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Sub it for Kaluha? Use it instead in a Bellini? Use it in smoothies?
Yeesh. Happy to hear you're ok.
Even if you want to go upper levels in formative ed, you pretty much need your doctorate these days.
Cuckolds. I don't get this. Why would you want to watch as some dude bangs the shit out of your wife while she berates you for being horrible in the sack?
This is a little too esoteric looking
I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like that Pavel fit. That jacket and the dress shirt/sweater/tie/skinny jeans combo looks a little ridiculous.
Basically, its just sucrose (table sugar) and salt (for the electrolytes) Some recent studies have shown fruits to be better than sports drinks or chews: you want liquid sugar with no dyes, you could concoct your own version of it. Some google-fu required, but I came up with this in 5 seconds:All-Natural Sports Drink – Lemon Flavor:1/4 c. honey1/2 c. fresh lemon...
Get it direct from Filson. Not $100 (don't know where the fuck you found THAT price), but at least you can get it. Sounds like a medium to me.
I like that coat Sheepy. Too few people wear maroon.
you can't. the tan gets dirty. the olive fades. that's why some people like the brown. its most likely to stay consistent throughout its lifespan.
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