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managed to find the SNS Herning clone in navy today for $40: Textured slub cotton cable cardigan, 93792
They're really starting to get annoying with all these fucking updates and completely impossible to buy denim types. Seems like there's another one every day.
Or Steve Austin. But that way will cost ya.
Charly's at around $25/day. Both of which I think are completely fucking insane. But that's me.
Honestly, until Android can approximate something similar, I'm probably going to stick with iPhones all the way. Computers is one thing, we've all got SOME sort of backup. But phones - I'm not waiting 2-3 days to ship my fucking phone off and have a replacement sent to me. Companies really need to get with the program on this.
I'm using T-Mobile. Other than the spotty service down here (due more to lack of towers than quality) its been perfectly fine so far.
what's with the ceiling nets?
yeah, its fubared
shit, you should feel lucky you even have that strength left.
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