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    (Shell PTBs on Detroit last from Gentlemen's Footwear)
 What soles will these tankers have?
 Who made this SC?  I quite like it!
 Someone has proposed a plain toe blucher (PTB) in cognac shell, on Detroit last.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I have expressed interest in this proposal.  Regardless of whether you join in this MTO, I should also add that Mr. Yoo has done a very good job with both MTOs I have done with Gentlemen's Footwear (, and I have ordered shoes through 3 different Carmina distributors).
 Nick Horween has recommended 'venetian cream' for conditioning dry cordovan, and this has worked for me.  Small scuffs can be dealt with by simply brushing and buffing, while larger scuffs are best minimized with the use of a deer bone; these two methods worked for me.
 I have expressed interest in these PTBs, and I am for cognac with double leather soles. Having a 'bulky' shoe in a lighter color like saddle makes no sense to me; the way I see it, light, playful colors should be used for shoes that are ornate (e.g. AE strand), elegant (e.g. single leather sole wholecuts), or unique (e.g. 2-eyelet derbies above).
Mr. Yoo persisted though, and through his consistent hard work, obtained an exemption for this one order.  I doubt any other retailer would have done the same.
I believe they are Detroit last.
I think I'll probably be in for the Detroit PTBs if they're in cognac, preferably with double leather soles.  If this happens, it will be my third Carmina shell MTO of the year... 
If you would like to know the basic opinions on any subject including used shoes, the search function helps. There have been a few interesting discussions on the subject.  On a cautionary note, you may want to read this post by DWFII about the problems with used shoes; he is probably the knowledgeable person on this forum when it comes to shoes and boots.   I am not sure how much you know about shoe construction, but it may also help you to read this "Shoes Explained"...
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