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Thought I'd leave this here. I'm sure someone will be along to shit on it shortly:
go for the one you want! life's too long to be stuck in a shitty job that you have no interest in.
congrats man.
Oh, no it sure as fuck doesn't. Not when I buy the groupon and it says there's no restriction, yet when I get to the restaurant I find out that there's all sort of restrictions. They pull shit like this all the time. Fucking sucks.
Yes is the only answer here. Shit will change your life.
Very Google-esque
THIS. O so many people on the block list these days.
Thanks, Larry. I needed a laugh. Just had two shitty Groupon experiences. I've GOT to stop buying these fucking things. Its always something with these restaurants.
my point
That's excellent D. Hope everything works out well for you kids.
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