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I just got this Clover jacket at a great price ($250) but at Size 6 is too boxy for me. Such a shame, nice jacket. Will be putting up for sale soon.  
Thanks. I hope WvG has some lighter weight chinos in the mix soon.
 Ok I should've asked if the chinos are lightweight and comfortable for hot weather. I don't know enough about fabrics to tell right off of the weight.
Anybody know the weight of the new Italian twill chinos? I want to know if it works for hot LA weather.
After a long time of being a rewards member but not pulling the trigger on a product, I bought two pairs of the canvas chinos (navy and khaki) and two of the overdye oxfords (tapioca and oyster) when they went on sale. (There were a few other pieces earlier on that I wanted to buy but they sold out quickly). Everybody’s going to have a slightly different take on the clothes but I thought I’d post my initial thoughts since a few others had similar observations. The chinos...
Yeah but not in my size (33)...oh well.
I thought finding the W+H Westpoint chino in olive on sale would be an easy task but nope...
I don't see the Unis sale anymore.
What style of pants would match well with this?  
Nope, reads like reasonable hindsight actually.
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