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I don't like EG so I didn't really look out for it, but I don't remember bumping into any.
American Rag sale in LA has been great. Most of it is picked over already but they still had a few Schneider coats and sweater, Geller suits, various Our Legacy shirts and blazers, Ervell shirts and trousers and a big stack of W&H westpoint chinos all at 75% off. Snagged a pair of Ervell formal trousers in navy for $50.
I was literally on yoox last night and checked my dreambox, then went to purchase an item from it this morning using the 10% code and it was sold out, along with 15 other items from my dreambox. None of them were big name designers and were available for months. Is that normal?
I was trying to use the term to describe the debate that ensues over fairness of WvG prices and some customers' expectations, which tends to bring about (sometimes) bitter criticisms about either prices or customer expectations. But yes, maybe I could've used a better word.My actual point was, it'd be nice to keep attention going towards the current products. Mauro, how much does the chambray and print collection (that came out on the last newsletter)  comprise WvG's S/S...
I hope we don't have yet another sales-vs-WvG pricing diatribe. It's been done to death.
Looking to buy tropical wool trousers but not in a rigid officewear/meanswear cut. Preferably basic colors and under $300. Any rec's appreciated.
^Thanks, they look nice.
ID on the boots, anyone?
 I need to brainstorm on budget ghostface.
Does anyone use the duck canvas walt trousers as an alternative to rivet canvas chinos? I want to get a navy duck canvas pant, preferably chino but the rise of the rivet is a bit too tight for me, so I was thinking of getting the walt cut instead. But I'm wondering if the walt cut wouldn't look good with t-shirts and other casual tops.
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