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I meant to kill your kidneys. If you're overloading and taking 20g a day, I could see it having a detrimental effect.
don't you have a Steven King novel to comment on?
so his face is blue but his hands aren't?
That's awesome E. Congratulations! May all your sexxoring needs be taken care of in an hour-or-less fasion from here on out.
Meh, even if you're eating a whole cow on a daily basis, 5g of creatine really isn't gonna do too much.
walmart has them in the section with the tylenols and shit. i've seen other stores not even have them. best bet is to ask the pharmacist.
It was a general 'you'. No one's mad at you, least of all me. Whether that makes me tough or not is another question. We went through this shit ENDLESSLY last year. Enough is enough already.
If you come into this thread and you haven't kept up with the show then you get what you've got coming to you. All the book spoilers are tagged. Everything else is fair game. If you haven't watched yet, why read this? Either we're going to talk about the show or every fucking post is going to get spoilered because the babies can't resist themselves from clicking in here when they shouldn't.
Oh yeah? Why don't you post up the pictures from the Idfnl/pio brunch?
Please shut up about this. The lot of you. His comment was completely benign. Just move the fuck on.
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