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i thought it was the other way around - that the newer production lines fit tighter than the old jackets, no?the way its pulling around the shoulder/chest area. it could be an effect of the layer/lighting/pic. just looks a little snug from over here.
Ok, kids, lets play Rambo's favorite game of MC Peacock-Duck, Duck, Goose. See if you can spot the Goose...DUCKDUCKDUCKDUCKDUCKDUCKGOOSE!GOOSE!!!Here's a pro tip kids - wearing a shed dragon skin prop from the Game of Thrones set is MOST DEFINITELY PEACOCK.
well, there's another dickhead on the blocklist.
^Normally I'd say that was Peacock all the way, but with the prevalence of ridiculously colored pants in MC and SW&D these days (thanks, Epaulet, you pricks) I think you're going to have to step it up.
awwww. nice work, Larry.
that jacket looks tight on him, so I think it would be even worse on you. worst case scenario, you could always layer something underneath. or return it.
The first one's a mess. On the second one, ditch the newbalance inspired dress shoes and blanket neck covering. The jacket/shirt/pants are actually nice.
Is all you ate pasta?
Well, its somewhat relative. Miami is the SINGLE BIGGEST bandwagon town in America. Owing mostly to the fact that a large percentage of the population is from somewhere else. Coupled with the fact that many of them aren't even American, and thus don't even give a flying fuck about American sports, leads to a very weird makeup as a sports city. You'll find tribute bars for teams from all over the country. But when the Heat are winning, people come out. Many times,...
New Posts  All Forums: