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Catching up with OL                   Left Field NYC       Norse Projects         Plus some Grana white tees and white Vans.
I received my order from the online BK sale yesterday. I might've been at the front of the cue. The black derbies fit spot on and are super nice as a basic shoe for work, such a great value.
 +1 I'm in the same boat, need a pair of khaki trousers for an upcoming trip, getting ready to pull the trigger but would like to see a shot of the new lightweight khaki.
25% off spring outerwear at Notre with code LAYER25
Grabbed a pair of the black derby shoes (crazy good deal), hoping that they could arrive by next Monday so I could take them on a long business trip with me!
@Epaulet, mind if I ask the inevitable "when are you guys going to have re-stocks on rivet chinos in size 35" question? Specifically, khaki cramerton, original khaki and navy? Thanks.
 I sent in measurements. Everything else seems to fit OK, I suspect I might've messed up with the half-hip measurements.
Had my first order with Luxire - a pair of duckdale mocklino hopsack trousers - and well, it doesn't look like a success. The pants look really tight around my hips, probably because it needed at least an inch more in the half-hip measurement. It looks a bit tight in the thighs too. Not sure there's anything I can do at this point.
Guys, thanks for the info. Appreciated.
Hello, I'm on the lookout for a dress chambray shirt that I can wear to the office, as an alternative to poplin or pinpoint oxford for warm weather. I've found one that Ledbury makes (see below), is $145 an average rate for a decent chambray dress shirt? Is it undreasonable to expect to find something decent at a lower cost? Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.
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