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Ring Jackets, Carmina and Drakes are all reasonably priced IMO. You don't need CEO salary to shop at The Armoury... unless of course you want Liverano, St. Crispin and Tie Your Tie.
Go straight to The Armoury and you can thank me later.
Brand new never worn MTO Carmina Burgundy Adelaid in Simpson last. Size 5UK.   The colour of the shoes matches the pictures here.    The shoes and I are located in Hong Kong and I am asking for $500 $450 USD shipped.   DOES NOT INCLUDE SHOE TREE. INCLUDES original shoe box, shoe bag, extra pair of laces.   Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.
It is indeed darker. Just received mine tody.
I was going to order a cordovan chukkas from Carmina directly. Can you expand on what you mean buy "built on the wrong last"? Thanks!
Please PM mrjester. We might still need 1 to 2 more to sign up.
I'm greatly interested in the group MTO. Where do I sign ? =P
Ethan does has a tutorial.   Enojy.
Try IM-Label ( I had shirts made there and were very happy with them. Friend of mine has suits made with them and was equally thrilled.
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