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Looking to buy tropical wool trousers but not in a rigid officewear/meanswear cut. Preferably basic colors and under $300. Any rec's appreciated.
^Thanks, they look nice.
ID on the boots, anyone?
 I need to brainstorm on budget ghostface.
Does anyone use the duck canvas walt trousers as an alternative to rivet canvas chinos? I want to get a navy duck canvas pant, preferably chino but the rise of the rivet is a bit too tight for me, so I was thinking of getting the walt cut instead. But I'm wondering if the walt cut wouldn't look good with t-shirts and other casual tops.
Radhchad, pants are too big especially from behind. Butt and thigh area too baggy.
Do you guys think the AW13 unstructured blazer in charcoal would go well with duck canvas pants? I think they go ok with tropical wool and denim but not sure about duck canvas.
This is probably a long shot but I've got a BNWT pair of black raw PS in size 33, if anyone has a (new) size 32 they want to swap for a size 33, please PM me.
Is "AA" referring to American Apparel or Alternative Apparel?
Mauro, no solid chambray? Just wanted to check.
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