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Mohawk General Store - up to 50% off  (Dries, EG, OL, CdG etc)   http://www.mohawkgeneralstore.com/collections/sale-man?mc_cid=408ce88771&mc_eid=f4873f1acf
On point 1, I have suggested this to Mauro before and I think others have too. Not only would it make things easier for customers to plan purchases but it would make things easier for Mauro and it would probably result in more reliable information on what pieces are generating the most demand. I don't really understand why it hasn't happened.On point 2, agreed. Scratching my head on that one too.
 I was about to buy this in size 50 off Meyvn but it got purchased in-store...anyone know where else this jacket (in this color) is sold?
Body length on the Telegraph jacket in L is 27.5"? That's a deal breaker. Jackets and shirts are cut too short.
- A lightweight beige BDU jacket - Our Legacy pigment dyed linen shirts - GV night bloom shirt - Wolf vs Goat tees - Outlier futureworks trousers - Frank Leder drawstring pants - Light grey suede derbies & slip-ons   I'm going to be interested in seeing what Dana Lee's collection is going to have next month.
Catching up with OL                   Left Field NYC       Norse Projects         Plus some Grana white tees and white Vans.
I received my order from the online BK sale yesterday. I might've been at the front of the cue. The black derbies fit spot on and are super nice as a basic shoe for work, such a great value.
 +1 I'm in the same boat, need a pair of khaki trousers for an upcoming trip, getting ready to pull the trigger but would like to see a shot of the new lightweight khaki.
25% off spring outerwear at Notre with code LAYER25  https://www.notre-shop.com/
Grabbed a pair of the black derby shoes (crazy good deal), hoping that they could arrive by next Monday so I could take them on a long business trip with me!
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