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seriously? have you never read a thread before???
What are you, a Tivo?
i fucked that up. i got the email from Crew today and seems it wasn't that one but another one. i updated my last post with the item number.
Master of the understatement http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba--kobe-bryant---this-isn-t-working--101830224.html
Third the rec for Cochon. Mothers for the crawfish etouffee. People say the blackened oysters at Dragos are the best but I really didn't find them to be anything special. The food at Luke was good if a little pricey for what you got. I didn't have a chance to eat there, but everyone absolutely raved about Restaurant August. I HIGHLY recommend going to Felix Oyster House and standing at the bar for shucked oysters. Better than Acme IMO. If you have a chance for a good...
Even the $15 a day sounds pretty high but, if I was eating a ton of takeout and shit, I'm sure I'd be up to $25 as well.
embrace the Ambien, Douglas. Its a GODSEND for just this sort of situation. Put that 50% increase in premiums to good use!
managed to find the SNS Herning clone in navy today for $40: Textured slub cotton cable cardigan, 93792
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