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Ace - are those pants white or lavender?
too many variables. you need to narrow it down. are the #1's of both teams starting? is everyone healthy? over a series, its a little easier to predict. for one game, its basically an odds crap shoot. probably 6-in-10.
Yes, because that's worked out so well for Douglas...
This page speaks to the power of the blocklist. Of course, FLMM just HAD to go and fuck it all up. Thanks FLMM...
None of this would be happening if they were reading books...
I emailed Groupon and they offered to take care of me. So, that was a nice ending at least.
BTW - I STILL can't get over how completely different you look. Man, I still remember the first pic you posted on here. I was like "I sure as fuck hope there's no strong winds where he lives..."
dem headphones
thank you for finally admitting this. i had always wondered, you know.
good man
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