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Well, I'm skeptical that I can get it tailored enough to fit decently - I think a 5 would've been a better fit.
  I'm typically a size 42 and my chest size is between 41.5 - 42. The jacket p2p measures 22 so it's not so bad, but when I wear it there's these vertical crease-like folds near my pits. If my arms were more jacked the sleeves would be ok. Maybe it's not the right cut for my body type.
 In fact it does fit well through the shoulders but the sleeves hang a bit and the waist is boxy...but yeah maybe I can just get it altered. Thanks.
I just got this Clover jacket at a great price ($250) but at Size 6 is too boxy for me. Such a shame, nice jacket. Will be putting up for sale soon.  
Thanks. I hope WvG has some lighter weight chinos in the mix soon.
 Ok I should've asked if the chinos are lightweight and comfortable for hot weather. I don't know enough about fabrics to tell right off of the weight.
Anybody know the weight of the new Italian twill chinos? I want to know if it works for hot LA weather.
After a long time of being a rewards member but not pulling the trigger on a product, I bought two pairs of the canvas chinos (navy and khaki) and two of the overdye oxfords (tapioca and oyster) when they went on sale. (There were a few other pieces earlier on that I wanted to buy but they sold out quickly). Everybody’s going to have a slightly different take on the clothes but I thought I’d post my initial thoughts since a few others had similar observations. The chinos...
Yeah but not in my size (33)...oh well.
I thought finding the W+H Westpoint chino in olive on sale would be an easy task but nope...
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