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Oh yeah? Why don't you post up the pictures from the Idfnl/pio brunch?
Please shut up about this. The lot of you. His comment was completely benign. Just move the fuck on.
Offer to continually buy him drinks every time he says it can't get worse, and then comes back and tells you how much worse it is.
This new restaurant opened up in Sobe and I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE. I cannot understate this enough. Everything about this just screams out 'gigantic cocksucker' at me. So, I thought I'd...
why don't you just send them back?
The horse swirley wasn't in the book, was it?
yep. pete's affair seems more interesting than Don's at this point.
Surrender to Chance. If you sign up for their newsletter, they send you a 10% off coupon. WELCOME1 is the code, but I don't know if they tie it into your signing up or not.
Lakers, baby. Lakers. I know it was a horrible shooting night by the Spurs, but still.
Different cultures. The Mexicans and Asians already have baseball and basketball as part of their culture - Mexico from America and Asia from Yao Ming... Football is even creeping into Mexico now. People from Quebec, Germany, Russia, and South America don't really give a flying fuck about baseball or football. Even basketball barely creeps on their radar, although the Brazilians are getting more into it now. Plus, national identity is far more important to them than...
New Posts  All Forums: