkle easily?
Judging from the pics on the website, it seems like the Cramerton infantry khaki is a lighter, washed-out tone than the standard (canvas) khaki chino. Can anyone confirm that? I tend to a prefer a bit of a darker tone.
I really can't decide between the khaki and olive field jackets...
To Mike, or anyone else really - I noticed that the new Rivet chino has a rise of 10.25" and the Walt has a rise of 10"...I used to have problems at the top block with the old rivets (I have a long torso and the low rise was uncomfortable for me), but I was OK with Walts. Should I expect a fit with the new Rivets that are similar in the top block to the Walts? Thanks.
Looks like they might not release the cotton-linen t-shirts that they did a while back. Anyone know of a similar alternative in the same general price range?
+1, if the olive cramerton cloth were available in a Walt cut, that'd be great!
Inspirational stuff from Ghostface, Berlin Report and C4est. Cheers guys.   (The majority of those fits are great though, really.)
Hello everyone, I'd appreciate feedback on a noob question I have with a blazer of mine (made of cotton/wool combo fabric). Below is the pic. On the left side of my jacket (but right on the image), there is a bulge in the shoulder seam area. It seems to puff up whereas the other shoulder-sleeve area is fine. My questions: 1) What is this issue called? 2) Can a tailor fix it? 3) Around how much would it cost? I already took it to one tailor and he said he couldn't fix it....
Guys, quick question - looking to pick up a pair of EP khaki/beige pants for work. What is more appropriate, duck or military twill? They don't have to be wool, I have that covered. Thanks.
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