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My experience at The Armoury was a good one. I went in, waited Ethan to finish with his client. Once he was free, he came over and greeted me. I said I was looking for shoes. We went through at least 1/2 dozen pairs of Carmina and he made sure I got the style I want with the right fit. I had a pair on hold and asked him where I could find C&J shoes. Without hesitation he referred me to Tassel. Few days later I went to pick up my shoes, we talked about Ring Jackets and...
The IWC Portuguese Chronograph is a great watch. I found it to be a bit too tall.    Have you considered the JLC Master line? Hodinkee just did a nice write up on the JLC Master Control (plain dial).   The JLC Master Ultra Think Moon may also fits what you need.
I was at Tassels just before Christmas. Ask for Wallace and he will take good care of you. I remember a pair of C&J plain black captoe was about $5k HKD. I ended up getting a pair of Carmina from the Armoury. (which is besides Landmark).
Visited the store just before Christmas and it was a great experience. Ethan was very knowledgeable and his service was top notch. Bought a pair of Carmina black cap toe in robert last. Wearing them today and are in love with them.   Also got to talk to Alan at the Armoury 2 and it was very fun experience as well.    Great people and an exquisite menswear store.
Just went to TCNY today. Their suit starts at 5,000 to 10,000  HKD.   $5000 suits are with fabrics that are made in Asia. $7800 with Italian fabrics (forgot the name of the mill).$10,000 for frabics from Loro Piana. At this time it takes at least 3 weeks to make a suit. 
Try out IM-Label ( I have custom shirts made there and really like them. My friend got a suit made there as well and loved it. The guys there are really helpful and great to talk to.
I have the Oris BC3 Advanced and it's a great watch. However I will go with the watch that you love, and not the watch with the good deal.
I'm heading to HK in a week and planed to visit Bonham Strand. My friend got a suit made with them in October and was very pleased with the service and the product. 
Great stuff! Thanks!
Thanks! And that is for 1 pair right?
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