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I should've put a disclaimer that I don't work for the World Bank.
I'm in complete agreement with Dribas and have thought this for a while, just didn't think it was appropriate for me to say it. I think the pricing at retail should be the same as the rewards pricing and just have the rewards program to give an opportunity for special orders and pre-orders. I have a background in economics as well and I don't think it would have a negative impact overall, in fact it could have a very positive impact. The issue of quality could be overcome...
My 2 cents as a new customer: I don’t see why WvG can’t be successful at both business casual and streetwear - assuming that Mauro wants to continue to tap into streetwear. In fact I think there is a gap in the market for streetwear that is a bit “edgy”, not influenced by workwear and heritage, yet a little more subdued than Rick Owens or Zam Barrett (not that there’s anything wrong with them). I think there’s room in the market for new players there. If you take the WvG...
Do you think it is essentially difficult to find decent quality linen in the $50-$75 range?
Yeah, the collars on last year's linen shirts were pretty wide. I sized down one and it was still kinda wide, especially when you don't button up. I'm hoping they fixed that this time, or I'm going to be sending back the set I just got.
Linen shirts are up on the website.
Supposedly Feb. 26.
It's actually blue. More like slate blue.   I'm thinking it would go well with grey, navy, black and olive pants.
Probably true at this point, most of the Geller, Schneider, Ervell and OL stuff they had about a few weeks ago were gone. Geller charcoal suit jacket is still a pretty nice deal at $176 and they had a few different sizes.
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